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John Ebenezer
John Ebenezer

John Ebenezer

Technical Architect Manager



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My family background
Im married and have a 4yr old daughter. My wife is also a software professional.

We spend time together on weekends, go for a long drive to beat the stress.
Important decision
The most important decision as far as it is concerned to me is about my marriage. I'm convinced about choosing the right partner in my life. She is very supportive, very understanding and provides valuable advice at times.
Influenced by
One of the books that transformed my life is the "Right Thinking Wrong Thinking" written by Kenneth Hagin.

The day I learnt how to remove the negative thoughts and fill my heart and mind with positive thoughts, I have been experiencing the peace, joy and happiness.

It has taught me that I can get out of any complex situations in life.
Ensuring success
There is a verse in the Bible which says "For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he". We keep getting tons of thoughts running in our mind. Picking the thoughts that are positive and encouraging, meditating and confessing those positive thoughts will yield a positive result.

I believe in the meditating and confessing the positive thoughts. I ensure that I build a positive attitude in growing to next level either in my personal or professional life. I hold fast onto the confession I proclaim without wavering.

I read lot of biblical spiritual books that build my faith and when I just act on the thoughts in faith about my growth, I have seen it happening every now and then.

Being determined and walking on the right track will ensure one to succeed and grow to greater heights in life. I have been able to walk in the right track by meditating on positive thoughts, confessing it and believing it without wavering until I see the result.
Initiative to develop a country
Each one has to determine and show the urge to make India a developed country. Each one serve India in a way that they are positioned in. I heard recently buying or marketing products manufactured in India would produce enormous growth in every sectors leading to growth of the country.
Couple of years from now
I would be a leader in Data Architecture Capability on a large scale. Would be in a position to manage the business independently.

My long term vision is to start a database consulting firm.
Degree that I recommend
Im going through a certification process for Senior Technology Architect.
Following certification would be ideal for my career.
- Certification in DB Architecture
- Certification in Datawarehouse
- Certification in BI
My achievements
I have conducted online training on Dimensional Modelling to a wide audience who participated from several parts of the world.

I had developed Database Performance framework tool that is widely used for web applications to perform Load Test, Stress Test etc.

I had published blogs on MSBI.
My strongest skill
My core expertise is in the area of BI, Data Architecture, Dataware house, Meta Data Management etc.

Expertise in full life cycle OLTP, Datawarehouse, BI.
Important lesson learned
The most important lession that I learnt is "Nobody is to blame for your situation or failure except you" and "You can turn the captivity of your life into a successful one by renewing your mind with positive thoughts".

The more we think about the situation and circumstance, we are dominated by the problem. When we focus and meditate on the result, we tend to forget the problem, instead, we are focused on the outcome or the result. Speaking about the outcome will turn the situation and a make way in achieving what we desire.
Thoughts on Education system of our country
Education is a basic necessity for any human today. India is growing on that front but the thing to worry is Education has become a big business today where no common man is able to get the quality education.

Concerned government has to provide free quality education that serves the prupose, today it is just for name sake.
Brief description about me
I currently work for an MNC as a Technical Architect Manager, playing a role of a Senior Database Architect.

I have extensive experience in full life cycle Data warehousing, Data Architecture and Business Intelligence project implementations across domains spanning from Retail, Consumer Packaged Goods, Energy and Financial Services.

I have involved in providing a deep Data Management and Data Architecture expertise and help the clients with Information Management Thought Leadership in areas of Strategy, Consulting, Planning, Technical Architecture and Solution Delivery.
Qualities needed to become a successful leader
There may be a big debate on what qualifies to be a successful leader. But I would like to emphasize of few most important points here.
- Think positive. Have positive attitude.
- Be confident and you need to have proven ability.
- Being ethical is another important factor.
- Commitment in delivery.
- Ability to create another leader.
My role model
Kenneth Hagin has been my role model who has authored several books on Positive Thinking, having positive attitude etc.

It has been a great revelation to me that transforming your mind will take you from nowhere to the place you desire.

One of the most important need for a man is to live a peaceful and a joyful life.
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