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Jitender Virmani
Jitender Virmani

Jitender Virmani

Data Warehouse Specialist and Architect

Sapient Corporation


Jitender Virmani is a member of:

Influenced by
Undoubtedly, Steve Jobs. He never let his success define him. He played every bad card that life dealt him with finesse. I admire his insatiable hunger to excel in every field he entered. Through him I learnt that any skill that one has opens many doors in future.
Initiative taken by professionals to develop a country
Professionals can change the picture not only of developing country but also of developed nations. They can innovate the technologies, tools or they can educate others, who further can invent / innovate. I think Open Source is a big tool which can help on this path. Wikipedia, Youtube channels, khan academy are the big examples.Professionals can develop fastest super computers like Param they already did, which changed the picture for many phases of life, like weather forecasting these days is getting as accurate as possible. Management professionals can change the picture of managing and doing things, like management professionals have changed the picture of agriculture, art of farming & getting better crop.
My advice to professionals
My first advice would be to create a team of people who are better than them in different skills, knowledge and domains. Any person doesn’t necessary know everything, but they must have somebody in their team who should know how to do that in best way. They should be involved in providing solutions and should not indulge in blame games in any part of the project. They should learn from mistakes. They should know how o get best from others.
Handling risky decision
Calculated risks are integral part of any organization. I always make sure that every project that I take on is involves working on a whole new technology & software. It’s always is like a fresh start the energy is high, the fire to burn, to learn and to excel makes me restless. I make sure that I master the technology.
Current Job Description
I am working as a Data Warehouse specialist, Architect and Project Manager. As a Specialist & Architect, I work on Business and System Analysis, requirement gathering from clients, converting that to technical specifications, modeling the business scenarios, and also conceptualizing the data warehouse for the client.
As a Project Management Professional, I take care of preparing technical documents, resource & task scheduling, establishing the process for Global team, conducting handover / Knowledge Transfers, Quality Assurance, and establishing Defect Prevention Process.
Couple of years from now
Few years down the line I see myself as an Entrepreneur. I think there is a dearth for entrepreneurship in India.
Upcoming trends
Being updated with surrounding provides you new opportunities. Like computing, technology has been shifted to mobile computing. Now everywhere, focus has been shifted to mobile computing whether its banking, teaching, trading, hospitality, etc. All sorts of apps have been available in open space. Open Source is another trend which has given a leap shift to technology. The biggest example is smart phones, which are available so easily and very cheap comparing to their predecessors. These phones are Android based, which is an open source OS. Apart from these, there are many like cloud computing, HTML5, in memory computing. These trends always give a new hope to make life more simple and easy, with hunger to master these technologies.
My Strongest Skill
*Experience in Project Leadership and Management.
*Expertise in designing end to end solution, including error handling and atomization, and build reporting solution.
*Expertise in Data Modeling, Relational Modeling, design & development of database architecture.
*Expertise in Release and Configuration Management.
*Experience of translating business requirements to high/low level designs.
*Experience of components and application level designs.
*Experience of industry standard design and coding standards.
*Expertise in ETL platform with Data Mart & BI tools, Data/Interface architecture for large scale TRM OLTP/OLAP application environments.
*Expertise in Subversion repository set-up, maintenance and the process.
*Expertise in data extraction, transformation and load using Information & ETL tools.
*Expertise in shell & OMB scripting.
*Expertise in performance tuning.
*Experience in structured / matrix management in all phases of Software Development Life Cycle.
Avoiding mistake and connecting right dots
It’s very important for a leader to gauge a person’s potential. One should never expect more then there potential from people around him. It cuts out the unnecessary negative energy in a work place and at home. When you expect according to a person’s ability to deliver at the same time motivating them to go above their comfort zone, many a times they end up doing amazing things themselves and everyone around them.
My thought on education system in India
Today the education system in India has become a rat race. Where the blinkers are on and parents are unnecessary egging there kids in a certain direction. Rather then focusing on a child’s true potential parents pressure them under our own expectations.

Firstly we need to educate the parents to stop living there lives through their kids. It’s important for a child to find his or hers own chi. Educate your child to compete with himself as this way he or she will always better themselves.
My achievements
I have managed to work my weakness into my strengthening
Qualities require to be successful
Being an analyst, I think person should be very creative and should understand technology, rather than tools or how the tools / software’s are implementing in their organization. If a person understands technology then he’ll not be restricted to one tool or the other; nor he will be restricted to one domain in any project. He can work on all sorts of technology and domain. If an Analyst is good with his work, he must be very comfortable in board room & also in front of white board. He should always have options to provide as he knows in and out of any project he works on. He should be open minded and very good listener. He should care about details.
Important decision taken
Very early in my career I decided not to contain myself in a single domain. I started my career in web designing, then in java coding, soon moved to Visual Basic, then to Database development, then database designing and architecture designing, then to Data Warehousing. Even in Data Warehousing, I covered all branches, whether it is ETL, BI, or modeling, or mining.
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