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Jayakumar R
Jayakumar R

Jayakumar R

Sr. Consultant

Tata Consultancy Services(TCS)

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A message to our Hon'ble PM!

Mr. Prime Minister... Even after all those articles about you stating you are an under performer, ineffectual PM, etc. are you going to keep quiet and prove these are true? Do you at least have any intention of doing something about the mounting corruption that's been happening in your administration? Do you realize this is the tax payers money and next year our taxes are going to go even higher because of this? For no fault of ours... Or may be its the fault of we paying our taxes properly. There was once a Professor called Dr. Manmohan Singh. He was a D. Phil in Economics, critiqued India’s inward-oriented trade policy - Today people say India is not a favorable place for investments to begin with and they blame the politics, let alone the corruption. What is happening?
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These are just some of them. The top 3 are my favorites.
Prized Accomplishment(s):
Getting both the Associate of the Year award and the Innovator of the Year award in 2010 from the Data Warehouse & Business Intelligence Team in Cognizant.
Working Life Management:
Understand that one has to earn this. Prove yourself to the team, once, twice, thrice. Once they are confident that you can deliver, everything will fall in place. This includes work from home. A fitness regime is also a part of this. Lose your health and work will also fall apart.
Changes In The Professional Environment:
7 yrs of Data Warehouse experience. When I joined it was traditional DWBI. Today its EIM. We are already talking about Big Data, cloud, mobile, etc. as if its Today's mainstream. They say, a doctor has to study throughout his life. This is true in IT also and it is equally fast paced.
The Decisions That Matter
Post working in the corporate world for over 3yrs, its very difficult to grab a book and study for CAT or GMAT. It needed a lot of determination 881984 I knew it was now or never. So put my paper down 881984 started to prepare. To my luck, I got a call early 881984 picked up the SP Jain twin city MBA program.
The Journey So Far:
24/7 Support for GE Healthcare -> Maintenance & Enhancement (Cognos) -> Performance tuning (Cognos & Teradata) -> Development (Cognos) -> DW Consulting.
A part of what I am today is because GE Healthcare gave me the opportunity to play with the tools of today.
Growth Strategy:
Embrace change! I do not stick to one area/technology and hope it will feed me for the rest of my life. Keeping abreast with technological changes in the industry is key. I've registered to newsletters in sites relevant to my work and read blogs. It helps me get multiple perspectives on a topic.
Advice For New Professionals:
Connect with your audience by identifying the WOW factor early.
Communicate in crisp, clear and confident tone.
Present yourself well & package whatever you present, including yourself.
My favorite, "When in doubt, Ask" (Courtesy: Vijay Sethi)
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