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Gitanjali Sharma

Gitanjali Sharma

International Business Consultant

Realityworks Inc.


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My uniqueness
Travelling! It's been an integral part of my life right from the time i was born. I have been fortunate enough to travel across India and abroad in 21 years of my life. At the age of 14 i was privileged to have the opportunity of studying in 16 schools covering the whole of India. My leisure travel,exchange programs,internships which were in different continents has given me a global standing and a broader mindset to look at the world with varied perspectives. The knowledge,learnings and experiences that i have gained make me the person i am today.
Most proud accomplishment
Almost 8 months back i started my interview process with an organization in USA which is into Experiential Learning Technology. Long and consecutive interviews with loads of research about a concept which is very nascent in India was something on which i had to get a hold off. There aim was to expand their operations in India. One position which the organization had was open to students from All India. During my interview rounds i always felt positive about myself but the competition which was certainly BIG always kept me in two minds. Today when i write this answer sitting in my office in USA i feel delighted and humbled by the efforts that i had put in then. I solely cannot take the credit of my accomplishment since, my parents have truly been there with me at every step. I believe my achievement is because of their investments in me.
Time Management
I believe "deciding" is an aspect which is rationally thought. One's goals,aspirations,thoughts determine what a person does in 24 hours of their day. For example: In a typical work day, if i have a research paper to complete and have some routine work my preference would be the research paper. If there are other variables which i do not have in my routine like: underwater swim with dolphins, free fall,going out with friends,visiting parents concerns those will fall in time depending on what my current day is like.
Challenges facing by students
"Practical application of the theoretical knowledge". I call it students being "educated but not knowledgeable". For anyone to be a success one must know how to deal with the "real life" because unfortunately referring to books would not be a possibility when one moves in the outside world. Students not only in India but even in other countries are facing this problem. However, it is sad that the percentage in India in this concern is huge. Graduating today a student in india does not know what is the best for him: becoming an Entrepreneur,going into the corporate world,etc. Having a more wholistic approach towards education would certainly help the students.
Favorite Books and Articles
No academic book or article, but my internship in this little,beautiful island in Mauritius changed my life. A lasting impact which i can never forget. I was required to work and research on the issue of drugs in the Mauritian society.This involved me staying with drug addicts and find out what really makes them go into this viscious circle.Listening to their parents,relatives, the lives which they lead, the fear of dying everyday made me realize the real pain of suffering. At the end of my internship seeing them coming out clean and being no more addicted to drugs made me feel that i have done something tangible.
Favorite subject
Communication! I love talking and probably this is the reason i always used to top in my Executive communication classes.I love to talk to people of all age groups. From a newly born to a 90 year old, i have friends in all those age groups. Talking to different age groups makes me learn about the different perspectives which people might have on the same topic. It's a huge learning as it broadens one's circle. And i have realized that communication is a very integral part of our lives. If we try and do our best in this we can win millions of hearts.
Spare time activities
I love playing with kids,from a newly born to my age.Badminton is something i play everyday. Apart from that running,biking makes me happier,relaxed.

Reading,observing and meeting new people,learning about different cultures,writing is something that i enjoy!
First Job Expectation
I have my dream job now so i can very easily out the three things:
1. Is it something that i will enjoy?
2. Environment of the company;
3. Growth & learning factors
Most influenced factor
My dad! He has been my role model. He has been in the corporate world from the very beginning working in different fields like: Media, Cigarettes,FMCG and i have always looked up to him. As a part of his job he has travelled almost everywhere and i wish to do just the same. When i think of my career i think about him.
View s for better India
Getting them actively involved in the decisions.Students are the future of the nation. their energy,passion,thoughts,freshness,innovation is like no other.What our government has not been successful in doing is the involvement of students in helping the nation grow.For example: Aadhaar,the people who were appointed for filling out the information were not that efficient enough. If the government would have involved the students and asked them to do the same work, i am certain the pace and quality would have gone up by a huge number.
Career Expectations
International Business is a subject which has n number of dimensions to grow. With the world opening up,migration taking place,dynamism in the environment,demand of products,innovations in different industries within few years it will be growing more having more companies going international expanding operations,product range, becoming a conglomerate.
Most flourishing college experience
Final year of my graduation,i was awarded the "Best Student in Management" award by Dewand Mehta at an All India level. That was the most rewarding experience i could ever get. Being a management student it's just like a dream coming true. Also, my learning during that competition was huge. Candidates from presitigious institutes had come who had amazing potential,had a great level of substance and i was glad to be a part of them.
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