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Jayadev Lenka
Jayadev Lenka

Jayadev Lenka

CEO and Founder

Sigma_4 Software

Changes In The Professional Environment:
It has changed a lot. But one thing is vital at my joining time one without some level of IQ and fundamental problem solving capability could not become a developer. We have do lot of work delivering solution, in-spite of that developers have better grasp of business logic. Now a day lot improvement of productive software and users friendly user interface.Most developer now well qualified but are Still lag in delivering solution comparatively. A lot of developer have same level of passion or grasp of Business logic and few have lack of IQ. Now there lot diversity in software industry like hand held devices base development smart phones , tablet, web based etc.
Advice For New Professionals:
Go to core concept grasp it firmly and accumulated knowledge should be applied on real projects then you will gain confidence. Work very very hard and smartly for couple of years then every thing will be easy. But be prepare to update your skill and knowledge base life long to became good professional because technology changing fast.
Professional Strengths:
BI(Business Intelligence) means Business logic. I like most solution of organization problem converting those Business logic into software system and improvised it to a optimal efficiency. I like database development as above system always required one.
Required Reading:
Any Good book on profession from reputed author. You can refer books refereed by IITs , IIM and such reputed professional Institute's
Growth Strategy:
I am know focusing more on web based applications and handheld one as they are the future and comparatively paying. Where clients can be from beyond geographical location.
Degrees That Matter:
Honors degree in Math followed by Post graduate in computer and management from Utkal University
Family Background
I am from middle class family.My grandfather was TATA STEEL, My father was in government service of state of Odisha while mother was a housewife. I have six brother and a sister. Three brother and sister in computer profession with MCA.
Other Thoughts:
I feel there is great gap in R&D field in each segment of science and technology. If your organization not reached certain level most of the case you are under paid. You required certain level of financial freedom to go for dedicated R&D. Also there should system Govt. , PSU, Private sector to boost R&D and hunt talent. Take one example having a massive software industry we very few original vital product like Operating System, Database system etc. Like wise patents or Nobel laureates, Our Top Institute / University ranks below 300 in world ranking. We required more quality education. End Corruption and political system reform.
Job Profile:
As small software house head I have been main architect, lead developer, guide for almost all software solutions provided to government departments , corporations and Private houses backed by few developers, graphics designers. Mainly we expertise in database solutions both desktop and web based. I have got opportunity at very beginning of software Industry here at Cuttack, Bhubaneswar Odisha in 1980's to develop various type systems for above clients. By which gather lot of knowledge base ,experience and expertise. Which will difficult get at current state of competition .
Role Model:
I like swami Vivekananda for his wisdom ,clear vision, focus , attention, dedication and most important his vision of India through Youth. Same time like Bill Gate being drop out of college , he showed us real knowledge and future vision can make one of the most important person modern technology and richest in world. Also made reach tech to every house through PC.
The Journey So Far:
I have been worked for some reputed public sector at national level as well as state level like SBI , NALCO, BOSE, OSEB, GRIDCO, OPTCL, WESCO, NESCO, SOUTHCO etc. Also Big Industrial house like FALCON Marines LTD, B.Engineers and Builders LTD , Kalinga Marines Ltd etc.

One vital thing I like to add though work almost all area for state corporation for years together successfully but not paid properly. When it comes to big money corporations shift to National level Big software houses with money 100 and 1000 times just integrate those proven software. That restrict growth of local small software house. Should they put faith on us and paid accordingly by this time we would seen lot of national level software from here from our state.
The Decisions That Matter
Starting my software house.
Career Profile:
I have answered this in previous question.
Working Life Management:
Little bit difficult for sometime after that all family members accustomed to our life style. When we shift completely to online we can work from home most times.
Involvement in the Industry
1. Pioneer in Odisha to develop Civil Estimate Software Package ( 1993 )
2. Pioneer in Odisha to develop Energy Billing Software Package ( 1991 )
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