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Ishan Aggarwal
Ishan Aggarwal

Ishan Aggarwal

Software Engineer

Samsung India Software Engineering Labs


Ishan Aggarwal is a member of:

- Expert
My important career decision
I started my career with "Daffodil Software Ltd." I had my training of MCA 6th semester from Daffodil Software Ltd., I had a bond of 1.5 years. I tried for Aricent off-campus, and I got the offer letter of Aricent. At that time I had to pay the bond amount to Daffodil. I took that major decision to leave Daffodil and join Aricent which I think is the most important career decision for me at that time.

At Aricent Group I worked for almost 2 years and then I thought to move ahead in my career and I decided to join Samsung Electronics (SEL), to look for new challenges in my life.
Goals and Ambitions
I believe in Hard Work. I believe that you can achieve everything with your dedication towards your work.
During my educational career, I achieved everything that I can. It was my focus and dedication towards my work.

Now in this professional world, what I have seen so far is you need many more things to be at number one position. You need to work smartly, rather than just your hard work.

Goal and Ambitions :-

For the upcoming five years, I just want to learn more and more. I want to work hard, want to enhance my technical skills, want to enhance my skills of dealing with people.
Also, after five years, I see my self as a senior technical leader in this IT field.

I believe if you are technically sound then you get respect from everyone. So I keep on learning new things. I try to keep myself updated with the new technologies.
Views about 'Tech product Introduction is weak among Indians'
Even I think about this so many times, that even though we have so much of technical talent here in India, still we don't have a single tech product in our country, to me the reason behind this is that everybody wants to be part of an MNC. No one wants to join an Indian organization, reason behind this is their work culture and what they pay to the employees. Because of this it is happening that all brilliant minds, are working for MNC's and are working mostly for other countries rather than making our own country strong. We should think on this to make India a better work place.
Current Trends
Mobiles technology, security in various fields are the two main trends I believe will be the game changing areas in next couple of years.

Even this 4G technology, once it will be in the market will change the way things are currently happening.
My achievement
● Prime Minister Award for Academic Excellence 2006;
● Panjab University Gold Medalist in post graduation 2007:2010
● Kurukshetra University Gold Medalist in graduation 2004:2007
● Academic Excellence award and scholarship from Panjab University Alumni Association
● Award of Kurukshetra University Merit Scholarship
● First Rank in Panjab University MCA Entrance Test(OCET2007)
● Seventh Rank in Thapar University MCA Entrance Test (2007)
● Appreciation certificate and award from Atlas Cycles Limited for academic excellence in graduation 18:12:2007
● Akhil Bhartiya Vidya Parishad (ABVP) Appreciation certificate for topping University exams (MCA) 2007:2008
● Featured in “Young Achievers” in The Tribune 13:07:2007
● Guest Faculty for C, Data Structures, Discrete Mathematics course at Kurukshetra University affiliated & AICTE approved MAIMT, Jagadhri (
● Got “Team Snap Award” for extraordinary commitment, ownership and true agile spirit – 2011 and 3rd Quarter 2012.
Being different
We (Engineers) are actually working on different upcoming technologies to make life for a common man simple and convenient. It may be any field, currently IT engineers are working on all possible areas to make them easy and quick to use. This is what is different from others.
My strongest Skill
Languages :- Core Java, JSP, Servlets, C, C++ (Exposure), UNIX (BASH) Scripting, C#.Net(Exposure)
Operating Systems :- Android, UNIX, DOS, Windows XP Professional, Windows Server 2003 and 2008
Concepts :- Advanced Data Structures, DBMS
GUI :- HTML, JS, ASP.NET (Exposure)
Databases :- SQL Sever 2005, 2008, SQL Server CE
Tools :- Eclipse [ADT Bundle 21], ADB, putty, WinSCP, ClearCase, CVS, gcc, gdb, vieditor, xdm machines, SSH
Company and job profile
I am Ishan Aggarwal. I am from Yamuna Nagar, Haryana. I have done my post graduation in Masters of Computer Science and Applications from Panjab University, Chandigarh. I was awarded the Gold Medal for standing first in University exams 2007-2010. Before that I have done my BSc (Computer Science) from MLN College, Kurukshetra University. I was awarded the Gold Medal for standing first in University exams 2004-2007.

Presently I am working with Samsung India Software Engineering Labs, Noida. Its been more than 8 months now I had been working with Samsung. I am working with R&D Group 2, for smart phone development. I got the onsite opportunity to work with Headquarter members of South Korea, suwon center to develop different types of keypad for upcoming EURO models. I worked on development of Floating and One handed keypad based on white theme. Earlier I was working with Aricent group partnered with Cisco Systems for around 2 years.
Family Background
I belong to a well educated family. My father is currently a registrar in an Engineering College. My mother is home-maker.
I have two elder sisters.
One of my sister has done Masters of Information technology, MCA(correspondence), M.Phil and currently she is pursuing her Phd. She is the Head of department of Masters of Computer Science and Applications in a Post Graduation Institute.

My other sister has done Masters of Computer Science, MCA(correspondence) and currently she is doing B.Ed.
Making job easier
I believe that if you get support from your team mates, helps you in the best way to achieve your goals whether you are working independently or in a team. This creates an healthy atmosphere in the team, where the individual can share his/her thoughts among the team mates and get proper support from them. I also feel that people who are mis-using their job positions is not good for the company because this really puts a bad impact on the thought process of a fresher who has just joined this IT industry.

If we can control all these little things, it makes the job really easier and will definitely work in the beneficiary of an organization.
My advice
My only advise will be to stay focused towards your work. Always try to listen and learn more. Share whatever knowledge you have with others, this really makes a great individual and you will be always be praised by others for your kind and supportive gestures.

Knowledge increases if your share it with others.
Managing professional as well as personal life
Till now I have a very balanced personal and professional life. But I certainly want to achieve more in my professional life. I always try my best to be best performer every year and for that I know I have to devote more time to my professional life.
Challenges faced in job
The most challenging part is when you dont get proper help from others, and still you have to come up with the solutions. This is really tough because you have to be aligned with deadlines of the tasks assigned to you, which makes it more challenging. But this really helps you alot as you gain confidence of doing the things on your own without requiring much help from others, which will definitely help in your bright future.
My role model
I am highly inspired from my Father. He is the real Role Model of my life.
I am highly impressed with his dedication towards his work. His punctuality, his truthfulness, kind nature, always ready to say yes to his tasks. Never giving up attitude even at this stage of his life.

I feel proud to be his son.
Books recommended
I will say that internet should be your friend. You can get everything over internet. Just try to make proper use of it.
Try to learn online, increase your searching power. Google as much as you can.
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