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Harpreet Khattar
Harpreet Khattar

Harpreet Khattar

Social Student Entrepreneur

SECUGENIUS Security Solutions


Harpreet Khattar is a member of:

Could you tell us briefly about your family background?
My Father is a Businessman, Mother is housewife, Younger Brother is a B.Sc pursuing student and younger sister has just completed with her Secondary School. We are inhabitants of Ludhiana, Punjab (India)
The Journey So Far
Being aware of the demands of future market 881984 due to exceptional performance in various IITs and institutions, during my graduation period apart from regular studies i managed somehow to start my own vent named "SECUGENIUS" which is today one of the leading organization in terms of Cyber Securities.
Most Important Lessons
Everyone must have a firm Aim & one should do only what he aims to be because it inspires them that this can be done sure-shot else everything is difficult to be done. Secondly, nothing is ever growing if you don't have efficient team working for you. Thirdly, Self Confidence is the best part.
Current and Previous Responsibilities
- To manage the team of 46 employees in my R&D labs to accomplish different projects by various companies from online marketing and providing trainings to students & professionals of the country.
- Planning and Execution of the projects and assigning them to various Team Leaders
A Fine Balance:
By chain management process i have divided the bunch of work into small chunks according to the capabilities of the distinct personnels hired for the same task.
Plans for the Future
- Listed amongst fortune top 100 listings of companies
- Owner of 5-6 companies which are my dream/aimed projects
- Having R&D labs across different parts of the globe by accommodating different channel partners at distinct places
Most Important Decisions
> Left up the graduation undone in between to regulate my business proceedings and then re-continued it thereafter
> Jumped up from technical field to techno-management apart from being interested in core technicals
Currently working at
> Working as Director, Founder of SECUGENIUS ( which is the most competitive brand in terms of Informations Securities in India which deals in providing trainings/workshops to students and professionals of the country and furnishing online projects in Web development & pen-testing
Parting thoughts
SiliconIndia is a big name in corporate headlines & promoting brand names & is very fruitful & informative channel even more effective than newspaper since everybody don't carry a newspaper/television but Internet enables cell phone/laptop/emails they use regularly & SiliconIndia is useful for this.
Points of inflection
1. Joining a regular B.Tech course after job
2. When started my own organization "SECUGENIUS"
3. Nominated as a successful student enterpreneur amonst top 30
4. Opened my state-of-the-art R&D labs across 5 metro cities in North India
5. Initiated the recruitment drives to increase our workflow
Role Model
- Bill Gates, since he was quite keen and desperate towards his native targets and was quite sure that his main motto of life is to earn higher monetary growth and dynamic platform also a static position of the "richest noble man"
- Einstein, the man with his dignified values in technicals
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