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Gyan Prakash
Gyan Prakash

Gyan Prakash

Associate Software Engineer

Vee Eee Technologies & Solutions Pvt. Ltd.


Gyan Prakash is a member of:

Career Profile:
I am a working as Project Engineer according to designation my work is to to design the project and implement the project but sometime i have to follow testing and requirement also depend on workload. dynamic person who loves to work in a challenging & innovative environment. Self confidence & optimistic nature boosts me in every aspect of life.
Professional Strengths:
Positive Attitude,Creative Minds, Co-operative behave,and good Technical Knowledge and Management skills.
Changes In The Professional Environment:
that time I was new for fro this filed that time I have mostly theoretical knowledge but now day I learn a lot and gain a lot in my related functional area. Many things changed in my life such as practical knowledge, communication skill&professional behaves.
Other Thoughts:
I would like to say something for engineer fresher people who thinks I can not do anything.They are always fear with struggle of life and competitions interview.please work hard with positive attitude, one day you will be definitely success.
Prized Accomplishment(s):
I am hard worker, I can do anything according to moment
Involvement in the Industry
I am currently job hunter and my duties is a hunting job.
Job Profile:
Worked as Project Research Intern in “To Investigate Role of Impulsivity, Reward and Loss of Sensitivity in Decisions Making during Gambling Task: An Empirical Study" Project at Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, Mumbai, India from Jan-2012 to July 2012.
Role Model:
I inspired to various people like as My Head Department, Prof P.T. Sivasankar, IIT Bombay Project Supervisor Dr. Azizuddin Khan, Our Scientist and prevous President Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam and Bihar CM Nitish Kumar
The Decisions That Matter
When I make the decisions for getting IITB Research Internship Awards-2011 because that Time project is also selected in Great Mind Challenge IBM Contest-2011 at IBM Bangalore.
Required Reading:
Springer, IJCA, Elsiver, ScienceDirect etc
Done Differently:
I was not interested in making a carrier in particular field because that I have less knowledge and there I have to pay long time.
Plans For The Future:
I would like to see me next 5-7 years in research works. i wolud like to work in this area
Advice For New Professionals:
I have advice for professional which are you have some knowledge that are you prefer and gain knowledge about latest technologies with practical.
Degrees That Matter:
Yes, IIT Bombay gave certificate for carrier in Research & Development field.
Growth Strategy:
I am going to preparation in a step by step and I am also focusing in my weakest area.
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