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Govinda Rao Langoju
Govinda Rao Langoju

Govinda Rao Langoju


Matrix Institute of Development Studies

Couple of years from now
Devote unrestricted time to document and disseminate knowledge and create learning environment in education, skill development through work that will enable people to have better quality of life, the life that will bring joy, peace and happiness - the ultimate goal of mankind. The process of working towards the above goal has to be attachment free. In other words, I need to position myself as an 'institution' - a knowledge source and an engine for solutions for the ultimate good and peace of the people in the development sector.
More about myself
Rights, Inclusion and Empowerment are inseparable for human development. We need to work on the rights and inclusion and develop empowerment programs for the disadvantaged. If the disadvantaged are taken care, the social strife will naturally vanish. For this, all should work for doing something in the achievement of Millennium Development Goals, i.e., education, health, women and child protection and development, skill development and creating livelihood etc. Let us work for a society, which is free from all the doles and subsidies, which make the people weaker and weaker and slave to dependency. If people have to become independent, do not give them fish to eat, but teach them fishing to eat for the entire life. Education is critical to all this. Right kind of quality education should be accessible to all - make it free and do not have discrimination for admission in the institutions. Every child should get free education till adulthood to be independent economically.
Important decision
Life long learning is my light house. My life journeys are guided by the knowledge applied by me supported by the technological tools I lay hands on. People are the richest source of my inspiration, learning, support and guide. My career dynamics has taken a major course diversion when I left banking sector and joined the development sector. Even after superannuation, my passion for the development work has made me to continue to work, which is a great decision in my life. I am still working at the age of 66 years and hope to continue my professional work for next decade, by the grace of God. In every assignment, I always looked forward to assume responsibilities at least two ranks higher the current position. I never hesitated to extend support and cooperation to other functional areas and outside the organization. I never felt time as a constraint and work as a difficult thing. My most important decisions are that I should work without time constraint and right job rightly.
Qualities needed to become a successful leader
Visioning, Value based disposition, Listening, empathizing, learning, educating and developing people, maintain good and sweet human relations, delegating, doing good to people, developing system, working for sustainability, initiating new things, be innovative, communicative, articulative, maintain credibility and trust.
My strongest skill
Dreaming and visioning, Developing programs, Executing projects effectively, Organizing learning & development programs, Developing and working on Research projects, Developing people, Organizational Development, Capability Enhancement programs, Organizing Capacity Development programs, Leadership programs,Conducting impact studies, Undertaking monitoring and evaluation of projects, Development consultancy, Standard Process development, Business analysis, Development of workflow charts, Competency mapping, Organization analysis, Organizing National and International level Conferences and Seminars, Peer review of research works, Guide to research scholars, teaching etc.
Thoughts on Education system of our country
Education system in India needs thorough overhauling, as it has failed to deliver what it is supposed to. Education has to develop people, remove ignorance, make them to work and live on values, make them independent in thought, word and deed and maintain integrity, at whatever level, place, context and time. Education should make the people to feel proud of their culture, people and country and imbibe nationality. What are the evils of the present system. It should be accessible to all. Equity and equality should be the principles in accessing the education. Strengthen the teachers who should be above all the 'isms' and their major concern should be development of students. A very objective and fair procedure in admission and imparting education should become the order of the day without Government controls and private ownership. It should be freed from the shackles of corporatization, commercialization, politicization and exploitation socially. All are equal to pursue excellence.
Degree that I recommend
The only degree is to learn to live a happy life.
My role model
Lal Bahadur Shashtri. A down to earth and unassuming personality who embraced the values as his fort, who never hesitated to quit the Minister's post owning moral responsibility. He is the person who understood India and Indians need. Jai Jawan and Jai Kisan - a slogan even now very relevant to present India. Borders security and food security, he thought those days as very critical to the survival and development of the Nation. He is a true patriot who gave life for the country's sovereignty and who worked for the poor and peasantry. He lived a very simple life and led a public life which is very transparent. We need people like Shashtriji to govern the country.
Influenced by
My parents have greatly influenced me in my life. Then, as a student of primary classes, we learnt about self-management of a school system on the lines of governance. I still remember my Head Master of Primary School, Mr.N.Jagannada Swamy. As a high school student, the teachings have moulded our thought process in such a way that my education should be useful to development of people. This had been seeded in me by my Head Master, Mr.D.V.S.Narayana Murthy. Then my first exposure to DEO's inspection and a brief evaluation Mr.K.Bapaiah Ph.D.,had of our class XI had an indelible imprint in my mind to do Ph.D. The good quality of every boss in my life has influenced me in my life.
Initiative to develop a country
As Schumacher has said, plant trees, plant trees, plant trees ... ... educate people, educate people, educate people and be a role model to the people around you. Education of people should place them in a position to choose a good Government. Education should help people to remove corruption and thereby poverty. Corruption is the major evil which like a cancer has inflicted our society. It should be removed along with nepotism.
Ensuring success
I always strive to be uptodate not just in Delivery of services and Development of Models, Processes, Standards, Projects, Human Resources 881984 Institutions but in Discovery of issues, concerns, needs, solutions including innovative and new initiatives, Documentation and Dissemination also. In this direction, I deem every activity as a learning not just for me but for the organization and the society as well, by usually updating and sharing the knowledge. Practically I play the roles of both student and trainer. Build on assets and drive metrics is my mantra.
Important lesson learned
I believe in self-assessment by doing SWOT and have a vision, work on the vision by drawing long range plan, and implement it with rigorous monitoring and evaluation, to see the value added is as envisaged. Apply knowledge, leverage technology and involve people. Build capacities and enhance capabilities, put in place the standards in operations, make people feel accountable and allow them to enjoy the development process of self and the organization. Plan and work for asset growth i.e., people, process, product (i.e., automation), patent (innovation), proliferation of Organization's vision, values, mission, objectives, plans etc. internally and promotion of organization externally. Then work on metrics for sustainability, growth and accountability. They are 'faster', 'better', 'cheaper', 'larger' and 'steadier'. One should always feel responsible for the society around us and work for the development and sustainability keeping in the Millennium Development Goals in view.
Brief description about me
An XLRI alumnus having Ph.D., with 40 years of experience in development and corporate sectors involving Delivery of services, Development of Models, Processes, Standards, Projects, Human Resources & Institutions, Discovery of issues, concerns, needs, solutions including innovative and new initiatives, Documentation and Dissemination. In development sector, created value in the areas of human resources development, institution building, capacity development, process standardization, research, model development, documentation and dissemination of knowledge at National & International level in the field of education, healthcare, inclusion and empowerment of the disadvantaged. In Corporate Sector, contributed effectively in human resource management, organizational capability enhancement,process development, quality assurance, business development, corporate affairs management in banking, mining and power infrastructure sectors. I believe strongly in promotion of learning organizations
My family background
I am from a small village Cheedipudi in Srikakulam district. My wife is a home maker and whatever I am today professionally is due to her sustained support and cooperation. She is an ideal mother and prime mover of the society around me. I have two daughters, both are well educated and married. They have their families.
My achievements
At NIMH: Built capacities at grass root level through which identified and provided services on CBR (Community Based Rehabilitation) mode to more than 200,000 persons with disabilities in 64 districts covering 7 States in India. Pioneered the quality certification in National Institute an ISO certified organization and introduced ICT in disability area for the first time. In Byrraju Foundation, formed 180 Disabled Persons’ Organizations (Self-help groups) to be in inclusive and enabling community covering 200 villages in 6 districts of the State of A.P., in which 15000 persons with disabilities have been identified and provided rehabilitation services and In Byrraju Foundation, f180 Disabled Persons’ Organizations (Self-help groups) to be in inclusive and enabling community covering 200 villages in 6 dists of A.P.and identified 15000 pwds for services and developed software for assessment of the disabled for access, rehabilitation and empowerment - SADAREM for Govt ofAP. Estd NIEPMD,
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