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Ask Giridhar Gowdra Chandranna for Advice
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Advice Request
Giridhar Gowdra Chandranna
Giridhar Gowdra Chandranna

Giridhar Gowdra Chandranna

Product Lead

Synopsys India Pvt Ltd

Brief description about me
Hi. I am Giridhara Gowdra Chandranna native of Davanagere, Karanataka. Currently I work in Bangalore (Namma Bengaluru).
 EDUCATION:I completed my BE from VTU university and have secured MS in VLSI CAD from Manipal University.
 PROFESSION:Currently I work as a Product lead for the USB products in Arasan Chip Systems, Bangalore. Basically I lead a team of 5 people. Its a budding team in the organisation and we are more focused on getting the USB products ready for the sales.
Before Joining Arasan I have worked for Qualcomm (Consultant from Sasken) & Synopsys. And have a total of 5 years of VLSI industry experience.  Most of the times in my career I have been working in developing the software code for Verification of ASICs (Application Specific Integrated Circuits) & SOCs (SYstem on Chips).

Challenges in job
Becoming one in a team & give/get the maximum productivity:
In a team there are members of different region, age & caliber. To work with them, make your point & be a go-to person for all the team members is quite challenging.

Thing that made my job easy
Technical expertise in the domain you are working in.
Good relationship with peers & the management.
Endurance to sustain the good & bad times of an organization.

My point of View
This is a question which used to haunt my brains often. I have always thought about it even though could not make a real research on this & come to some conclusion. But I would like to put forth my views here:The reasons why I feel that there is not a single tech product made in India which is dominating the world markets are:1. Lack of early awareness among the so called "teachnical talent pool":First of all I dont completely agree on your statement that "We have so much technical talent in India". How can one actually measure the technical talent of a nation. I think it should be by the number of innovations, inventions & of course new technology solutions (products) coming-up from that talnet. It should not be barely measured on the number of Engineers coming out of colleges. Most of the engineers coming out join the services industry and deviate from their actual domain. Even a person who has done his Mechnical or Electrical Engineering perceive some course in software and starts his carrer in software. It may be due to their financial problem, to support their family, they are eager to secure a job. But this can be seen as a other side of the problem which may not be relevant to take up here.
So here I think that early awareness among the talent pool could really help. One must really know why he wants to join a particular course before perceiving that. To quote some examples "Bill gates decided that he would do something in software at a very young age and now he owns one of the leading software company in the world." "Shakira deceided that he wanted to become a Rock star at the age of 9 and now she rules the world of pop." Also the quality not the quantity matters. Again it drops down to our same problem the "SYSTEM". I think that our education system is just giving out engineers, doctors, lawyers etc who can secure a job in a big MNC, a big hospital but not an independent thinkers who can innovate or invent for the benefit of mankind. 2. Vision of the successful entrepreneurs:I think that Successful entrepreneurs in the IT domain should enlarge their vision and should take some initiative towards this. The entrepreneurs like Narayan Murthy, Azim Premji can invest more in quality R&D and help to come up with technology products that can hit international market. Technology domain is the one which requires huge investment and hige risk. I think it would be easy for personalities like this. 3. Govt Support for technology Research & start-ups:I am not aware much on the support given by the govt for the technology Research & technology start-ups. But I can recall one of my personal experience which made me feel that even the role of government is huge in this regard.
One of my far relative who did MSC in biotechnology and wanted to do research in his domain. He was a gold medallist and also secured position of Junior scientist in IISc. But his renumeration was so less that he could not accept the offer. Being disappointed by this he thought of perceiving his research in UK and currently he is working as a scientist in one of the UK based university. I think that its also the responsibility of the govt to make the environment conducive for the talent pool to stay in India and not to flow outside our country. Because without the quality talent pool you cannot imagine of a technology product. 4. Flow of quality talent pool outside India:We have been always hearing and also feel proud that 25% of engineers in NASA are from India. Most of the IITians and the IIM grads wants to settle in US or UK. This is also a major cause I beleive for the lack of the technology products not coming out from India.

Family background
I come from from a middle class educated family. My father was a retired lecturer and my mom was a house wife. Unfortunately I am not lucky enough to have them in this world now. To give a gist of my family, we are quite a orthodox (compared to current times) & disciplined big family. I have 4 elder sisters who are married and leading their happy family. 2 of them are Engineers, 1 is a Ayurvedic Doctor & the other is a teacher. Two of them are in Bangalore, 1 in USA & 1 in my native Davanagere. I am Married to Jyoti Patil who works for IBM. I feel blessed to have such a lovable family
Advice to College Students
First of all deceide what you want to do in life. Know your passion and do what you want to do. I agree this is not an easy thing to find your passion. But once you realise this it would defenitely be a 2nd birth of you "a successful you".Even though there will be lot of pressure in life dont deviate from what you want to do. Be focused and also dont forget there is only one life so enjoy it to the fullest. Coming to the technical aspect of it:Apart from the technical skills which you posses in your respective domain which is a must, understand what are the other skills required to excel in your profession. As in the IT industry the communication skills play a vital role for your growth. Learn to balance your work, family, health, friends. Because whatever success you acheive in your work is incomplete without your family, health, friends.

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