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Gaurav Mittal
Gaurav Mittal

Gaurav Mittal

Solution Architect

YASH Technologies


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Family Background
It’s been four years since I got married, me and my wife Saloni Bansal currently live in Hyderabad. It’s been three years now in Hyderabad since I moved back from US.
My important career decision
Keep continued working on data related stuff, something which I am passionate about and continue exploring the new technologies in this area.
My achievement
I had opportunities to play key technical professional role on various projects I have done while working in US and now in India. Since very beginning of my IT journey I had opportunity to work in US and play an individual contributor kind of role on many different technologies, I guess this has given me greater level of confidence when it comes to take any challenge and execute successfully. This is something one of the valuable achievements in my professional career.
My role model
I am very much inspired by the product development skills of Steve Jobs had. I admire him for having a visionary techie who could think of way ahead that nobody even would have imagined. Also his hunger for perfection towards the product development from starting until it is shipped was something amazing. This is something inspires on developing a robust solution which is simple and easy to use.
Current Trends
Data Analytics will play a key role everywhere whether it is business or personal. It could be in any form, you can call it as Big data, unstructured data or structured data. Apart from business data analytics is going to play a major role in personal decisions. A lot of personal decisions in future will be driven by data, it could be mobile apps which we will be using to make decisions like analyzing the credit card bills, buying a new product or product reviews, finding new schools, finding places to live, finding a good could be anything and these decisions will be driven for data. Data is something going to play a major role on day to day work we do and it is going to be important part of our life.
Views about 'Tech product Introduction is weak among Indians'
I do not agree with this, I read a recent patent reports that says from last three years, the difference of number of patents has gone down drastically between India and USA. There is something used to be big gap on patents done between US and India .The time is changing and now we are going to see a lot of innovations happening from India, start up companies are going to be more and more in India and they will be playing a key role in product innovation.
However they are some of things that we need to address here in India, even majority of the IT professionals are good technically but missing focus in improving the communication and presentation skills which is very important in order to get a better exposure and in playing a leader role in product development. Also innovation comes from passion and it is time to start thinking out of the box and come up with your own ideas.
Making job easier
Timely planning and readiness for the challenges coming on day to day basis.
Goals and Ambitions
I want to become a good leader aligned more towards technical side of word, someone who has vision, ability to lead the team and not just manage and ability to achieve the desired outcome with leadership skills. At some point of time of my professional career I would like to be the part of the product innovation and research and development group.
Company and job profile
Myself Gaurav Mittal with having around over 8 years of IT experience that include Data modelling, Business Intelligence, Data warehousing and ETL. I have successfully completed several BI projects in US and APAC countries. I am certified Microsoft Technology IT specialist and currently working has as a Technical Lead with YASH Technologies in Hyderabad, India. I come with passion for data and BI technologies…primarily I play a technical leader role on execution of various BI projects that include Microsoft Business Intelligence along with SQL Server, SharePoint, IBM Cognos and various other ETL tools as well. Also I am involved in pre-sales activities where my role is to understand the prospects need and come up with appropriate solution and answer any technical questions prospects might have on various BI tools.
My strongest Skill
Dedication, positive attitude and passion, quick learner, strong technical skills, ability to handle the challenges successfully with confidence and team leading skills.
Managing professional as well as personal life
Still trying to learn on how to manage the professional and personal life effectively.
Being different
I believe proper planning and ability to recognize the opportunities and getting ready for that ahead of time is the key. This is something I have learnt from my past experience and helps me making a difference.
Books recommended
“Database concepts” by David M. Kroenke is a decent book for the beginners who are about to start the career in Business Intelligence and data management. Also “The Data Warehouse Toolkit” by Ralph Kimball and “Star Schema The Complete Reference” by Christopher Adamson are pretty good books available in market for the next level.
My advice
Make sure basics are clear, think logical. Whenever any task is assigned, try to find the best possible way while solving the problems or while writing code. Always keep in mind simple is beautiful and avoid any unnecessary complexity while writing code. Also make sure you are fully aware of OOPS concepts and try applying these concept while writing code. Keep on learning new things and read books as much as possible.
Challenges faced in job
Handling pre-sales calls and delivering poc's is quite challenging, you get very less time to deliver something you might also be doing first time and making sure it is meeting prospects expectations. These is bit pressure involved but I think at the end it is paid off as it helps in building the confidence and gives a sense of satisfaction that I did something challenging.
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