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Ask Krishnan Badrinarayanan for Advice
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Krishnan Badrinarayanan
Krishnan Badrinarayanan

Krishnan Badrinarayanan

Product Marketing Manager



Krishnan Badrinarayanan is a member of:

Marketing is broad whereas other streams can be specialized. A marketing manager has to be familiar with aspects of other functions in an organization to be truly effective. Finance to assess market potential, engineering to help define product-market match, strategy to drive go-to market plans, and analytics to measure success of marketing programs to name a few.
Brief yourself
I'm a former software geek turned marketing professional and am passionate about applying technology to solve business challenges. I've held various positions within large and small companies but truly enjoy working with energetic startups and taking new products to market.
Importance of On line marketing
That entirely depends on your target market. Online marketing is only a channel. After all, for example, it wouldn't make sense to devote too much to online advertising if you sold sunglasses make for truck drivers who spend most of their time on the road. Billboard advertising along highways and rest stops make more sense.
Motivating Factor
What motivates me is to be able to enjoy the success of taking a product to market and solving customer problems with great products. What it takes is absolute curiosity, continuous learning and experimentation, respect for analytics, intuition and foresight, cross-functional skill, an ability to get buy-in and execute, and a love for entrepreneurship.
Set goals, communicate vision, celebrate small wins, constantly educate the team about the market potential, encourage them to experiment, make mistakes and learn from them, and keep them focussed.
Marketing defines the strategy, selling is execution. Marketing enables sales and keeps them focussed. On a day-to-day basis, sales people sell hard, marketing drives programs to educate the market and generate leads that sales can call on.
For fundamentals in marketing I recommend Philip Kotler and Harvard Business Review. Other publications depend upon the industry you are focussed on.
Growth Prospect in marketing
Very quickly. If the marketing person proves to be someone who can collaborate cross-functionally and execute high impact programs, he or she will grow rapidly.
Recommended Courses and Certification
Experience and a strong MBA.
What can be achieved
No limit. You can rise up to be the CEO or branch of and start your own company. Good marketing folk understand what it takes to grow a company.
Branding differentiates a company from its peers in the industry. In a crowded marketplace it can help, specially if the company is a newcomer. But ultimately, great product-market match, customer focus and organizational harmony define success.
Positioning the product
Identify the market segment that you'd like to target and clearly understand the cast of characters, their key drivers, pain points and purchase behaviour. Position your products based on this and message using channels frequented by decision makers and influencers from within the cast of characters. Profess deep segment knowledge through thought leadership and focus of solving problems.
Importance of 4ps
4Ps is the way the age-old companies marketed. There is lesser of an emphasis on the customer. I personally prefer the 7Cs. Marketing is not defined by following models, but rather by caring about your customer and defining your approach accordingly.
Importance of Marketing
Very. Marketing is really entreprenuership. It is the focal point between product engineering (or manufacturing), sales and the addressable market. With good market analysis, segmentation, positioning and messaging, the marketing manager can develop powerful go-to market plans that enable sales and define marketing programs and efforts. Strong execution can help products gain traction, market share and eventually commercial success.
Marketing is very important to an organization. Without it, engineering build products based on guesswork, sales teams sell without focussing on any particular audience, and potential customers, if they hear about you in the first place, form their own impressions of how your product provides value. Marketing connects all these core functions to the market and vice versa.
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