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Dr. Renu Khanna
Dr. Renu Khanna

Dr. Renu Khanna

Global Head-Leadership Development

Mahindra Satyam


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HR Strategies in Place in your Company
For Mahindra Satyam, people are its key assets and hence there is continuous focus to nurture, engage and build leadership and capability. Input for these strategies comes through multiple channels, forums, especially associate delight index engagement survey and free-voice platform. We have reversed the pyramid for flow of information from bottom-to-up.
Today trends seen in HR
HR, moving from being a support function is now an active and engaged partner with business. This partnership allows for policies and services that are more strategic and sustainable. Secondly, adaption is key for all the functions within HR. Changing organizational demographics and shorter life cycles of policies puts in front of HR professionals the need to keep pace with the change and be flexible and innovate to grow with the business.
Difficulties in Planning Human Resource in an ever changing business
Today, the associates demand instant gratification. This puts in front of HR professionals a challenge to innovate and find ways of creating a sense of accomplishment and recognition. Secondly, managing short term aspirations and improving the quality of associates and preparing for more complex assignments would be the challenges
Relationship of HR with the CEOs
This is a key relationship. Being apprised of the pain points of customers and other stakeholders, HR needs to align its strategies. Need to play the role of a trusted lieutenant, guide and a friend. Hence the need to partner with CEO.
Motivating Employees with Rewards
By monetary and non-monetary rewards. By guiding the managers and leaders to make the roles more enriched and full of learning. Empowerment is another key differentiator for engaged associates. Key people are motivated when they get the opportunity to connect with leaders and key people.
Different Qualities looking while hiring people
Besides the tools and technology required, we look for associates with clear values, positive attitude and integrity. Additionally, one other key quality we look for is their "trainability".
Some of the leadership development programs being held and results obtained
Leadership development at Mahindra Satyam is a priority. There is a special focus to this. Many initiatives to identify key potential to build a leadership pipeline include transition programs, Global Leadership Program, Shadow Board Program to name a few.
Identifying Leaders promoting them to the next level
Unearthing talent is no easy job. Coaching and mentoring are two very powerful ways through which talent is identified and nurtured. Additionally tools and assessments help identify specific areas of talent and gaps. There are various programs, forums for learning and development
Recruiting and retaining the diverse and ambitious Generation Y. Are they really ambitious
Through multiple recruitment and campus drives, we choose from Tier 1 and Tier 2 colleges. Unique initiatives like "Starting Over" targets women.
Attrition Management: Retaining vs. fresh hiring
Attrition continues to be the number one challenge for HR in the industry. Retaining and fresh hiring are both important for any organization. We aim to control both through engagement activities in the organization, talent stratification and special interventions such as counseling services, etc.
Promotional techniques work best and reason behind it
Besides word of mouth, we rely on campus connect (camp pulse), buddy channel and brand management. These continue to be the best in promoting the organization.
Attracting good people, retaining the better people and advancing the best people
End of the day, any person wants to work for and in an environment that is deep rooted in values and has a vision and focus to bring a better life to people around the globe, even through business. Mahindra Satyam creates such an environment. It derives its core values from its time tested, diversified and experienced parent Mahindra. Its deep rooted values when aligned with the RISE philosophy, guides people to drive positive change for all stakeholders.
Advice/ suggestions to fellow HRs
It is important for the fraternity to speak the business language. They are required to be flexible and be the fulcrum between people and business. They need to create an emotional connect for discretionary effort. The HR individuals today need to think from their left brain, respond with the right brain. Using a whole brain approach is critical for becoming a trusted partner to business and people.
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