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Ask Dr Nicholas Correa for Advice
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Dr Nicholas Correa
Dr Nicholas Correa

Dr Nicholas Correa


New Horizon Scholars School

Attract good people, Retain Better Performers and Advance the Best:
1. First and foremost the working environment 2. Attractive salaries and perks 3. Training 4. Effective Communication 5. Understand their propblems
Parting Thoughts
High level positive attitude and timely and action can make any organisation the best in the world.
Recommended Reading
Corporate Chanakya, Selling to win, Managemnt Mantras by Ravi Shankar
Pain Points:
1. Lack of engagement 2. Methodology of training 3.Post training accountability 4.Dilution in execution post deployment 5. Business impact
Improving Education system
Education in India has to be seen from three angles a) Basic Literacy b) Technological lietracy c) Literacy of selection of strems and courses for higher and professional education.

1. Private Industries, Public Undertaking companies, NGO, individual volunteers and the Government bodies must step forward to spread the first level of elementary education to the underprivileged 2. Empathy must be created among children and parents of previleged class, middle class , etc to help the underprevileged to impart education. 3. Private educational institutions must respect RTE 4. Private higher educational institutions also must reserve certain percentage of the admission quota for the underprevileged children. 5. Students must be given career guidance in schools and colleges 6. We must change the approach of education. 7. Our education must be more of value based, application based and for life. 8. Schools colleges must impart education for the personality development of children
Advice For Fellow HR Leaders:
Talent is not born it is created
Identifying and Promoting New Leaders:
1. Give space to perform 2. See the way one is applying various techniques and strategies 3. Whether one is able to perform in a team 4. Whether one is adaptable to change 5. Whether one is ready for continuous learning and upgradation 6. Make a check list for appraisal.
HR Strategies In Place
1. Workforce planning 2. Policies and procedures 3. Succession planning 4. Recruitment & selection 5. Contracts 6. Organisational development 7. People development 8. Apprasals
Relationship with HR and Top Management
1. Policies for communication 2. Hierarchy of work 3. Appropriate delegation of duties 4. Transparancy in communication
Leadership Programs in Place:
1. Shaping new leaders 2. How do you see tomorrow's leader today.
Through these programmes many youngsters have changed their style of thinking and working.
Helping to develop the country
Professional attitude is very poor among many of the Indians.The leading professionals must take an initiative create an aware among the youngsters.

Developed denotes economically strong. Economic development in India can be achived only through

1. Patriotism. Indians must create this feeling that we are Indians first , rich, poor, Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Gujarati, Mharashtrian, etc later.

2. Creating a value education programme through schools and media to reduce curroption.

3. Respect for rule of law

4. Creating an awareness on cleanliness and maintaining cleanliness.

5. Sports education in schools

6. Empathy for the poor through various projects on literacy, higher education, health, etc.

7.Job genration

8. Training the famers for the better techniques of agriculture

8. Encouraging small scale industries

9. Vocational education for the nedy
Current HR Trends:
1.Tapping Skills Anywhere, Anytime
2.Managing Your People as a Workforce of One
3.The Rise of the Extended Workforce
4.Digital Radically Disrupts HR
5.The Global Talent Map Loses Its Borders
6.Social Media Drives the Democratization of Work
7.Talent Management Meets the Science of Human Behavior
8.HR Drives the Agile Organization.
9.HR Must Navigate Risk and Privacy in a More Complex World
10.HR Expands Its Reach to Deliver Seamless Employee Experiences
HR Challenges:
The thought process of business is changing radically all over the world. The following challenges are obviously visible:
1. Changing role of HR professionals 2. The war for talent 3.Outsourcing of HR functions and the virtual HR organisations 4. The healthy workplace: wellness, worklife balance 5. The diverse workforce 6. The impact of technology 7. Talent management and leadership development 8. Talent management and succession plan 9.Corporate valeus and culture 10.The impact of leagal and compliance issues
Qualities that we Look For While Hiring:
People in an organization make all lot of difference. While hiiring people one has to see following qualities.

1. Communication 2. Team work 3. Knowledge of the task 4. Result 5. Positive attitude 6. Self motivation 7. Open to change & learning 8. Following and Leadership 9. Willingness to accept responsibility 10.Willingness to follow the policies.
Recruiting new generation:
I would recruit them train them create a feeling for the company, appreciate and reward the job/work and also sign a contract for 5 years.
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