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Mohan Waman Limaye
Mohan Waman Limaye

Mohan Waman Limaye

Manager Human Resources

HiMedia Laboratories Pvt.Ltd.


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Mohan Waman Limaye's Advice

Always be open with your thoughts

Be open in thoughts, behavior and actions, be practical and alert, then only we as a HR professionals work as a strategic partner, business partner... more>>
Parting Thoughts
The silicon India team is doing a great work. I always feel proud to be a member of the silicon India.
Current HR Trends:
It depends where HR sits within an organization, but in general today HR will be seen as the people experts. Whether it is a manufacturing industry or service industry. It’s about understanding the people, the business and advising on how to improve the performance of the people and the organization. Also it’s about delivering excellence in HR services, in a more innovative way, and putting people into better focus.
Helping to develop the country
You said it very right, that we are still a developing country and if every on of us accept this fact it’s become easy for us to achieve this big task to become a developed country. As a professional if we want to transform ourselves in to a developed country, every one of us needs to join, need to form the professional groups, professional communities, and work as active members of it. Then only through the representatives of our professional communities we can able to pressurize the government to change the policies, laws, procedures, systems, unethical practices which are currently in force.

I know this is very ideal but as you know this was happened in Japan after II world war. It’s a matter of mentality, attitude. So if we want to become a developed country, every one of us must have to contribute a little. Of course what I suggested is only a option for a working professionals like us to contribute for our nation, but I am sure if we wish we can find thousand way to become devel
Recommended Reading
Well definitely I am going to suggest SILICION INDIA, is one of my favorite site. Plus citehr, linkedin, hrmindex, are some of the good sites.
“Monk who sold his Ferrari” by Robin Sharma is a nice book which I read recently, every HR professional must read this book.
If you want update yourself in labour laws Monthly Labour Law Reporter is best Magazine.
Attract good people, Retain Better Performers and Advance the Best:
Good employees are always important for any organization to grow. You don’t have to sit around and wait for great talent – you can always approach them yourself and catch them, I mean for key positions in your organization you must have a headhunt program.
For potential employees you should able to create an image, in his mind that “I would have work for this company”.
For key positions we always find the person who has better knowledge of our products, systems, who knows pros and cons of our business, either from existing workforce or from the same industry.
To retain the best talent is tougher than hiring them.
Most company’s retention strategies consist of creating a competitive compensation and benefits package, or employee appreciation and recognition program. Of course we have the same strategies but we always believe that to retain our best talent only compensation and benefits would not work. Trust, recognition, continuous support and interaction with top management are som
Recruiting new generation:
It’s true that the needs of generation Y are different. They are too ambitious and in this rapidly changing world of technology they wish to get the things on one click of the mouse.
But the main question is of current practices of our business and how much change we can accept in our systems / our business for generation Y, to sustain to run to continue the business. Here comes the role of your managers, leaders.
We know that whether it is generation X, Y or Z the basic instincts of the human beings are same. Our Managers, leaders know the generation Y employees with whom they are dealing, this generation Y also has the same set of emotions and feelings. Managers, leaders must have the awareness about the behavioral patterns of employees and how to bring team spirit among employees of course this requires emotional intelligence (EI). In short the management who use EI acquires their employee’s commitment; it’s applicable to employees of all generations.
Improving Education system
Why India is still a developing country and what is stopping it from become a developed country. One of the important reasons of this question is an educational system of our country. Today’s scenario is that we are manufacturing thousands of graduates, engineering graduates, etc but the fact is that does they have acquired any knowledge, practical skill, from their schools, colleges, which is necessary to get a job, to sustain in job or to become self employed. Today’s education system may be good to score the marks but fails to passes, retain the knowledge, skills in to the students. A common feature in all government schools is the poor quality of education, with weak infrastructure. On the other hand you can have a quality education from private schools, colleges, institutes, but not every one can afford it, finally it will take us all to social inequalities, inequalities of cultural, income inequalities, etc ( rich become more rich & poor become more poor)
I know government is ve
HR Challenges:
We need to plan the HR strategies in accordance with the HR functions.
The functions of HR are still the same with more challenges i.e. recruiting the best talent, training and development of the existing workforce, retaining and motivating the employees, i.e., R to R recruitment to retirement. You need to plan the strategies according to changing scenario or the current market trends. For that you must have the knowledge, daily updates, current practices, and current trends in your field, for that you need to be more social and more open in your thoughts, behavior and actions, then only you can survive and achieve the targets through your strategies. To keep yourself updated in your profession is the key as well as challenge.
HR Strategies In Place
At present we are into transformation phase, every organization has to go through this phase. Basically in this phase you are required to work on the strategies like, development of potential leaders, tapping the best talent from your existing work force and put him/her to the next level through leadership development program. Plus we have already set the strategies like flexible working hours, etc.
Leadership Programs in Place:
As I said earlier we are in a transformation phase and the program is in the pipeline. I know that it will not happen in day and we will not get the results on a click of a mouse.
For good results we are working hard on every selected potential leader.
But I am sure we will have best results in the end. We want it as a continuous process and not a single time task for us.
Identifying and Promoting New Leaders:
In the organization it is normally said that there are too many managers but no one to lead. But in the organizational context their roles compliment each others. Managers are concern about day to day activities which are necessary to run the business on the other hand leadership is about long term policies, coping with the changing market. The characteristics, instinct, attitude requires for both the roles are different. As I said earlier we believe that trust and recognition from the top management can create the managers / leaders.
Relationship with HR and Top Management
HR is working as a spokes person between the workforce and the CEO. You can say that HR is the right hand of the CEO. HR is the communicator between these two. HR has to understand the pulse of the organization, employees and needs to provide the accurate information to the CEO right from daily updates, statistical data and current spirit level of the organization. On the other hand HR also needs to create the trust, loyalty and sense of belongingness between CEO / Top Management and the employees of the organization.
Advice For Fellow HR Leaders:
Be open in thoughts, behavior and actions, be practical and alert, then only we as a HR professionals work as a strategic partner, business partner with our organizations.
Pain Points:
It again depends on where HR sits in the organization, in what type of industry you are working. But in general I can say that the attrition rate of your organization or how to keep, sustain, hold the best talent is the biggest pain point for all HR professionals.
Qualities that we Look For While Hiring:
It depends on what kind of role the potential employee would go to play in your organization if selected? Like some positions needs aggressiveness while some positions needs sound knowledge of technology used in your business. But each candidate must have the general qualities like confidence, competent, down to earth nature, knowledge and skill in his own domain, etc.
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