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Dr Mam Singh
Dr Mam Singh

Dr Mam Singh

Research and Education

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Could you tell us briefly about your family background?
My self, Dr M.C. Singh, born on July 1, 1969 to an agrarian family in Village Dhalna,District Bulandhshar and did my schooling from Govt. Inter College, Bulandshahr, UP.
Changes In The Professional Environment:
I earned his B.Sc. Forestry in 1991and M.Sc.Ag. in Horticulture in 1993 from G.B. Pant University of Agriculture 881984 Technology, Pantnagar.I won several university and college merit awards for his outstanding academic performance. Served a plantation giant as Manager, Farms during 1993 to 1996.
Prized Accomplishment(s):
Dr Singh started his career as a Scientist (ARS) from IARI, New Delhi in 1998 in the Division of Floriculture and Landscaping and became Senior Scientist in 2007. He made noteworthy contributions through teaching, research, extension and management in horticulture and protected floriculture in particular, at Centre for Protected Cultivation Technology (erstwhile Indo-Israel Project). He had a special training on “Protected cultivation” from Faculty of Agriculture, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, at Rehovot, Israel in the year 2002. He has pioneered in protected cultivation of flower crops in India such as gerbera, rose, chrysanthemum, lilium, and carnation and plugs nursery raising technology especially for peri-urban floriculture. Awarded with BOYSCAST fellowship of DST for year 2007-08, he conducted research on photo-morphogenisis in Chrysanthemum at Wageningen University, The Netherlands and reported diurnal response chrysanthemum for the first time using smart LEDs for artificial flower induction and crop regulation.
The Decisions That Matter
Dr Singh has taught several post graduate courses in floriculture and landscaping at IARI, New Delhi and guiding research students. He has served as external Academic Expert member in Board of Studies of AMITY Institute of Horticulture and Research Studies. He has over 110 publications to his credit. He has participated in a number of international and national symposia, seminar, conferences and workshops acted as lead speaker, co-chairman and rapporteur at various occasions. He is active life member of 12 academic and professional societies including HSI, CHAI, ISOH, BSI, HAHS, HTHS, SRDA, BAAS, DAHS and SIF and has served as elected Treasurer, ISOH (2006-08). He is recognized advisor, editorial board member of Hind Agri-Horticultural Society (HAHS) and reviewer of 5 scientific national journals of agriculture, horticulture and floriculture. He was awarded with Fellow of HAHS in the year 2009.
Job Profile:
I work on greenhouse cultivation of flowers and off-season crop regulation in indigenous flowers and ornamentals mostly related to photoperiodism and morphogenesis including a PGR focused on plant propagation.
Degrees That Matter:
Although I have worked on " Photoperiodic regulation of off-season flowering and crop growth regulation in cut Chrysanthemum" using PAR but the outcome of this research I still want to validate in terms of photomotphogenesis and diurnal response in relations to specific colour spectrum.
Done Differently:
I would like to know how effiecint is energy in transforming the results being cool and productive without using artificial resources saving the envrionment for generations and with a sustained approach to save this gloabl village against all odds.
Other Thoughts:
I would be very happy to share that conservation of energy is must to save the universe for two reasons; 1. being ecofriendly and 2. being nature friendly in the time to come so that next generation can fulfil thier dreams too............
Growth Strategy:
Excelling in the career with a horizontal growth vis a vis win-win model
Role Model:
My role model is " Dr A P J Abdula Kalam" , tha man who dreams fo humanity in all his endavours.
Required Reading:
I like to read about nature,the books I love are "The Gallary of Nature" and Journal Science, Nature and Planta.........that facinates me about evolution of history of plant kingdom and mankind..........
Plans For The Future:
I would like to see myself as a common man with high goals to benefit the entire universe with my wisdom and work in plant science in relation to use of light energy in sustained capacity.
Career Profile:
More applied than before...
Working Life Management:
I work 12 hours a day...........
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