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Dr. A. Shivakanth Shetty
Dr. A. Shivakanth Shetty

Dr. A. Shivakanth Shetty


Krupanidhi School of Management


Dr. A. Shivakanth Shetty is a member of:

- Expert
Education and Teaching Background
Educational Background:

1. B.A. (Gulbarga University)
2. M.A. (Economics- Gulbarga University)
3. UGC-NET (University Grants Commission-New Delhi)
4. Ph.D. (Karnatak University)

Teaching Background:

1. IFIM Business School, Bangalore.(2010-2012)
2. IBMR-International Business School, Bangalore.(2008-2010)
3. ICFAI National College, Gulbarga (2005-08)
4. Department of Economics, Gulbarga University, Karnataka (2002-2005)
Unique in your teaching style
My teaching philosophy revolves around concept of knowing, doing and being. The process of knowing will make the students understand the domain knowledge and doing concept incorporates the live projects, assignments and research projects. While the mentorship during the internship of the students will make them feel the pressures and best practices of the corporate world. Hence, in our day to day teaching style all the components of knowing, doing and being will be rigorously included.
Favourable learning environment to students
The top -3 things in our college ambiance that makes its favorable to students learning are as under.
1. Team of extremely competent, qualified and experienced faculty.
2. Well maintained and stocked library in the campus.
3. Vibrant academic environment with a judicious mixture of industrial exposure in the campus.
Future students & Hiring Companies
Krupanidhi School of Management offers the best of both academic and corporate world for its current students and prospective students with its meticulously prepared curriculum, training programmes and internships. The recruiters of our students will be guaranteed of the well trained and groomed corporate warriors to face the grave challenges of business and external environment.
Spectrum of teaching style
Learning begins when we observe the world with genuine curiosity and discover all the mysteries that surround us. Economics attempts to solve these mysteries employing methods consistent with self-interested human behavior. It is the nurturing of the mind, the empowering of the young and the challenge of trying to be a better teacher each day that makes teaching such a fulfilling and pleasurable activity. Each new topic is introduced with either an anecdote or a real world event/issue. This provides a context for the information that will be subsequently presented and hence makes for a more meaningful organization of the new material in the minds of students (or in terms of learning theory, it makes for a more effective encoding of the new information). Further, at the outset, I also address the question of why it is important to obtain an understanding of the issue under consideration. This emphasis on drumming out the ‘real-world’ links of a topic at the very outset speaks to students’ concern about ‘relevance’ and helps engender interest in the topic to be discussed.
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