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Dinkar Singh
Dinkar Singh

Dinkar Singh

Manager(Security Services)

Capgemini India

Initiative to develop a country
Today sociol-economic offences are on high which are also known as 'white collar crimes' in which professionals are involved and is committed by them in the course of their occupations. This crime either effect the health and material welfare of the community as a whole or the country's economy. The motive behind the commission of such offence is greed for money and corruption is the root cause of this criminality. This is the main hindrance in the development of the country. Corruption should be abolished and a professional should never be a part of any form of corruption.
Important lesson learned
I am not a big thinker but one thing I have learnt and experienced is that "Hard work pays you back, there's always something good in the store for you. Never get disappointed and keep trying. Learning is the best attitude a person should posses to succeed.
Couple of years from now
I believe in hard work and destiny. Destiny - No one knows, but if I will have to answer this based on the hard work and the attitude I poses with me, I will be a part of elite group of senior leadership, where I will be in position to take independent decisions to enhance the company offerings for the market as well for the society as a CSR activity.
Qualities needed to become a successful leader
" Learning attitude ", "Communication" and " Ability to Inspire" are essential qualities a leader posses.
My family background
Born in a middle class family and My father was working for army and mother was a housewife. Elder among 3 siblings and normally we used to transfer along with my father postings.
Thoughts on Education system of our country
Education system in India is moving towards a stage where if your father have money you can study well and this system have created a measure difference between the society. Education plays a very important role in development of a society and that results in country development. We should not have biased education system for different class of society, whereas it should be same for all. Everyone should get equal opportunity and equal support for education.
Important decision
Job change based on the roles and responsibility then that of salary and that really helped me in my growth.
Ensuring success
Self development via training's, increasing professional network - I always try to meet 1 new person everyday to increase my social and professional network. In touch with my past mates/superiors. I always try to help anyone in need with my ideas and suggestions based on my experience.
More about myself
A suggestion, in current industry trend I have seen people shifting jobs because of salary hike despite of knowing whether they are eligible for the profile they are offered or not and at some stage they get victimized. Because in current world of outsourcing most of the companies offer salary based on what they get from their client and to full fill the requirements ASAP to make money and once they are done the individual suffers.

Evaluate yourself before taking any assignment and ask self questions like are you eligible for this? Do you have the capabilities to sustain the growth?
Influenced by
My parents, I learned how to make good use of available resources and to be satisfy what you have.
Degree that I recommend
ToGAF(Architecture Framework) and PHD in information technology (Security)
My achievements
Played a key role(Solutioning/Pre Sales/Delivery) for a multi billion deal from start(Bidding) till Delivery. Delivered high quality work for the customer within short span of time.
When we started solutioning for the RFP, being a niche skill technology, was bit reluctant but I build the team in 2 months and started quality delivery within 3 months of the time frame. Currently I am managing the client and it feels good to hear from client that they are really very happy with the work my team is doing.
My strongest skill
•Excellent organizational skills and ability to manage staff and multiple requests under deadlines with close attention to detail and organization;
•Professional demeanor possessing the ability to communicate technology and security related issues with management, IT staff, partners, customers and vendors;
•Control costs, particularly in an environment of a rapidly growing user base and expanding functionality;
•Develop financial forecasts that improve long-range productivity and reduce operating expenses;
•Develop and document complex business cases to assist in gaining the necessary internal support to implement security solutions in line with business objectives;
•Management of risks associated with regulatory compliance, internal policies, and third party vendors;
•Extensive knowledge of security assessment techniques, authorization methodologies, and authentication technology

For More info :
Brief description about me
With 12 years of full time work behind me, I look back at a rewarding journey so far. I may not have had all the answers and may have made a lot of mistakes but at least I did something about it. As Khalil Gibran said “A little knowledge that acts is worth infinitely more than much knowledge that is idle.”
In this short career span, I have worked for big giants of Information technology like CA, Unisys, and EDS/HP in a global environment and at various places across the globe. If I look behind, I have worked in all phases of IT service industry starting from resolving SOHO and enterprise technical issues, implementing and designing security solution for large organization and working with a group of security professional for defining future goal of big enterprise in security vertical.
Proud fathers of 2 lovely kids I enjoy every second of time spent with my family and parents. I love fitness and was a fitness instructor after college days. I love to LIVE every moment of my life and
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