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Dheerendra Jain
Dheerendra Jain

Dheerendra Jain

Looking for a Job in sales

Supreme Furniture Modular Systems Pvt Ltd


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Handling new territory
It really takes some time to get a start when you are in a new territory, as prospective client treats you as a new comer, but after few meetings things go easier and you start building a rapport with the client, you also get references from your contacts. However you need to get full support from your company as well. After spending some time in building relationships you start getting business from your client. When you are working in a new territory you must have a database of your prospective clients. If you are devoting considerable amount of time in doing the ground work in a new territory you are bound to get sales orders from the market.
Current Job description
My Job Profile is to sell Modular Furniture through Architects, Contractors and Corporate Client. My role is to meet Architects, contractors , clients etc to promote the sale of my Company's products. Also I have to give presentations and convince the client. I have to generate sales leads, followups and close the sale
Importance of brand image
Brand image is indeed very important for any organization as its the faith that customer shows. Brand image helps you to get business from your clients. If your company's brand image is not so strong then its the responsibility of sales person to carry the company's image in a positive manner in front of the client. Sales persons need to build the brand image of their company. Poor brand image is hamper the growth of the company.
Motivating team members
When my team members are feeling low then I try to motivate them by spending a lot of time in knowing the problems they are facing. If problems are genuine then we all sit together and try to find out the solution and if we come out with a great idea then I give full credit to the team members. I also encourage each and every member to put forward their opinions.
Developing a country
Professionals should work with full honesty towards their job. They should help the company to excel in its field and contribute in its success.
My family background
My Father has retired as a Librarian from SSL Jain PG College, Vidisha, my mother is housewife, elder brother runs the business of Proteins, Sister-in-Law is a teacher, my wife is also house wife. My Elder sister is married in Jabalapur , my brother in law is a businessman.
Becoming good marketing professionals
Yes, Sales professionals know how to sell the products, they also know what are those factors which attract the customer. Sales professionals can make a marketing model which is required to increase the sales of their company as they are aware of the customers likings and dis likings.
Essential skills
Discipline, commitment, honesty, hardwork, smartwork, Complete knowledge of his duties.
Essential qualification required
Good Academics and most important desire to learn new things and implement they in your job.
Comparing Online sales with hardcore sales
In hardcore sales process you need to meet the customer in person, you have to take appointment and then fix a meeting, after that give a demo of your product, whereas in online sales process customer will contact you directly after seeing the features of you products online. Still I think online sales is difficult when it comes to the closing of sales.
What achievements are you really proud off , in your corporate journey?
Awarded MD Award for excellent sales in the year 2004. My employer trusts me always.
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