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Ask Dharmendra Kumar Bahuguna for Advice
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Dharmendra Kumar Bahuguna
Dharmendra Kumar Bahuguna

Dharmendra Kumar Bahuguna


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Recommended Reading
It would not be a legitimate fact to name any specific book/sites. I think in today's era everybody is familiar with Google search.Frankly saying I usually opt these search engines but needless to say that,I believes on them after confirming with proper genuine sources one of the name i would feel proud to share that which is quite popular among all management professionals for getting useful material specially for HR department.
Advice For Fellow HR Leaders:
It is not easy to advice professionals but I believe in sharing the knowledge so I am trying to offer my views as follows.
1- In my view we should always be open minded to learn for betterment for everybody(our self & society)from all the sources whether that knowledge is coming from the person who is younger than you,or from those who are having lesser knowledge base.Because as we all know that every body has something extra/special/differ in them.Then we should be ready to embrace those qualities which can be helpful to be an ideal human being for any sphere of life.
2- We can learn punctuality thru Nature, as whole system right from cycles of 24 hour or to all season happens in time to control the earth or life in earth.If we have to live happy & healthy than this is one of the panacea that we should follow the time management in our life to get the success in all domain of life.
3-We should get away with our doubts related to any concern of life by asking/sharing with right sourc
Attract good people, Retain Better Performers and Advance the Best:
By giving them proper platform/place to show their talent.By explaining about the process that what they are doing their juniors are following them now they should think what they want to be known among the circle.As every body has to follow the cycle that what is new today will be old & will become history than try to give your best so that it would be a remarkable for others & then no need to say what pleasant feelings you would be experiencing.I always looks for any such activities which can boost confidence not for others but for me also. Setting examples by doing first( Charity begins at home) of any thing which I would like to be followed by others.Learning never exhausts the mind.If you always tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything.There are numerous these type of tag line, I do share with them to enriched them the values of life.
Parting Thoughts
There are so many things to share but words has the limitations. To cover up my objective, I would like to share that.."Education's purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one"
Hope will continue sharing my thoughts in future as I am also in the phase of lifelong learning.
Relationship with HR and Top Management
It is just like body & sole.They should be properly aligned with synchronization of each activity involves in better functioning of any organization.If CEO is eyes then HR is mouth & vis-a-vis,Like we can explain what we see by functioning of these two organs, same any organization can get-better results with proper coordination.
Qualities that we Look For While Hiring:
Again these are many but so far I had speculated the core/prime /essential qualities I consider on hiring phase are..
individual should be
1-Aware of interview/interaction etiquette A good listener & communicator(Only than one can response meticulously & learn)
2-Positive attitude(Pragmatic approach/well behaved)
3-Well equipped about the position in terms of knowledge/skills/competency.
Helping to develop the country
In my view professionals should always look to spread & share their knowledge which they gain by experiences,so that beginners or any body wants to build or enhance their capabilities by learning from the experiences by the professionals to get accomplished respective goals.
Identifying and Promoting New Leaders:
I thought I had already discussed about this in previous Q's...
Current HR Trends:
Nothing special Simple logic that If we had to be maintained in the race of globalization,then we have to be aware of new technologies with proper coordination with past experiences to get accomplished our goals by embracing them after proper analysis.Above all in my view so far HRD defines that a proper planning(Time Management) & execution can always improve the percentage of getting optimum success.
Pain Points:
If truly said they are numerous & if not than enumerable.every thing depend on modus operandi of any organization.
Recruiting new generation:
I think it is somehow explained,I would encourage them for performing better by highlighting their qualities whatever fruitful for the assigned task.I would define the policies & guidelines to abide by them for better results,above all again I emphasis , I would be more cautious & alert on my hiring process so that right candidates should be in right place & I would be facing minimum cases of wrong decision for recruiting if had been done by me in any case of misjudgement.Because human error is always possible at the same time there exist scope of improvement if not for existing one then for next time...
Improving Education system
After independence lots of efforts been done but there are many more to be done to improve the status of education.I personally feel that our endeavor should coherent with the prime formula of providing quality education not quantity.We always should look for developing those modes which are easy going & friendly in nature so that can be adopted comfortably. In my view this theme is applicable for any education whether it is basic from the childhood level or to the higher studies of any filed.The more easy & inserting way of teaching we would adopt, chances of getting more positive result would be higher.
Leadership Programs in Place:
sorry, due to some busy schedule, I could not gather any information for the same.
HR Challenges:
Already shared that we should be in touch of latest happenings around the era of globalization...Improvement in old strategies with necessary steps(adding or removing).
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