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Debasish Sanyal
Debasish Sanyal

Debasish Sanyal

Executive Assistant to Head of Project

Lafarge India Pvt Limited


Debasish Sanyal is a member of:

Qualities needed to become a successful leader
1. Patient Listening
2. Praises in Public and Criticize in Private
3. Excel himself and drive individuals as well as organization towards excellence
4. Shares glory of success with team but takes pain alone in case of failure
5. By showing Visible Felt Leadership
In my opinion , a successful leader has to be a good humanbeing such that a warm bondage of inter-personal relationship with his teammates could be felt all the time even beyond the professional tie-ups.
Brief description about me
I am a 50 years old professional(Engineering Graduate) having experience of 24 years in IT & Non-IT fields . Currently I am working a an Executive Assistant to HOD-Projects for Lafarge India Pvt Ltd at Hyderabad Project office . I am a married man blessed with a daughter and a son , son is younger . Daughter is studying commerce in undergraduate college and son is in class III.
My strength is honesty and adherence to the responsibilities imparted to me up to completion.
My weakness is the lack in communication whenever I come across a top notch official, I am always straight forward
Degree that I recommend
1. ITIL Certification
2. SAP Basis certification
Important lesson learned
1. One should not become always 'Yes man' to his organization even in worse situation , otherwise he is nowadays taken for granted.
2. Highlighting of self performances are equally important for career growth even if trusted responsibilities are accomplished well within timeline. One should not have preconceive idea that 'everything being watched seriously'.
My strongest skill
1. Requirement Analysis
2. Interpersonal skills
3. Exceptional Auditing skills when exposed to monitor any system/process ( View of my current boss)
Couple of years from now
General Manager
My role model
Mr. Narayan Murthy of Infosys
Ratan Tata of Tata Enterprises
1. Narayan Murthy -
We have been watching growth and performances of growth global consulting companies like Cognizant , Capgemini , PWC for more than 20 years . But no one ever expected that an Indian consulting company (Infosys - founded by Mr. Narayanmurthy) will be emerged as an Indian multinational in such a way that all other competitors with their global presence would be feeling Infosys as threat in terms of Indian market share . I never had any complain from any of the banks where Infosys has contributed to their business . I have always heard that 'Infosys is the best place to work '
Tata Enterprises - Very much concerned about employee and CSR activities . Emphasis on the individual growth of employee and retaining employee for generation after generation. This have been made possible by Mr. Ratan Tata only for last 25 years .
I am unfortunate that I could not work in Infosys or TCS
Influenced by
My father as according to him 'Work is worship'. I had believed on his statement and always acted like that.
Initiative to develop a country
1. Think globally and hence act locally in accordance with their regional counterparts . Face ground realities (differing from states to states , location to location ). If possible, decentralize operations and outcomes but keep close monitoring in standardized perspective . Try to retain employee to bring back loyalty for organization.
Thoughts on Education system of our country
In India there is indeed 'Unity in Diversity' but while thinking about so much of education systems (Examination boards CBSC, ICSC, State Boards , Govt Universities , Affiliated Universities , Deemed Universities etc and above all so many medium of instructions) any government will think 10 times before they try to implement an unified education system to be accepted by all state governments.
1.To educate the student about its application in day to day practice
2. For better conceptualization audio-visual model can be adopted
3. More and more visits to places related to text books (Science / Art / Commerce) & providing hands-on experience on practical fields (if possible , with a small monetary incentive) related to academics
4. Mandatory exposure to Indian Constitutions & legal regulations(in miniature format).
Important decision
1. Came to IT field from Manufacturing Shop-floor at Alstom Limited
I was very interested to work on computer in the year 1992-93 as there was a IT boom along the global market .
2. Came to Process industry from Asset Finance (NBFC)- Kolkata to Hyderbad, next Hyderabad to chittor-Rajasthan and now Chittor to Hyderabad again.
I had no option to but come since I had employee separation scheme as my earlier organization opted for outsourcing but I was confident about the fact I have worked in different department apart from IT everywhere I could contribute and here I have contributed in Plant (by implanting CCTV camera installation in an ongoing project, detailed market survey (from format creation to final presentation)etc.
Ensuring success
1. Trying to learn from Process Industry
2. Trying to update my core areas
My family background
1. My late father was an Intelligence officer , My mother is a retired State government employee, My wife is a private school teacher,My daughter is 18 years and studying in a undergraduate college of commerce. My son is 8 years and studying in class 3 in a nearby school . We live in eastern part of Calcutta. I live in Hyderabad due to my workplace.
More about myself
I want to be relocated to Kolkata with a job since there is hardly anyone to look after my family.
My achievements
1. Sold Disposable IT asset of Tata Motor Finance (Maximum quote - Rs.2500/-)in Rs.27000/- without incurring any additional cost in advt in 2003
2. IT setup done for 12 branches in less than 2 years in the year 2005
3. Computerized incentive payment process by using DBASE-III and Lotus 1,2,3 for entire Industrial Engineering Department for Motor , Fan and Meter division , thus reducing 60% of manpower.
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