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Christopher Ocaya
Christopher Ocaya

Christopher Ocaya



Challenges facing by students
Financial contains.
Favorite Books and Articles
SILENT SPRING BY CARSON RACHEL: It creates a great concern for me towards conserving our environment. I should always think positively about our environment and try in as much as possible to preserve it.
About Myself
I am self motivated, sociable, hard working, and have high sense of humour.
Most proud accomplishment
My research project, topic: Diversity of fungi species on three consumable forms of red valencia groundnut variety sold in Gulu Municipality. I happened to be the first person to isolated and identified some fungi species from red valencia groundnut variety from my area of studies. My findings also agreed to other findings in related concept from other part of the world.
Time Management
I do consider the results so much. What yields positive results and is needed urgent will take on top priority.But other things may be important but not needed urgent, so I can schedule it following that order.
First Job Expectation
1. The relationship between the employer and the employees
2. The long term benefits of the job
3. The salary
View s for better India
First, it is important to know the students aspirations and what they are capable of doing. Through a survey in which students' views are collected on what they aspire to be in the future and then published in a book/journal and proper plan made by the government on following these students inorder for them to achieve such dreams. Experts from different fields should be invited to give talks/guidance to the students on the respect field of work on a regular basis. This can motivate the students to study hard and get more focused on the what they want to be in the future. Through this they will become successful citizen and the end result is his or her contribution to the nation's development.
Favorite subject
BIOLOGY: I find it very interesting, it gives me a wider field/area of specialization, it deals with real facts, it involves experimentation's and I love doing experiments.
Most flourishing college experience
I remember this one experience when I was in form six. It was very early during dawn at 5am when I woke up realizing there was already no one in the dormitory, everyone has left for the morning prep but what i could hear was an alarm from master on duty standing the door with sticks in his hand. I rushed hurriedly to pass out of the dormitory with my shirts and shoes in hands. I received several strokes from the master on duties that morning because waking very late for morning prep. I resolved by then never to wake late again and this has helped me by then to concentrate hard in readings, and has motivated me and made me excel in the final national examination that made to go to the university on the government scholarship.
Additional information
Life is not for granted, so we must value one's life very seriously. No one has interfered with your life, you have been given chance to be who you are now. Therefore no one should take part or participate in ruing someone's life ( give chance for someone to live). In a nut shell I mean we should not encourage the practice of abortion in our country. Doing so we are denying chances for these babies to live. If President Obama and all other great leaders of the world were aborted initially, will we be having a great change they imparting in our countries today?

HIV/AIDS is real. It is a silent killer. It is non selective, anyone can acquire it. So it is our duties get involved in the fight of HIV/AIDS. Students lets abtain from sex, and concentrate on our studies and strive towards the future we hope for. Sex is the surest way we can attract this silent killer.
Family Background
I am from a family of six. Two boys and two girls. I happened to the first born. My father is a self employed person and my mother is a business woman. I really love them so much and appreciate them so much for they managed to bring me up very well upto were I am now.
My uniqueness
This is one think that many of my colleagues have never believed, being a virgin, moreover at the university. I am very proud of this. There is time for everything. Besides, I value my life very much, it is so precious and I must keep it very safe until the time of marriage when I will enter a life long monogamous relationship.
Career Expectations
There is poor attitude towards the teaching profession from the some members of the community; there is a stereotype belief that teachers are poor. Current few students are willing to join the teaching profession compare to other profession(field of study).
It is likely we may not have professional teachers in the next years to come if government does not look for a way of motivating students to join the teaching profession.
Most influenced factor
It is my Biology teacher was influenced me so much when I was in form four. The way he used to conduct and deliver the content matter of his lesson was quite clear and I used to like and eager to hear what will come next from him, and wished I could be like him and so I also do the same like him. And finally I am finalizing my training at the university in the teaching profession, Biology and Chemistry as the teaching subjects.
Spare time activities
Watching motivational movies, documentaries about natures, and sports.

Playing volley ball, pool, doing extensive physical exercise.
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