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Balraj Patel
Balraj Patel

Balraj Patel

In charge - Human Resource

Soma Enterprise Ltd.

Attract good people, Retain Better Performers and Advance the Best:
Said to performance of company,
conveyance etc.
Improving Education system
The education system in the country need serious reforms to make higher education accessible to students from all sections of the society Despite having the desire and skills, thousands of students in the country were not able to pursue higher education. Only 15 per cent of the students in the country have access to higher education. This situation should change. This situation should change. The Central and State governments should work towards making the higher education accessible to all, With the present education system, only those who secured high marks were able to enter the portals of higher education.

Urging the government to bring in proactive measures that allowed the establishment of more universities and autonomous institutions the present affiliation system had shifted the focus of the universities from research to the conduct of examinations. The varsities were burdened with the conduct of examinations, evaluation and publication of results.
Recommended Reading
My Recommendations:
Book - Educational
Magazines - Current Affairs,
Parting Thoughts
HR Strategies In Place
Involved in assessment of manpower requirement, design of job profiles and recruitment there to, maintaining cordial industrial relations through continuous dialogue and long term settlement with the union, administration of welfare measures including canteen, and assisting the General Manager in maintaining appropriate relationships with the local community and gaining their goodwill.
Leadership Programs in Place:
Leadership development increasingly occurring
within the context of work;. Critical reflection about the role of competencies in leadership development. Revisiting the issue of work/life balance.
Identifying and Promoting New Leaders:
Based on key leadership competencies, capabilities are tested and evaluated during the performance management review process. During the performance appraisal
process, managers can assess goals and development plans, solicit 360 - degree feedback, and rate the individual’s progress to date. Figure 6 shows an example of a way for managers to rate the potential and performance of a leader.On they-axis, potential is measured by the length of time it will take for a leader to be ready to assume a position. Across the x-axis are the measurements of how well the employee is performing in the role.The nine-box model in the middle tracks performance
against potential. When an employee reaches a high level in both potential and performance,that person is ready for a promotion.Succession planning and career
planning are also a key part of the performance review cycle
Relationship with HR and Top Management
Properly discussed with top management than take decision.
HR Challenges:
Identify the infrastructure and system requirements to support full implementation, develop the competency profiles. Implement the competency profiles in a staged-way to demonstrate benefits and create buy-in.Communicate success stories as competency profiles are implemented.
Pain Points:
The Biggest Pain Points for HR when broken the rules.
Current HR Trends:
We need to put the “human” back into human resources. Employees are humans, not commodities, and HR departments have to start seeing them differently. With the current push towards strategies that engage employees, attract top talent, and contribute to the bottom line, this change is imperative.We need to stop whining about being at the table. These days, almost every book or article you read about the role of HR talks about HR needing to be ‘at the table’ or to be more strategic.
Helping to develop the country
1. Educations
2. Technology
3. views of compression of other countries
Qualities that we Look For While Hiring:
first education will be mind development than all educations
Advice For Fellow HR Leaders:
How Do You Recruit & Retain the diverse and ambitious Generation Y. Are they Really Ambitious?
via interview, style etc.
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