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Sanjeev Kumar Sharma
Sanjeev Kumar Sharma

Sanjeev Kumar Sharma

Managing Director



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Ensuring Growth
I am a constant learner. I firmly believe that one can learn even from juniors. I share my experience and expertise with one and all, lead from the front, do strategic thinking and keep the EGO at the door-step. I give credit of success to colleagues and take the failure as my responsibility. We empower subordinates, which brings owner-ship in them, owner-ship increases the employee engagement which eventually gets converted in to business. It is my responsibility to solve both personnel and official problems of colleagues. We accept mistakes and ensure that blunders are not made. We ensure that we deliver what we commit and maintain a very strong culture of the company. Every-one is the boss of their work in our company. They are equally treated. We ensure that democratic system is followed by one and all.
Excellence in Management
I am a entrepreneur, started CONSULTSKS management consultancy in Dubai about a year ago. The new name of the company is "augur". We have been very successful in both getting business and revenue. Our secret of success is very simple and based on 3 things, Communication, Relationship, and strategic thinking. We expand our business with existing clients instead of running behind new clients. One of the great achievement has been to convince some-one, who was getting USD 50,000/- per month as salary, to leave the lucrative job and join us as a partner. I know, he would do lot of value addition to the company.
Family background
I was born in a middle class family. My father was a senior government officer. I had seen luxury in terms of house, car, etc but not money as my father was an honest officer. My father taught us lot of values and universal law of nature. Values run in the blood of our family right from Grand-Father to my sons. Those values have played a significant role in my life and is still giving me the benefits.
I had started working part time from grade 12 on-wards. I used to sell Singer Swing machine, door to door when I was in university. I started working full time right after graduation as my father had retired by that time although my elder brother was still studying and I have been taking care of him. My first full time salary used to be Rs. 300/- per month in 1979. It was enough for me and my brother. We thoroughly enjoyed those days.
I am out of India since 83. I have worked at all senior levels since then and now started my own company.
My advice
They should believe in themselves and in law of abundance. They must trust in succession plan if they want to rise in career. The biggest issue with today's generation is patience. There is nothing like quick or over-night benefits. Long term benefits are better than short term.
They should be sincere towards themselves, their parents, their immediate family, and their job/company. 10 out of 10 is required in this. Those who lack in any one of above can-not be sincere to any one.
Young leaders should be "Thinking Man"and should ensure the WIN-WIN situation.
Communication and good relationship is the key to success in both career and personal life. Ensure the team work and share expertise.
Current Job description
I am heading the company owned jointly by my partner and myself. We are working towards being a role model consultancy firm. I have to ensure that we all deliver what we commit, consolidate the current client base and explore new opportunities.
Handling Grievances
As a leader, I ensure that every one is treated equally and there is no discrimination. Ground realities are taught regularly which does not allow grievances to occur. Both personnel and official issues of each employee is addressed properly and regularly. We have very high employee engagement.
Team Management
We work as one family and follow democratic system. Every one is involved in important decisions and brain storming sessions. Our employees are empowered to work independently. Every one believes in helping their colleagues.
Important career decisions
I have informed seniors if I don't have full days work and ensure to get more responsibility. I have done this in two of my organizations, once at a very young age and second time at the mid of the career.
I had joined a company at less monetary benefits as I knew that learning would be there. It turned out to be a very good decision.
I left a lucrative job when I was at a peak of my career, to start my own company and I had been very successful.
I always ensured that my decisions are not influenced by others no matter how close or sincere they are. I was proved correct on most of the occasions.
Managing personal and professional life
I am a thinking man and do not believe in hasty decisions. I work with ZERO ego. I am also a good listener. I do GAIN and LOSS exercise prior to taking the final step.
Leadership qualities
Leaders should behave like a father in the organization. They should lead from the front, solve every-one's problem. They also need to act as a selfless public figure. Avoid blunders and accept mistakes. Leaders must make a succession plan, always teach, and share their experience and expertise with one and all.
Influenced by
My father who always taught values of life. I am highly respected because of those values.
My mother who instill patience in me. I never give-up due to her teachings.
My brother who proved that everything is possible in life.
My one good boss who inspired me to do strategy thinking.
I owe my success to these people.
Awards and Recognitions
I was given many awards in various companies.
I had got NRI achievers award and also Bharat Samman Parvasi award.
Recently I have been invited to receive Pride of India award at House of Lords, London.
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