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Bakul Valambhiya
Bakul Valambhiya

Bakul Valambhiya


FreemanKPO Consultants

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My suggestion to every young marketing professional in any field/industry is that, first try to find out what your prospective customer needs in terms of service or product if you need some time to find it out take it but just don't propose for any product or service directly to any prospectus. I observed that there are so many marketing professionals who start working like salesman. They forget that they are for consolidating market for his / her employer their role is to develop market.
Could you tell us briefly about your family background?
I am from Carpenter community of Saurashtra in Gujarat. I born and brought up at Rajkot City. My father was 7th pass self emploied and my mother is matriculation failed, a house wife. I am the first child in entire grand family to pass S.S.C & attend college. My brothers left study to finance mine.
Advice For New Professionals:
My advice to all young professionals is be creative & innovative in whatever the field you work in. Do not apply short cuts. Get first hand practical experience, Work for your progress & be independent on your own credentials, be job creator our nation need it most. Take conscious decisions. Thanks
The Decisions That Matter
After working for 12 yrs. in full fledged advertising agency as creative & art head, I compelled to pursue my dream to start my own multi-services firm in KPO sector and for last 7 years I run "FreemanKPO Consultants" single handedly & successfully in a tier three city of Rajkot. We're first KPO her
Done Differently:
I know creativity, I can do any work in the area of Creativity, Designing and strategic brainstorming for any business. If I need to start afresh I would start acting, singing, Story telling and counselling to students of school and colleges. And keep on innovating new things till my last breath.
Role Model:
My inspiration is myself, I always learn to rejuvenation myself, I am a resilient guy and I keep on exploring new way for resilience in my life. The medical fact of my life was that, I was victim of compulsive obsessive disorder. But today I can help similar patients. For this I thank my Ma Lavji
Other Thoughts:
With my open eye experience, I am of opinion that most of the time circumstances write destiny of most of us human being, but if we learn to be conscious, nothing is impossible and no one could take us for granted. I do not wear hat of anything, not of my Degree in Fine Arts also! I love work.
Plans For The Future:
I do not think of future and absolutely not about my future goal, because goals in life are like comma which interrupt our journey to learn so many thing and accomplishment or failure of achieving goal sometime even deter us from acting on other areas also. I always try to live in presence.
Working Life Management:
I am a creative guy, who mostly live with heart rather then mind, so I do not have such two aspects in my conscience, I do not need to balance anything since we people do not have such mental partition! I enjoy work anywhere, in office, home, during travel, for me work is life and life is work!
Prized Accomplishment(s):
I always try to overcome inhibitions, superstitious beliefs, and when I able to overcome them, I find it fulfilling. Due to profound spiritual journey one thing I realized that there is no dearth of knowledge, if any thing is in scarcity, that is understanding and you can get it from enlightened.
Job Profile:
Formally I am C.E.O. and founder of FreemanKPO Consultants, a multi-services firm in KPO sector. But I am not only limited to strategic decision and management functionality. I do take active part in Creative, designing, Consulting, Planning, developing work of the task we takeup & also do marketing
Career Profile:
Since I am sole proprietor of a KPO firm I have to take active part in Planning, marketing, PR, HR orientation, finance, work flow management for various industry sectors. Since we are in unlimited category of services domain I keep on developing new services domain as per requirements of clients.
Required Reading:
I recommend reading Economic Times, Business India, websites like;,, and ofcourse the! One of my favorite. I also suggest All IT related Magazines, all other business publications and collecting maximum first hand experience of business and social world too.
Degrees That Matter:
Formally one need a degree or diploma to start a career, but after 18 years of practical experience I would say that one really do not require big degree or masters to be a good professional or entrepreneur! You need to have interest in any particular domain, willingness to experiment & sheer guts!
The Journey So Far:
As a professional I handled clients like; IOC, BSNL, SBI,New India Assurance, LIC, Patels Air Temp, Supernova Volvo Penta, Oracle Laboratory, and numerous other private sector corporates and presently work for Royalty House Retail Limited, Kich Architectural Products Pvt. Ltd. Garima Global Pvt. Ltd
Changes In The Professional Environment:
When I first joined fullfledged advertising industry, every work was manual and highly skilled, today most of skill work is overtaken by computers and if any thing counts today is fresh idea, knowledge creativity and out of box thinking for any responsibility domain. Opportunities are there!
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