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Atul M Kulkarni
Atul M Kulkarni

Atul M Kulkarni

Testing Project Lead

Syntel Ltd.


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Atul M Kulkarni's Advice

Be good mentor, trainer and teacher

He should be good mentor, trainer and teacher He should possess very good communication and presentation skills he should be team player he should be always rady to take calculated risk he should be able to align the team and organisation goals.
Couple of years from now
Career and Professional front i see my self growing in designation, role and responsibility wise Project / Test Manager to Test Director. On personal & social front i see my self growing in different domains specifically in logistics and as usual training and mentoring the people around me to make sure they are also growing with me and achiveing there personal and organisational goals.
Brief description about me
Atul Kulkarni is a Sr. Project Lead having total 14 years of experience in IT. He has around 2 years of experience in Testing Project Management, 5 years of experience in Leading Testing Project, 5 years in Software Testing and 2 years in Development. He has worked on software projects involving various phases of Software Development and Testing Life Cycle and has knowledge of V&V Methodologies, Agile Process and Automaton testing tools like Quality Center and Quick Test Professional. Currently he is working as a Test Lead with Syntel Ltd in ePRS / FEDEX project. He has been at onsite three times in (2005 (B1) / 2008 (L1) & 2011 (B1)) for different projects / clients and handling different roles and responsibilities at client side.
Influenced by
I think he is my father who always insist me to be an simple. Here simple mean to achive the expected thinks by doing smart work and that can be achived only if you are smart enough and you know the simplest way to do that. It is always very difficult to be an simple. Is one of the very important value in human being to be an simple. I see all great people in the world are simple few of them are - Swami Viveknand, APJ Abdual kalam Azad etc.. They being simple are great leaders ever.
More about myself
I think everyone should take responsibility to educate, train and mentor the society which will help all of us to grow together.
My achievements
I think my family (Parents, Wife, Son, Daughter and brother, sister) are happy is achievement for me and i am proud off. at the same time In my professional career my 2013 goal was to become the Project / Test Manager which is my achievement & I am proud off. By maintaing balance in work and life am proud to say i succedd to achive these both things.
My role model
First my Role Model is Anand Mahurkar, who inspired me whay i was working in Aurangabad with Dhoot Information Techonology with his great command on technology and his interpersonal skills and communication. I was always trying to work on the things lokking at him and considering him my Role Model. He is SVP & Head of NA Operations at Datamatics Global Services, Regional Manager at Kale Consultants.
Second is Yogesh Datar - Client Partner - KPIT Cumines, who was always being very straight forward and open,irespective of his role and designation and do undersand the root level problems and work on to address those. Both of these also inspired me the way they desicisions and handle the customers and issues when the esclations are at there pick and they are so cool to address and solve these problems without hearting any personals and achivign the expected results.
My strongest skill
I think having teaching background and my whole family is in teaching which help me in my Profession to be an good leader and teacher. Ultimately it help me to train / mentor grow and gudie people around me. It directly / indirectly help me to grow in my career and other ways. Aprat From this I posses strong Project Lead & Management Skills, I have Very good experience & skills in Software Development and Testing
I have very good written and verbal communication skills, Interpersonal skills and behaviroual skills which are very much required in today's environment.
My family background
My whole family is in Teaching, My parents are retired teachers. My wife is teacher in BSM School Pune. My sister is lecturere in ITI college Jalana. My Brother is IDEA Franchisee Coordinator in Ahmednagar. I have 1 son and daughter. Apart from this we have joint / big family in which we have 2 uncle and aunty who are teacher and lecturer & 4 mama mami who are teacher and lecturer. Having 8 other sisters and 12 brothers who always with me in my happy days, as i have not sen any bad day till date :)~
Degree that I recommend
I am working on Agile, PMP & Price 2 certifications and In future i wanted to work on for P. hd. & MBA degree. I Recommend these for my Career to achive in next 4 years of time span.
Initiative to develop a country
professionals can do many thinks on their own to help India become a developed country, very first is to contribute to society by incresing the awareness that may be about anything (Social, Personal, Health, Infrastructure, Technology, ets...) This will not required extra time and money, they can start training and mentoring the people around them with the available experience and knowledge that they have. Every day if we share our experience and knwoledge with one needy person then at the end of the year we could educate, train, mentor 365 people by one person.
Important lesson learned
Yes, Keep your needs and greeds different. Also make sure to full fill the expectations that every one has from you, but at the same time do not expect anything from anyone. Be commited and respect time. Enjoy every moment which will help you to be live and people around you.
Important decision
1. Changing the career track from development to testing
2. Shifting from Aurangabad to Pune in 2002
3. Buying the property in pune in 2007 and in 2010
4. Changing the education track from B.Sc. Math to M.Sc. Computer Science.
Thoughts on Education system of our country
I think education has to be provided to everyone in india and it can be possible only if it is free. I remember the initiative in USA NCLB i.e. no child left behind for education, it should be free and open to everyone. Only increasing the awareness in society about importance of the education is very important which can improve its quality.
Qualities needed to become a successful leader
He should be good mentor, trainer and teacher
He should possess very good communication and presentation skills
he should be team player
he should be always rady to take calculated risk
he should be able to align the team and organisation goals.
Ensuring success
Learning from every moment. Self Evalution, Improve your skills and knowledge every day. Add new thinks every day with your experience and sharing those with the people around you so that they will also grow and you too.
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