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Anurag Soni
Anurag Soni

Anurag Soni

Asst. General Manager

TelExcell Information Systems Ltd

Family background
Basically we are belongs from Rajasthan, My Mom and Dad both are working and I have one sibling
Team Management
While there are many personalities that inhibit a team's performance, there are others that help the team accomplish goals, tasks, and objectives. Some personalities contribute to a team culture that facilitates high performance and accomplishment. Other personalities simply keep things in check and under control. Having this type of diversity in a team's makeup of personalities can play a vital role in the team's success.
My advice
Don’t let anyone walk on you. Insist on respectful treatment as the leader. If someone gets insubordinate—makes snide comments, ignores your requests, talks behind your back—nip it fast. Do it privately but have a heart-to-heart conversation. “It appears you may not like the fact that I am your manager but we have to work together as professionals. I need you to come half way and give me a chance.
Current Job description
Presently working with TISL, Delhi. As a Asst. Gen. Manager - Supply Chain & Logistics. Here im Handling procurement, LC & Negotiation, Bank Related Task, Documentation & dispatch the material as per requirement to our branches and customers. and so many extra activity
More about me
” Define acceptable etiquette, protocols,
expectations of team members, norms, and values. Do not assume everyone
will understand “how things get done around here.” Be explicit.
Ensuring Growth
To continue to grow my leader within, I always seek out opportunities to learn from others – real experience is a great teacher and many of the best leaders I’ve had the privilege to serve with have taught me through their own trials and tribulations to mold my leadership to this day. One of the best lessons I’ve learned is that failure is not fatal. With failure, I’ve learned there are many paths to success – it’s not a straight line to success but one with many twists and turns. I am never complacent about the accomplishments I’ve been blessed with on my journal; rather, I keep striving for excellence in every way I can to ensure I keep growing my leadership.
Handling Grievances
One characteristic I believe every leader should possess is a love of all people. Without a love people, accepting them without judgments and assumptions, it is very hard to influence anyone. You must be able to serve with humility, not ego, and be confident that your leadership is founded in the principle of love as well as core values that support your faith.
Excellence in Management
Help to improve both way
Leadership qualities
To be a leader is to live your leadership every day – it’s a lifelong habit not just a title you put on at the office.
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