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Anup Kumar Shrivastaw
Anup Kumar Shrivastaw

Anup Kumar Shrivastaw

Senior Software Engineer

Sasken Communication Technologies Ltd


Anup Kumar Shrivastaw is a member of:

Could you tell us briefly about your family background?
I belong to middle class family.
Changes in the industry
Initially Testing/QA means mannual testing. But now we are doing automated testing. In web developemnt technology(RoR), we have Rspec Testing framework for Unit and Functional Testing and Cucumber for Integration testing. Once test coverage was executed without failure,then our app is 100% bug free
Degrees that Matter
I don't have any certifications in QA/Testing domain.
Role Model
Sourav Ganguly is my role model. He has strong potential to take a challenge and commit that work. He has great leadership quality. He created own destiny and travelled successfully. He has shown to youngsters that you have the potential to take a challenge and win.
Areas for the Future
Unit Testing, functional Testing, Integration Testing, Acceptance testing, Regression testing are the key areas.
Plans for the Future
QA Manager
Tech trends to watch out for
Rspec test cases must be used for Unit & Functional Testing. Cucumber test cases should be used for Integration test cases. Selenium must be used. Bugzilla must be testing tracker.
The Journey So Far
I started my career in 2007 as a RoR developer. I successfully executed various web development projects. Then after 3 years, I got a chance to automate the test cases. Now I like to write down test suits.
A Fine Balance:
I love my work and enjoy it. This is the mantra to manage the challenge of Work Life Balance
Parting thoughts
I believe on work not luck. I believe on self confidence. If you determination and dedication is strong, then you can achieve anything in this world. Strong determination & dedication, hard work, a little bit of intelligence, self confidence and self motivation are the keys of my success.
Most Important Decisions
I started my career in 2007 as Ruby developer. After 3 years, I got a chance to work in php development. I accepted that one because I want to learn new things. Now I am eager to learn new things in other domain like Java/J2EE. I am currently working in Android development(Ruby)
Current and Previous Responsibilities
Currently I am responsible for coding, Code review and automation of test cases. Previously I was responsible only for coding. I got new responsibility like automation of test cases because I like to write down test cases.
Most Important Lessons
Self Confidence, Self motivation, Self learning, never fell down, try tremendously to resolve any technical issues, hard work and strong commitment.
Required Reading This is the best website for someone who wants to excel in any field
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