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Anl Madhavann
Anl Madhavann

Anl Madhavann

Director Software Inc


My family background
I am born to my parents as the first son, I have two brothers and two sisters, one of them 'adopted'. My mother is home-maker aged 76 yrs and father a stupendous marketing person is no more (died in 2007 after five decades of stint in 'concet selling'). All my brothers and sisters are well settled. I have my spouse who is again a home-maker and have one son who is tech studies. My family is a typical hindu brahmin lower middle class joint family of India and we are together irrespective of our internal differences thanks to the strong rendition and edifice created by my father, now nurtured more by my mother all the time. We reconcile all our differences thro a concept called "VOICE" ie., Voluntary Organisation for Collaborating Emotions which we created only for our own purely family/domestic purposes. Now there are friends who wish to join to enlarge the concept to their households which we are grateful as this sounds greater conceptually. Singing is our past-time plus indoor games.
Important lesson learned
First and foremost is the art of adapting oneself with circumstances at every age of evolution in human life. Second lesson was that taught by my father " change of work is rest". Third that I learnt from my teacher that an "indepth understanding" alone on any cherished subject endowed with interest and passion can be enriched. Fourth in my corporate life at an MNC..dwelve deep into every aspect of business and donot restrict your ideas; enlarge your scope to as many dimensions as possible as one great idea can make all the difference in a business environ. Fifth from my spouse that getting good name as "sincere-n-dedicated" from house-hold/domestic is worth tonnes of accolades from corporate life. Sixth from my son.." always accept whatever is ordained; complete only those you could and give a genuine and sincere reasoning why you could NOT complete rest, even after attempting to complete". Seventh from my friend who says " every corporate action will always have spiritual background"
Influenced by
My Father certainly to a great extent. He has been a self-made man all thro his career and has come from a very very humble background in a remote village in North Arcot District of Tamilandu (Alavur is the name of the village near Kancheepuram). He had brought up all the thirteen children of his elder brother who had been a farmer all thro his life besides upbringing we five (incl an adopted sister) with a "joint-family" concept which is very unique. Today our family tree is almost equal to a sizeable vote-bank for any party and we are scattered all over the length and breadth of the universe-right from village to new york, from chennai to chicago. The next best person who influenced me is the SOCIETY at large as I am a serious observer of "social-attitudes". Third my visionary Dr PC Reddy who chartered a very special pathway starting his business career at the age of 55 yrs to become numer uno in Healthcare Industry by his sheer hard-work, zest and still going stronger in Healthcare.
Initiative to develop a country
Professionals certainly have the following agenda to complete to help India to become a developed economy, civilised and a developed country:
1. Ensure in every walk of Life that a professional has assumed there is a social change for the good; meaning, have a sense of ordent duty to society which helped reap my growth.
2. Be a proper value-based professional, not aspiring to make money by any means as most of the professionals have not only become absolutely corrupt BUT also started advocating and spoiling others-which should be refrained forthwith.
3. Where politics requires indulgence, deal with it effectively by taking up causes right up to the highest level of political forum where it means 'decision for the benefit' of all.
4. Use your professional education to impart society with value based systems-be it in corporate or at social levels; ofcourse for that one should himself/herself such values.
5. Look at aspects of Indian growth & development; contribute without wasting time.
Couple of years from now
In couple of years from now, I see myself in the following picture, more certainly:
1. Leading a team of about 500 engineers, 120 specialists for a Global Telecom & Analytics Practice with a Special focus on Healthcare & Healthcare IT Analytics space.
2. Embarking upon global projects of value more than US $ 100 mio to be delivered atleast in half-a-dozen countries-both On-Site and Off-Shore
3. Undergo Inorganic Growth through larger acquisitions of relevant and value-added business propositions wherever located to augment growth prospects.
4. Specialise in a few key areas and create a niche market to explore possibilities of aligning with larger global conglomerates across
5. Enlarge my dedicated team to a larger base with comforts and empowerment for them to operate independently, produce results and reap benefits.
6. Special focus on women empowerment, women-directors, women-organisation-for their benefits exclusively.
7.Determine principles & ensure practices being followed by all.
More about myself
YES; I have the following few points to share with you apart from what you have asked so far:
1. Can you join hands with me in any format-corporate or trust or society -for profit or even for non-profit-so that we create a society in about 10 years from NOW that would enlarge in itself to create VALUES BASED ON SOCIAL UPLIFTMENT only..not social-networking alone as is the buzz word today.
2. I see a significant role-play to the younder India in the age group of 29 yrs to 34 yrs (population being around 400 million as per recent statistics)-which includes RURAL and URBAN (semi-urban included).
3. What we can do together can be certainly multiple times different from what I as an individual with my own small segment can do for the UPLIFTMENT of the Indian Society at Large.
4.Make the RURAL to understand the "strength" of 'RURALISM" and bring in the URBAN to understand and appreciate the RURAL INDIA which is extremely rich in many many respects.
5. Above all ensure PROGRAMS of UNDER-STUDY
Thoughts on Education system of our country
My thoughts on Education Systems in India and measures to improve the quality of education & systems:
1. Education should be made COMPULSORY which means there should be proper education system made COMPULSORY; again this calls for EARTH to be dedicated for lad and building for education and NO COMPLUSORY education system to be PRIVATISED as that would only call for 'corrupt' practices.
2. To stress point 1 above, ABOLISH all PRIVATE INSTITUTIONS at the primary level upto the standard of 5 ie., upto an age of 10 years, PRIMARY EDUCATION given by the Government virtually FREE of cost for which contributions can come from CORPOARATES & PRIVATE Sectors can also be used-to be made COMPULSORY.
3. Select those who stand outstanding in these PRIMARY education for higher studies anywhere in the World and let there be dedicated contributions.
4. Once completion of studies done, ask him/her to serve India as a country till age of 65 yrs.
5. RE-CYCLING betterment of education must be COMPULSORY..
Important decision
Several, glimpses are below for your immediate understanding:
1. When education of 'Hindi' the official Indian Spoken Language was banned studies in Tamilnadu (even today) we as Tamilians were cut-off with almost 95% of the Indian Population st away.
2. It is a grave insult created by politicians (dravidians)which made me to suffer; I took an oath that the moment I get to a job, I would move out of tamilnadu and I did that st away and moved over to BLore immediately after my marriage.
3. Since then I decided to live out of tamilnadu to u/stand, get to know whole of India and I was fortunate that God gave me the patience, perseverance and payment for ensuring my mission as above.
4. I was educated after all my professional degrees to become a "FINMARK" man, meaning an expert in both 'Finance' and 'Marketing'
5. I was indeed fortunate to have one Mr Nadadur Srinivasan Lakshmi Narasimhan (NSL Narasimhan) who was terror in Glaxo, my co from whom I learnt everything for a decent corp life..
My strongest skill
Strongest Professional Skills/Attributes are the following:
1. Ready to learn, quick to grasp and speedier to execute
2. Always nurture a team-core and sub-core-so that any disaster-recovery is done at any time with utmost swift time with dexterities.
3. Look at profitable opportunities all the time for expansions without losing either to competitors or to time of elapse
4. Build a strong team to cater to needs and expand both vertically and horizontally to cater to an expansive geographical growth.
5. Put in smart work on top of hard work where needed to complete any task within time frame allotted.
6. Look at newer projects and enlarge HR base with cream of people
7. Have value-adds and principled value-systems to accomplish even commercial tasks with utmost competence, fatih, dexterity and adeptness.
8. Have clear career path chartered for all empowered.
9. Make sure every professional approach is re-designed where reqd and updaterequirements.
10. Finally smooth sailing with all...
Degree that I recommend
YES certainly. For any professional qualifications you require to achieve the requisite degree/certification. In my case:
1. I have completed FCA, FCS, PGDBA, BGL -meaning Fellow of the Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI), Fellow of the Chartered Secretaries of India (ICSI), Post-Graduate Diploma in Business Adminstration (PGDBA) and Bachelor of General Law (BGL).
2. In my case all the above professional qualifications suitably helped each other to embark upon my career path-way to reach a modest height in my career.
3. However with all these, I am of the personal opinion, that any person gets a mastery over a subject can be deemed to be a 'professional' with or without any certificate or even degree and ofcourse 'repetition gives mastery'
4. Recommended degrees would ofcourse include even an International qualification on Marketing and Forex dealings as present day global economy demands quickness with dexterity on evaluation of complexities with almost certainty in answers for all.
Brief description about me
I am born on 3rd Nov 1959 (male) from a village near chennai, tamilnadu, INDIA and always had a fervour for Mathematics. In school, in college allways scored centum in all exams. Had a fervour again in spirituality right from age 4 when I was put to a Sanskrit College for under-study in Sanathana Dharma Gurukulam. After finishing my college specialising in Mathematics again, joined CA under Mr S Gurumurthy, the CA turned journalist most popular under Swadeshi Jagran Manch of India. Moved over to MNC after completing my FCA, FCS, PGDBA, BGL courses-all professional and was travelling Mumbai, Delhi, Hyd'bad etc., after I was hand-picked by the Visionary Dr PC Reddy of Apollo Hospitals. Last almost two decades, my passion is Healthcare and have been with EHM as Contributing Editor for healthcare articles for 3 yrs. Currently specialising 'Healthcare IT Analytics' under own 2 promoted cos InfoSoft Analytics Inc & Neet Financial & Healthcare Analytics Inc. Passion: Healthcare & Spirituality
My achievements
1. Established the first international hospital of over 1,100 beds super speciality in Colombo, Sri Lanka for Apollo Hospitals Group-independently working towards this project right from boomi pooja right upto running for less than a year -which profile included funding, staffing, operations and management.
2. Handled atleast six MNC projects for the largest pharma co GLAXO and specialsed in its other variants such as FPD ie., Family-Products-Division which included INFANT MILD FOOD (IMF) called 'COMPLAN' a 110 yrs old brand, MINIT MILK a milk derivative for tea-coffee etc.,
3. Handled multifarious industries from Caustic Soda, Tang, Food Products, Pharma, IMF, SMP, WMP, FMCG (Goodknight), Pharmacies, Hospitals, HIT, Information Systems, Analytics etc.,
4. I have established more than 7 large hospitals all over the Globe and was retained by several hospitals in teaching hospital management
5. Contibuted as Editor for EHM largest fortnightly in Indian Healthcare for well over 3 plusyrs
Ensuring success
I ensure the following simple practices to grow and develop in life:
1. Take one task at a time which would be closer to heart, shower all passion in that, create a niche in products/services/concepts etc.,
2. Never be inactive..never; ie.,always BE ACTIVE.
3. Upgrade with latest tech knowledge across globe; always have an urge to learn newer things in life commensurate to background and relevance.
4. Add values all the time as to whatever I do irrespective of any comments from others as "comparison" is worst of diseases to have.
5. Dont brood over any matter however effective or ineffective it could be; as no one can live only on "past-glories".
6. Embark upon projects that would have social relevance all the time such as National Social Service, cleaning of temples, Slum-children education etc., projects were all undertaken under this context.
7. Believes strongly in "S" ie., Strength and "O" Opportunities as it is sheer waste to talk about anybody's "W" weakness and "T" Threats.
My role model
Already informed about my ROLE MODEL ie., MY FATHER who is no more now. My father inspired me a lot through his dedication, hard-work coupled with smart-work, he created maximum number of professionals in my family-be it doctors, engineers, chartered accountants (auditors), lawyers (attorneys) etc., I cannot think of any other person who influenced me MOST except my own father and I am really proud and am extremely FORTUNATE to say this and had him so.
Besides him, another role model whom I cherished is Mr NSL Narasimhan o GLAXO who was actully a terror; he appreciated my innovation reg "costing of moisture in food grains" and the stupendous savings this could bring in 'saving-costs' which ran in to several crores.
Third to motive is the VISIONARY Dr Prathap C Reddy, the doyen in the Healthcare Industry who made India proud in the World Map of Healthcare, who brought in US accreditation to all his hospitals in India and made people get international treatments for indian affordability.
Qualities needed to become a successful leader
The following essential qualities are required to become a SUCCESSFUL Leader (rather pre-essentials we can say so):
1. Get the right team ie., identification of right person for the right task-this is one of important skils (with luck) a Leader should POSSESS;
2. Get the task right all the time; the task should both be remunerative as well as requiring upgradation
3. Steer the pathway with all the time monies on hand-donot search for money when you have the right project as that would make project go out of hand..
4. Use always value systems in decions making; dont be biased
5. Empower people and ensure that such empowerment works for the benefit of all; there again caution is needed to choose the right person
6. Breathe easy by adopting techniques to have balanced life-corporate and domestic-have time allocations done up suitably.
7. Donot mix matters when compexities arise in business; the more clear one can present, the more the leadership qualities would emerge as a corollary in it
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