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Ask Ankit Goyal for Advice
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Ankit Goyal
Ankit Goyal

Ankit Goyal

Credit Analyst

State Bank of India

Ensuring success
Just fulfilling your job specific duty will leave you uncompetitive and useless for a change. I believe in understanding the origin/root/purpose and consequences of changing every document which comes across me. Apart from it i stay in touch with CA's in practice to remain updated. Out of professional life Aaam Aadmi Party and Arvind Kejriwal has influenced me to stand against all odds and giant opposition.
Thoughts on Education system of our country
Looking back Education in India does not make much sense to me. Kids are forced to cram things and vomit the same on answer sheets. Thus kids with good memory power are tagged as toppers.

The focus should be how well the kid has understood the concept and that should be judged by online MCQ exams leaving no room for subjectivity by teacher.

More relevant things relating to our daily needs/things needs to be included in curriculum.
Couple of years from now
Future is completely unpredictable. I believe living a life day by day and take things as they come to me. My future will depend on my actions to the situations presented to me by life.
Qualities needed to become a successful leader
Depends on the environment to environment
In a Govt Organization you need to be Boss licker and Yes man.

In a fair organization you must be Hardworking and honest.
Important lesson learned
1) Empty mind is workshop of evil.

2) Don’t run away from your weakness’s rather attack them. The battle may be bloody & painful but in the end that weakness will vanish. The two greatest fear busters are knowledge and action.

3)Company matters, you could benefit greatly by being in a company of knowledgeable person. Be shameless to hear their scolding but have a determination to remain in their company.

4)Try using flattery to abstract knowledge out of learned person.

5)Sooner or later your efforts will pay you back.

6)Believe in long term planning.

7)Don’t be sad if life turn’s on heat on you always remember, to become a ornament, gold has to bear the terrible heat.

8) If you want to forget someone, drench yourself in work so much that you don’t get time to remember.

9) The goli of “Overconfidence & praise” are the most dangerous in world. Never let it enter your head and keep your feet on ground.
Important decision
To stay with family over the cost of progress.
Influenced by
Arvind Kejriwal
Despite all odds this man does not killed his concussions. Walked on unchattered path and stands there as inspiration that things can change if you try.
My family background
Originates from Bhiwani (Haryana). Normal Gyaan giving and protactive parents.
My achievements
Conscious is still alive. Does not bribe a person to get the things done, rather would follow the difficult and non-profitable path.
More about myself
Brief description about me
Till i cleared my CA exams, i presumed that CA stamp is the only thing standing in between me and success. After Qualifying i realized that a distinguished qualification just provides you a platform to perform. I joined the top most Bank of India (SBI) in 2008 and realized that there is much more about the world that i need to know.
Initiative to develop a country
Avoid giving bribes to get your work done.
My strongest skill
Quick analysis of Problem and managing people.
My role model
Already did.
Degree that I recommend
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