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Ankit Bhosle
Ankit Bhosle

Ankit Bhosle



Growth Strategy:
A leader is not born but made. I am learning. I am in the making. And the people around help in that. I always keep my patience. Learn, implement and wait.
Career Profile:
The main responsibility of any Founder of the Company is to keep pouring water to the seed he sowed. There is a challenge everyday. From the Clients to the Employees. One has to be the all rounder in the team. One decision affects the whole system.It is like jumping from Earth into Space. There are endless possibilities. Your thrust will take you forward. You have to decide whether you are happy landing on a Moon or a far celestial bright Star.
The Journey So Far:
Being in the Corporate world so far is full of drama, emotions and action! Just like any movie. You are the hero (If you are an optimist). There are all kind of events taking place in every cut. You have to give your best in every scene. Depending on your potential and success, you get rivals and competitors (Even a beggar has competitions these days!) Well, whatever you do, try to make a difference. You can even sell a stone if you got the exact eye and tongue!
The Decisions That Matter
I always wanted to work for myself. During my education, I never imagined myself working for someone else. I wanted to create a group of people coming together and working for something that can bring a change. I guess that's what a Company means!
Job Profile:
Well I am a leader of my Organization. Not the one who sits in the cart and my people tow it. But the one who leads them in towing.
Role Model:
Every hard working man inspires me. One day I stopped by an ice-cream stall. There was nothing new in his ice-cream. Still there was a big crowd surrounding him. Then I discovered that he was just serving the ice-cream in shape of different flowers. Now that's something really great.
Involvement in the Industry
If I had accomplished something, I wouldn't be writing here myself! So that's still a story.
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