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Anil Chiplunkar
Anil Chiplunkar

Anil Chiplunkar

Founder CEO (Consulting Firm)


Ensuring success
I believe in a 'continuous improvement' in professional and person life and for which I keep on enhancing and enriching my knowledge-base through designing and delivering training, projects, interacting with various people (on professional as well as personal levels). Attempt to write articles for different web-sites and publishing. I do use internet to collect various articles on subjects like Information Security, Forensics, ERP, BCP etc. and as the time permits do read them.
My achievements
CISM (Certified Information Security Manager), CFE (Certified Fraud Examiner), CFAP (Certified Forensic Accounting Professional), CAME (Certified Anti-Money Laundering Expert), LA ISO27001 (Lead Auditor), ABRCCI (Associate of Business Resiliency Certificate Consortium International)

• Designed methodology for implementing Information Security Management System (ISMS) leading to ISO27001 certification. Successfully lead the team of information security consultants for ISMS implementation at Premier Stock Exchange in India, Apex Bank in India and Securities Depositories in India.
• Played a key role in spearheading a complex implementation of Information Security for a leading MNC in India involving complete program management across 79 locations located in 36 countries and spanning across 3 continents.
- Deftly executed the project with schedule timeframe in-spite of several challenges like obtaining visa, getting flights, accommodation, human resource management, logistics etc
My role model
I don't really have anybody as the role model but my grand father who dedicated his entire career in 'teaching' (he was founder member of a school in Vasai) and even in the pre-independence era he never practiced nor advocated castism, racism etc. Another role model is my mother who brought-up four of us (me, my elder brother and 2 elder sisters) in all the difficult times and in-spite she had not completed school education she ensured all the 'good practices' are imbibed in us.
Important decision
Moving out of the job when the senior management was not ready to respect my skills, competencies etc., Trying to contribute to society by working with a local co-op bank as an elected director

Personal: Choosing the right life partner, discussing almost every decisions with my wife before moving ahead, and together we agreed on educating both daughters in our mother-tounge (Marathi) till 10th standard
Important lesson learned
Always you need to look at any incident, event, situation from all possibly angles before moving forward or taking any decisions, always try to be polite, try to control your emotions especially anger as it could lead to break any relationship
Brief description about me
• Talented and profit driven Information Security Professional with an eventful career of over two decades in Information Systems including 10+ Years in Information Security; continued career progression and documented history of bridging Technical and Managerial acumen in implementing Information Security Management Systems, Security Risk and Governance Advisory Services in various industry sectors.
• Demonstrated capability in end-to-end project management, business & service delivery, strategic management, client servicing and relationship management.
• Conceptualized new service lines and project delivery methodologies including resource requirements, delivery model, costing and projected revenues.
• Certified Information Security Manager (CISM), Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE), Certified Forensic Accounting Professional (CFAP), CAME (Certified Anti-Money Laundering Expert), ABRCCI (Associate of Business Resiliency Certificate Consortium International) and Certified Lead Auditor fo
Influenced by
Shivaji maharaj and every freedom fighter of India has influenced me because of their courage, confidence, thought process, leadership qualities and all other qualities and the way they practiced their values in real-life.
Thoughts on Education system of our country
The education system definitely need to change as the current system do not really make a person 'educated' - is more oriented over making an individual 'trained' and not educated. It does not allow the students to apply their mind and also fails to develop any entrepreneurial qualities in the student. Apart from education system, all the parents also should ensure that the basic education to their children should be done in their native language so that they can understand it much much better.
Initiative to develop a country
Every professional should try and give something back to the society, community and should try to contribute in the best possible way to the 'education system' too otherwise just by suggesting changes is not enough if we don't play our part in implementation
Qualities needed to become a successful leader
There are so many books, articles, journals available across globe which talk about the qualities of a successful leader so I don't really think I could add much to this. But definitely the person should be always 'balanced in his / her decision' when he / she is at the leadership position and want to be successful in that position
My strongest skill
Similar to earlier question, there are number of places you will find these written, advocated, published etc. Each professional need to develop the core skills required for his / her specialty area and the person should be a '360 degree' thinker.
More about myself
I am trying to contribute to the society by advising our local co-op bank on Information Technology but still have not got a real opportunity to do something in the 'education system' and am eagerly waiting for that kind of opportunity.
My family background
As of date I have 4 family members including me, my wife and two daughters. My wife was brilliant student in her college career and have won number medals in debate, elocution etc. She is the one who is contributing immensely to ensure our daughters become the 'good citizens'. My elder daughter is studying in 12th Science now and younger daughter in 5th standard.
Couple of years from now
If all the plans work out properly then looking forward to be 'known as thorough professional with best possible contribution to the society'. Planned to do something 'good' in educational system if the opportunity comes up to contribute.
Degree that I recommend
I am currently pursuing Executive MBA (is part of enriching my knowledge-base and at the same time trying to achieve a good credential). If everything moves forward smoothly then planned to look for PhD.
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