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Anand Kumar Sonkamble
Anand Kumar Sonkamble

Anand Kumar Sonkamble

Director Technical

Cira Renewable Technologies Pvt Led

My strongest skill
Fast learner, Positive thinking, decision making, Leadership, Pro-active in nature, Team work, I never wear Ego cap, Good listner, Negotiator, Communicator, Keep good coordination with every individual & keep update myself with current technology & information.
My role model
I have no Role model, I follow myself. I always act according to the situation. I have my own style of handling the situation. Success inspires me & I belive it comes through excellence.
Thoughts on Education system of our country
I am not happy with the educational system of India, it is quit complicated, there is no focus & goal oriented program. 60% to 70% of the education may not be useful in their professional life. Education should make an individual productive from day one onwards, rather spending initial long time for learning, understanding the industry & its process.

Accrdingly to me The following measures can help in improving the education quality:

1) Analysis interest & ability of an individual

2) Emphasis more on educating basic

3) Focus & Goal oriented Curriculum

4) Specialization

5) Theoretical & Practical interpretation of each concept

6) There should not be a gap between skill required for the Job & Curriculum
Influenced by
My Father, he always used to tell me right from my childhood, " You should be atleast one step ahead of me " This statement influenced me a lot, it always motivated me to work more & more.

He is a driver by profession and tought me how to drive professionally & personally life.
Initiative to develop a country
Professional don't have to do any thing for the development of the nataion, they just have do their job, No Manupulations.
Important decision
Decision to become an Engineer at a very early age of my life.
Ensuring success
Learning, Upgrading, Developing Network, Welcoming critics & do analysis on critics & eliminate them. Take calculated risk & move on.
Qualities needed to become a successful leader
1) Know the goal

2) Interpret the Goal clearly

3) I Take responsibility for all failure & success

4) Able to motivate the team

5) Direct the team as per the plan

6) Always need to know basics of the job

7) Keep updating with all the information

8) Need to have helicaptoric view of the entire scenario
Couple of years from now
Taking my company to 100 to 500 Cr turn-over company, where I want to give remarkable contribution.
Important lesson learned
I Never say no to any work, when you dont have work

When I have work, work as a beginner, with same zeal & Enthusiasm.
My family background
Father: Driver by profession />
Mother: Home maker,

Sister: Teacher

Sister: Student
Brief description about me
I am very friendly in nature, love to learn on feild rather working on books. I love to direct the team in order to achive a common goal. I love to do Gym & keep myself fit, watch movie every week-end which withdraw pressure build in week days.
Degree that I recommend
No Degrees/Certifications helps,

I recommend myself:

1) Skill
2) Speed
3) Scalablity
My achievements
Made my parents happy & That made feel proud
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