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Ask Amar Srivastava for Advice
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Amar Srivastava
Amar Srivastava

Amar Srivastava

Chief Engineer in Samsung

Samsung Research Institute


Amar Srivastava is a member of:

My corporate journey
Well, I have worked in variety of industries from consumer industry to automotive, industrial devices and have a proven record of designing & developing new products in the field of both hardware & software domain The journey has been rewarding as I have always done what I’m really passionate about. I won many awards and accolades (including Samsung Electronics - Most prestigious – Employee of the Year Award).I am also working as patent analyst in the Patent Committee and hold several national & international patents. I published and presented several research paper in the field of Graphics, virtualization, file systems etc and serving IEEE as a Technical reviewer also.
My role
I am working as a Chief engineer and leading projects currently. My Major job responsibility is to design innovative products and provide mentorship to juniors. Also contributing as a Patent analyst.
Choosing between money and job satisfaction
Well job satisfaction for sure, as passion is something that’s keep me going. I mean, I can’t help if my DNA has been designed like that, Moreover i earn enough to have a bread with enough of butter on it.
Area of specialization
Embedded industry is working at rapid speed and an average age of newly launched embedded products is continuous declining from consumer electronics to automotive, from military/aerospace to medical electronics everywhere we can see extensive usage of embedded devices. Smart embedded devices equipped with latest technologies and working as a multifunction devices will govern future market.
My rewards
Although I feel my biggest achievements are still ahead of me, but i am proud of designing some of the world first & World best products successfully as a team leader. I am Six Sigma Green belt certified , Patent holder and patent analyst , and serving IEEE as a potential reviewer also. Recently In LinkedIn, my profile has come in top 5% most viewed profile worldwide.
After few years
I see myself taking on new and exciting challenges in an enjoyable environment and taking Samsung India to new heights.
My Important role
We were working on very complicated product design and got stuck somewhere , we tried to Take Microsoft USA DDK team help but they said it is not feasible to have such design then I took an initiative , spend many sleepless nights and finally developed product prototype design with my colleague. We were the first one in world to come out with such unique product design.
My advice
Focus on the difficulty level of work you are going to do, not just on package. its better to try difficult job, learn and get failed rather than doing comfort zone job always and not stretching yourself up to your full capacity.
My family background
I belong to Lucknow, place known for its culture. My father was a Civil Engineer from Roorkee,(Now IIT Roorkee) served as an Executive Engineer in State Govt and mother was a religious housewife. My uncle is a doctor and Retired as a Director- UP Health Department. My Brother is working in “NTPC”, Maharatna company as a Team leader. He is a profound speaker in various quality circle forums and also won many awards at national and international level including a GOLD medal Award at "International convention on quality control circle 2007" held in Beijing China .My only Nephew is a meritorious student, and was in TOP 10 meritorious students list in CBSE 12th board. Due to his excellent academic profile, he has been selected by govt of India to represent India in Indo-Japanese student exchange program. By God Grace we all are well settled and excelling in our respective field.
My recommendation
I would recommend technical papers, universities latest researches. Also keep an eye on open source program sites like microsoft codeplex, linux journals, programmers manual/specification., microchip references,, etc are the websites i usually checkout.
Scope of embedded systems
In future, we will see magical embedded devices like embedded devices controlled by thought(Brain Machine Interfaces), wireless charging your running car on highway, self destructible nano-robots going inside body and repairing cells or controlling things by gesture using technologies like Leap Motion, providing a spatial precision as low as 0.01 mm. Embedded technology future looks damn good to me.
My role model
I had several role models in my life. One of my favorite is Thomas Elva Edison, a passionate brute experimenter, still in world top 5 highest individual patent holder even after 100 years, a successful entrepreneur and a master business strategist, all without any formal education. I learned a lot from all, but in the end i do what i feel as right rather than following their footsteps blindly. Every tried? Ever failed? No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.
My view on India Technical development
Well we need to focus on invention & research from school level onwards. we must promote open innovation center where students have a liberty to solve daily life problems by using technology they learn and file more patent applications. In 2011, only 42000 patent applications in India has been filed against 5 lakh from China. Now onwards we need to work on innovation aggressively. Rather than solely testing student memory and grasping power in close book examinations based on old pattern predefined sets of questions, we must ask and encourage students to apply their freshly acquired knowledge to create new products and in solving existing society issues. Also, we must provide good environment to retain talent in our country as people find attractive options outside India. Indian companies have to spend more on upcoming research to match up foreign research and bring quality products.
Certifications recommended
Well actually there are lot of good certification programs like udacity, started by Sebastian Thrun, Coursera by stanford & princeton and recently my friend Ms. Sramana Mitra told me about EdX. These collaborations offer free as well as paid programs on variety of subjects like AI, Machine learning, Robotics, OS certification, RTOs etc. I would also recommend free video lectures by MIT websites and other universities websites.
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