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Akash Swami
Akash Swami

Akash Swami



Brief description about me
I am a college student doing my bachelors in Computer Science Engineering.   I love to solve challenges, expose to new experiences,  which lead me to become a freelance Web designer , creating websites for customers till now.

Important decision
Becoming a freelancer is one of the best career decision I have taken till now. It gives me a broader field to work in and also allows me to gain a lot of knowledge of the working of business in IT sector.

Degree that I recommend
I consider one starting with a bachelor degree in Computer Science Engineering will pave the way for his career as a freelancer. One can get introduced to a lot of aspects like Programming, Graphics Designing, etc from which he can choose his field and may even do a specialization course in that. Having a degree or certification will certainly increase the chances of getting an order as a freelancer and also helps the customer to believe in his abilities.

My view
To get fresh ideas and new talents should be a prime reason for a company to hire a fresher. I think they become the drive that pushes the company to greater heights , when they are guided by the experienced personnel. They have the flexibility and speed to deliver their services in a company when they have good leadership to lead them.

Strongest skills
My strongest skills would be taking constructive criticism with a positive approach and  the ability to deliver quality service in a flexible yet productive manner.

My role model
I learn from all successful people, but my favorite role model would be Dhirubhai Ambani of the Reliance group. He rose from nothing to become a huge business tycoon in India. I admire his style of business which included many smart moves to become a big player in his field of business.

Upcoming Trends
Latest technology such as HTML 5 and the rise of popularity among masses for mobile devices will certainly play a huge role in the coming years. There is a huge demand for designing mobile websites in my field which caters to the customers visiting the site through mobile browsers.

My goal
My goal is to diversify my business from Web designing into App programming for Android and IOS devices and security services for online assets of companies such as websites and databases.

family background
My father is a professor at a Deemed University at Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu . My mother is a home maker. I have an elder sister who is currently working  as Sr.Executive at Wipro.

Advice of elders
“Quality work at the best price” stuck with me throughout my journey so far.

My achievements
Starting and running a freelance business successfully at this age (Hey ,I am still a college student) seems to be a good achievement for me , because I have no prior experience or guidance in this field. The whole process of client relationship has been a very exciting and interesting for me and I would say that I am learning new things in this business world, every day.

Advice to students
Choose the career which you have interest in and not from others choices. If you chose your job by your own wish, I am sure you will shine in that field for a long time.

My point of view
From my viewpoint as a student, the problem lies in the root of Indian education. We are taught so much in theory knowledge without having any or very little practical knowledge of the same. Our examination tests only on the book knowledge that the students have studied and not the real understanding of the same. Hence over time , we lose that creativity to think beyond the syllabus and hence we don’t develop anything . But I do believe that we Indians have the capability in us to create products that can overshadow all its competitors if we can remove all the bottle-necks in our system.

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