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Harish Nayak
Harish Nayak

Harish Nayak

Analyst at Accenture



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HR Challenges:
From my point of view HR is very challenging task. Managing people,capabilities,monitoring,forecasting are some of the unique features where in HR is involved.As changes take place in the business environment HR should have a capable design model to cater in the change business.This would help the business transitions go smooth and also help the business activities to have a better leverage.Strategies should be very flexible considering the global scenario and other factors which would help in better planning of Human Resource. HR Planning should always have a focused approach towards demand and supply ratio.
Parting Thoughts
Have spent about 5 years in the ITES industry.Prior to this had a small start-up into event industry during college days for almost 3 yrs.Its been a fantastic journey and good learning which has shown me ups and downs to cater to the industry needs.Every year its been a challenging and the learning curve is at a high level.In today's environment i see that building a difference in showcasing the talent and being different would help in gaining career growth.One should obtain entrepreneur skills in order to create and innovate the way thinking is connected and bring innovation to limelight.I see in today's corporate environment people are talented but not upgraded with skills.There is a huge difference in supply of human power vs the required.Having a right employee at the right place for the given job is quite a challenging task.I think each company has to encourage more training program in order to up skill the talent pool.
Current HR Trends:
I think lot of new trends and approaches are being formulated in today's HR world.This has to be driven in order to have right passion of work culture.Basically this would reflect day to day operations and also help in better understanding.I believe that HR trends help in upbringing of an organization and make sure it would reach its goals and objectives.This would also help to put up a better ecosystem in place where in an organization participates to balance business and its people culture.
Pain Points:
HR professionals spend 10-40% of their time in meetings and the rest in dealing with strategic issues, such as lowering turnover, improving the recruitment process, or reviewing programs from a cost perspective.HR today faces lots of challenges to improve the quality and run accordingly to the demand required.Every challenge faced has more challenges added to it.This involves lot of pain areas where in lot of brain storming and strategies are required.They have to bridge gap between the demand and supply.
Identifying and Promoting New Leaders:
I think leadership is a combination of different characters which makes one a natural leader.They possess entrepreneurial skills and capabilities to handle different situations.In today's competitive business environment i see that there is lot of challenges to have a good leadership.This is because of lack of qualities and training.Good leaders are always good listeners.They would have better decision making capabilities and they influence others to have positive energy which makes the complete ecosystem energize.Decision-making is part of leadership. Leaders don’t spend a lot of time pondering issues; they make a decision and get on with it. Their role is moving forward, and standing still while conducting internal debates is not something they tolerate in themselves.Leaders take willingness to take responsibilities further.. A good leader is respected for those qualities of leadership that are recognized by those he or she leads.
Improving Education system
My point of view is to have a change in the education system in India with more flexiable options unlike the west. This would give an opportunity to each individual to know better their strengths and weakness.This would help each of them to find their own interest and move towards their goals.This would also help in developing a better ecosystem and drive more passion on what one needs. I think a change would help in implementing better India and help each one to develop Entrepreneur skills which would in-turn reflect India's growth story.I see there is a lot gap between the education given and the skills required by the industry.I think as per the research done last year shows that there is a huge gap.I think corporates as a CSR approach should have training program with B-Schools and colleges to bridge the gap.This makes a stronger ability to have a better human power and enhance the growth of the indusrty.I believe this would give a better insight and empowerment.
Qualities that we Look For While Hiring:
From my point of view i think its extremely important to have competitive qualities while hiring people.

2)Creativity and Risk-Taking

The above are important factors when you hire people.
Recommended Reading
Websites- Silicon India.
Books-Who moved the cheese-Dr Spencer Johnson
Magazines-Business today,Retail India,Forbes,Harvard Business Review.
Helping to develop the country
I think young India should come up with a participative approach and take forward the country.This would help India to grow and develop. Few important elements like Education system,Health system,infrastructure should be the main priority to focus on.The entire country ecosystem should be revisited and bring about changes in law and order which would help in bring more ideas.India should encourage more entrepreneurs which would contribute to the GDP growth and enhance the productivity of the country in terms of imports and exports and enhance domestic market.I am sure CSR approach with corporates should be encouraged and given importance to build better India.
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