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Ask Aditya Barigali for Advice
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Aditya Barigali
Aditya Barigali

Aditya Barigali

Assistant Professor and VitreoRetinal surgeon

Aravind Eye Hospital

Important decision
Deciding to do Ophthalmology, Deciding to stick with a tougher course [DNB] , trying to finish it, submit a thesis without any manipulations, develop a sense of teamwork no matter how diverse the workforce is, and lastly maintaining a personal relationship with each of the team.
My achievements
my Diploma in Ophthalmology, my close relationship to some of the field's finest teachers and surgeons.

my surgical technique and my flair for research and teaching
Brief description about me
An Ophthalmologist, by profession following news related to innovations on the personal and professional front.
My role model
we find inspirational qualities in role models;

so pointing out one out of many would be a grave injustice.
Influenced by
that would have to be my parents and early friends. the only ones who will see through my successes and point out deficiencies and improve me further. they are also my support system when i m faced with failure or stress..
My strongest skill
flexibility, amiability and thinking out of the box. my close relationship with people from diverse fields for eg: scientists in the genetics lab and the finance manager; puts me on a vantage point to explain each others situation better to the other in their own words .. helping to draw the team ever closer and towards one common goal
Degree that I recommend
MBBS from a reputed college/ Govt college,
an interest in science and to some extent some art.. [to beat the stress]
Masters in ophthalmology and a definite stint in anterior segment surgical training.
Qualities needed to become a successful leader
tolerance, knowledge [beyond one's scientific/professional fields], faith; in the team, curiosity to innovate..

best summed up by the saying:
The skillful employer of men will employ the wise man, the brave man, the covetous man, and the stupid man. - Sun Tzu
Thoughts on Education system of our country
education system in India: it could easily run into a rant or treatise of some merit . yet some of the core beliefs that i have come to hold :

1. what they teach you in school is useful if you know how to use it later in life, better still ; remember it [not just getting your child's homework done]

2. the whole weight of the system is skewed towards factual knowledge and not aptitude/ interest.

3. industry driven demands are polarizing the incomes across fields making some seemingly less important services/luxuries 'lucrative'and some essential services 'non remunerative'.

4. abnormal reliance on the corporate system/ enterprise has led to deterioration in specialist-client relationships in the service based industry like healthcare, hospitality.

the measures to be taken : aptitude/interest based entry into fields.
Initiative to develop a country
They can perform a periodic SWOT analysis and share their strengths with others in their field, each has to work towards innovating and resolving a weakness/redundancy, and inspiration can not only come from within the same field but some others too.

professionals need to groom their juniors to take up responsibilities and excel in their current level as the seniors move on to higher levels.
My family background
Single child of a nuclear family, brought up in Bangalore nearly entirely. not having lost touch with my agricultural ancestors helps me to contrast between the luxuries and problems encountered by the people in each situation
Couple of years from now
academic/surgical training head of an ophthalmic institute with a good patient and student load.
Important lesson learned
Be open to changes [unexpected ones too] and remain curious and optimistic.
Ensuring success
remain curious and have fun with those with me both professionally and personally..
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