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Adhir Baran Chattopadhyay
Adhir Baran Chattopadhyay

Adhir Baran Chattopadhyay

Associate Professor


Most Rewarding Moment
Once, one of my final year students of Electrical and Electronics Engineering discipline (in BITS,Pilani-Dubai)became so much impressed during my lecture class that at the end of the class , he told in front of other students that in near future he would set up one Consultancy Company and he would appoint me as an Engineering Consultant in his future organization . This is my most rewarding teaching experience because the student wants to face future technical challenge with the help of my guidance and technical knowledge.
Future of Indian Education System
Due to large influx of Computers , positive change which is going to happen is that time of computation for solution of complicatedresearch/industrial problems will be minimized to a very good extent. On the other hand , the negative effect( due to large influx of Computers), in my opinion may be that CLASSICAL KNOWLEDGE OF STUDENTS ON SCIENTIFIC/ENGINEERING TOPICS WILL BE MORE SUPERFICIAL.
My Advice
My advice/suggestions are that superficial knowledge , in the field of academics does not help in the long term ( may help in the short term). So, it is better to maintain perfection and accuracy in academic works(i.e., teaching and research)after gaining a deep knowledge ( as much as possible) in the particular area of teaching/research.
Strongest Subject
Electromagnetic Field Theory is my strongest subject (in teaching/research) because I have been inclined too much from my childhood to the subject ,"Mathematics" which is a major part of "Electromagnetic Field Theory".
My inspiring personality
Actually I obey two Roll Models, as follows:
(1) My father because he showed me how to analyze a mathematical problem ,going into the depth of the problem
(2) Prof. S.N.Bose (whose name is associated with world famous concept of Physics "BOSE-EINSTEIN STATISTICS")because he used to believe,"simple living and high thinking", even though his great mathematical skill is well known.
Outlook about increase students’ participation
(1)Students may teach the poor children( students of school) in their free time-slots
(2)Students can go to village and semi-town areas of India can convince the people about negative effects of " DOWRY SYSTEM" , in relation to marriage system in society.
Family Background
My father (expired) was a clerk in "Posts and Telegraph ", India. My mother (expired) was a housewife with minimum level of educational background. I have three elder brothers and three elder sisters and one younger sister . All are settled in their lives and most of them are post-graduates (in Physics, Chemistry and Sanskrit).
Outlook about way to raise quality education
(1)At the level of Primary education more concentration should be given to the development of practical ideas within the mindset of the children of the Primary Schools.
(2) Only selective few students should be allowed to take admission into post-graduate courses. This is one of the steps to increase the quality of higher education in India.
About Me
(1) My highest degree is Ph.d in Electrical Engg., from Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur , India( 1998)
(2) Total teaching experience(till date)---28 yrs. 4 months;(a)In N.I.T, Jamshedpur,India---21yrs. 3 months (b) Rest period--- in BITS,Pilani-Dubai/U.A.E
(3)Subjects of teaching: Electrical Engineering discipline; (a) Electrical Machines (b) Electrical Drives (c) Power System-1 (d) Advanced Power Systems (e) Control Systems (f) Power Electronics (g) Signals and Systems
Unique way of teaching
(1) As far as possible, physical models of the scientific/engineering ideas/phenomena should be developed and it should be demonstrated in the class room.
(2) In the evaluation system of an academic process, oral test/ examination ( similar to professional interview system) should be arranged more frequently than the written tests such that the physical concepts of the students become more clear.
Favorite Non-Academic books
(1) I have read the novel, "OTHELO", written by W.Shakespeare and it has taught me what is meant by purity of love/romance
(2)I often read the Bengali poems written by the great poet, Rabindra Nath Tagore and I have been inspired due to the various concepts of that poet in relation to love/romance, worship to God. natural beauty of India, patriotism etc.
My priorities
Firstly I assign some work value to each work in my daily life. I give top priority to that work which has largest work value at that time instant and in that particular situation.
Most Challenges facing by students
To get a job in India after passing graduate or post-graduate examination in any subject is the biggest challenge faced by the students.
Way to motivate Students
I generally throw the subject concepts before the students from very fundamental aspect.I also become very cautious to coordinate between the theoretical/mathematical concepts and the physical concepts/experimental set-up.
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