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Abida Aneez
Abida Aneez

Abida Aneez

Head HR

CDOT Alcatel Lucent Research Centre


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Qualities that we Look For While Hiring:
For any HR irrespective of their industries, hiring the right people for the right job / role and retaining them is always a biggest pain point for decades.
Relationship with HR and Top Management
Being able to communicate with employees is the key to managing people well!  Whether it is motivating employee / performance issues / behavioral issues/ disciplinary situations a timely and effective communication is important.

Employee counseling is an art, it would help people identify the causes of work-related problems, such as poor performance.

There are many reasons why counseling an employee can benefit both parties.
Some suggestions for effective employee counseling:

  • Advise the employee the specifics of the behaviour and how the behaviour is affecting their work/ others.

  • Be specific and compare current performance to expected performance or behaviour. Give examples.

  • Avoid comparing the employee with other employees.

  • Show empathy – explain your understanding of the situation.

  • Be a positive listener – let the employee know your understanding of the situation.
Identifying and Promoting New Leaders:
There are several parameters we take in to consideration for succession planning.  Beside their technical capabilities,  we assess their management skills, client-relationship (internal/external), values - behavioral assessment etc…. and recommend them for Next Level.
Recommended Reading
BUSINESS MANAGER Human Resources Blog
HR Strategies In Place
a)    Continues Learning and Development - ‘growing our own talent’ with well structured internal training programme
b)    Leadership Development - Develop leaders and managers to coach and develop the employees, using this as a performance measure of high quality leadership.
c)     10% - 20% campus hiring (off & on campus) every year, in order to fulfill the need of new manpower. Groom them with well tailored Technical induction and assessment
d)    Innovation - Encourage patents submission through periodic patent workshops. publication of white papers & research work;
e)    drive and ensure competent, transparent & consistent KPI evaluation method across organization emphasizing to Performance related reward system
f)     implemented value driven performance culture by continuously driving the value activities and linking the values in KPI
Helping to develop the country
Rather than going behind onsite jobs / work in foreign countries,  they should focus work in a professional R&D companies in India and put their efforts to come up with any inventions or patents. This would definitely helpful to develop our country to become a leader in technology.
My achievements
a)    Setting up HR department and policies in Entys from the scratch - Key member in building the team from 10 to 300: Spearheaded the entire HR and Administrative aspects of the organization by coordinating Indian, U.S.A and U.K offices. Contributed for the efficient and effective operation of the HR team, as a business support system across the Organization.

b)    Successfully handled partial lay off of senior level and middle level during organizational restructuring at Rising

c)     Internally developed and done 360 Feedback survey for L3 & L4 level Managers at present Organization. Independently managed the coaching session for 27 employees

d)    Able to implement value driven performance culture in current Organization
Improving Education system
Our education system in India is highly conservative and does not identify and bring out the students potential.

Good quality high school education is not available to a majority of India's youth. Unhealthy Competition and the Focus on Numbers is more during School education period.  Rather than in syllabus, teacher needs to promote students creativity and innovative mind.

 In professional colleges, more focus has to be given in practical knowledge by giving students more real time work opportunity / workshops model.   It takes minimum 6-8 months for us to induct a fresher even though he/ she is from Tier 1 colleges.  Final 2 semesters syllabus should be more jobs relevant to the students to make them ready for companies.

 It would be good to allow students to choose their area of specialization right from high school level
Being different from other stream
People are the major asset of every company.  HR plays a catalyst role in an organization to build and nourish this asset right from talent acquisition to talent management.  Compare to other professional stream, a combination of different competencies required for a good HR:

  • Confidentiality

  • compassion and empathy

  • influencing skills

  • Industrial law knowledge

  • conflict resolution

  • Resources planning organizational design etc
Advice to upcoming professionals
Love and enjoy what you do.  Have a positive attitude, work well as a teammate, bring and spread positive energy in your work place. Do not limit your potential. Take more responsibility. Seek out areas where you can take on extra work, develop new ideas that add value to other team members and to the organization.
Attract good people, Retain Better Performers and Advance the Best:
1)Meaningful work
2)Good pay
4)Pride in where they work and what they do
5)A sense of community and belonging
6)The opportunity to make a difference
 7)We motivate the better performers by giving them more challenging opportunities and empower them to take additional responsibilities to give their best and timely recognition (monetary / non-monetary) for the same.  We also, make sure to acknowledge them by frequent communication by their Managers and Senior Management team.
Leadership Programs in Place:
Leadership development is a continued process. We had an extensive Leadership Development Program done through People Craft for all Team Leads and above level.  Mr. Shiva Bhanu was the Leadership coach for all and this program was spread out for a period of 3 months.  This indeed was helpful to many to get an insight of their Leadeship style and their areas of improvement.  We continue giving some online People Manager Sessions through ALU University to continue develop our Mid-Senior Managers.
HR Challenges:
Every strategy will encounter some measure of resistance, even when it’s been unanimously agreed that change is imperative; and the more dramatic the change in strategy, of course, the more struggle there will be.  Generally, there are five basic causes are there for strategy implementation failure, and from these causes stem ten or so foreseeable hurdles that HR management must overcome. The core causes and their related issues are as follows:(Can we use may be instead of are as follows)

The core challenges in ever changing business are as follows:

  • Coordination and Concurrence within Management Team

  • Obtain the buy in from all employees

  • Strategy Change adaptation within larger as well as smaller teams

  • Collaboration between different operating and functional areas

  • Measure the progress
Always Look at the big-picture business problems, not just HR bustle. Gauge HR in terms of business results. Buddy up with the top line executives. Be obstinate in building alliances. Get savvy about business change and branch out for support.
Current Role
I am responsible for setting the strategic direction of the HR function and leading organization development initiatives for overall growth of CARC.  Managing all aspects of HR, including Talent Acquisition & Talent Management.Nurturing a strong and focused organization culture that emphasizes customers, quality and teamwork.
Upcoming trends in HR

  • Outsourcing of HR Functions: The Virtual HR Organization concept

  • The Healthy Workplace: Wellness, Work-Life Balance

  • The Diverse Workforce

  • HR Tools - HRIS/assessments/surveys etc etc…

  • Talent Management: Leadership Development

  • Talent management: Succession Planning

  • More importance to Corporate Values and Culture

  • Compliance Issues - more importance to Data privacy, NDA, anti-harassment policies etc..
Advice/Suggestions for Fellow HR professionals
Not for HR Leaders, may be for beginners, I would like to advice that :

As I mentioned earlier, the role of HR in any organization is that of a "catalyst" or a "facilitator". By definition and by nature it is NOT a line function anyway! The HR person is essentially a "people person". For a good HR person, organizational perspectives are a must. These perspectives form the context in which to examine and resolve a people issue is the basic commitment.
Outlook about recruit & Retain Generation Y
Gen Y is driven by social networking and viral word-of-mouth.  Hence for Recruitment,  such professional sites (for eg: Linkedin) or employee referral is more effective.   We cannot expect any loyalty or patience from Gen Y.  They are more ambitious for fast growth, earn more money within short term period and look for more technology challenges.  They even take the risk of leaving job and go for higher studies to premier foreign universities for career advancement and never bother of taking higher education loan towards it!

For retention, these are the few things we work at our company:

  • Value driven activities to socialize with other teams

  • Create  a warm and friendly work environment

  • Work/Life balance

  • Giving them a voice to be heard and valued

  • Rewarding them for performance
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