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Aarthi G R
Aarthi G R

Aarthi G R

HRM Specialist

PlasmaGen Biosciences Pvt Ltd


Aarthi G R is a member of:

Current HR Trends:
Social media bug has bitten HR function as well. Engaging employees is most important as it is directly proportional to better productivity and retention. Using Gamification as a tool to engage the potential talent is rising.

Cloud technology, mobile apps, powerful social media interface has improved the quality of hires. Psychometric tests based on cloud help us to assess the emotional intelligence and business agility of the potential candidate in an effective way.

The need of the HR to understand the business is getting more and more critical.
Attract good people, Retain Better Performers and Advance the Best:
I belong to Gen Y and hence can relate better. Gen Y are better informed and well connected. They have the hunger to grow faster. They want their efforts to be recognized.

When we hire Gen Y, we look out for their ability to accommodate other team members. We assess their mental agility. We spend a lot of time to evaluate their emotional intelligence and understand their level of social maturity.

Gen Y’s are more open to diversify their roles. We need to engage them appropriately. When they understand the importance of their roles, they are able to align better with the system.

Creating quick and specific feedback systems is important. It may not be very feasible for them to wait for the yearly performance review and appraisal. We can keep them engaged by motivating them with constant feedback's and recognition.
Current job profile
I’m currently working for PlasmaGen Biosciences. PlasmaGen Biosciences is a Plasma products specialty delivery company, driven by its vision of advancing plasma products therapy in India and SAARC countries.

I head the HR and Admin functions; directly reporting to the C.E.O. Apart from Recruitment, Learning & Development, Performance Management, Statutory Compliance and General administration; I focus more on:

- Talent harvesting / Candidate Relationship Management
- Facilitating change and encouraging desired behaviors
- Relationship Management
- Synergizing Diversity
- Building Resilient Processes
- Providing Effusive feedback
- Streamlining operations
- Promoting career planning and development
- Building a high impact learning organization
- Retaining key employees and managing attrition
Advice to upcoming professionals

  • Agility is the need of the hour

  • Diversify your options

  • Own your responsibilities

  • Create opportunities

  • Update

  • Put in your best in whatever you do

  • Lead by example

  • Create your own brand
Identifying and Promoting New Leaders:
Being proactive and delivering in a highly volatile environment are key. They are open to feedback and change. They have appetite for challenge and are decision makes. They have good people skills and have the ability to empower others and help them deliver. They have strong conviction and FOCUS. These traits are identified in the process of performance evaluation. They are given developmental experiences specifically aimed at preparing them for unique and complex challenges.
HR Challenges:
When we are a part of an evolving business there is a lot of uncertainty and ambiguity. HR strategies set today, may seem irrelevant the next day. A rigid frame does not work. Agility is the need of the hour.

HR leaders have lot of accountability without the proportionate authority. Hence having foresight is critical. Foresight driven thinking, reflecting and decision making are vital in creating HR strategies.
HR Strategies In Place
Leading by execution is the key. We coach all the leaders to practice what they want their team to do. We have a coaching environment with emphasis on execution.

Integrity and respect make the cultural DNA. We have a very open learning environment which helps us to understand the business, gain cross domain knowledge and nurture good positive team spirit.
Improving Education system
Perception that HR hires, manages data and fires should change. The education system should orient students on the core important strategic roles of HR. They should nurture and develop the skill to handle people and complex situations. They should also emphasize on the importance of financial acumen ship for a HR professional.
Pain Points:

  • Setting the right tools for evaluating the performance of highly diverse work force

  • Aligning the multigenerational work force towards the vision

  • Organizations tend to gravitate towards the way of working of the person who runs the business.

  • Identifying and pruning the non-performers

  • Setting up effective and efficient recognition systems which have high value and lower cost.
Qualities that we Look For While Hiring:
We look out for: competence to ‘execute’ the defined job role, integrity, passion, accommodating peers, positive energy and resilience.
My achievements
I have always created opportunities for myself. I’m basically from a science background with no exposure to this domain. I started my career as a technical assistant. But when I foresaw that this position might extinct in near future, I made myself available for HR. I built this function grounds up doing whatever it took, to make it happen.

I understood that it is very important to understand the business and various functions if I really wanted to grow in HR. When there came up a vacancy to head the QMS as a Management Representative and face quality audits; I grabbed it. Again, I had neither prior training nor data. But I knew it is very important for me to take this up. This assignment gave me the authority and knowledge to understand and comprehend my role as HR better.

From then on I have learned to use any situation of crisis as my opportunity to make my signature impact.

My maternity leave was less than a month. I was never out of circulation. I don’t practice balancing work and family. Rather I just give my best to whatever I attend to.
My suggession for referance

1. The Oz Principle: Getting Results Through Individual and Organizational Accountability
Author:Roger Connors, Craig Hickman, Tom Smith

2. Global HR Competencies: Mastering Competitive Value from the Outside
Author:Wayne Brockbank, Dave Ulrich, Jon Younger, Mike Ulrich

3. Innovation as Usual : How to Help Your People Bring Great Ideas to Life
Author:Paddy Miller, Thomas Wedell‐Wedellsborg



My outlook to the effort of India to become a developed country
We live in a highly diversified environment where many ideologies and systems co-exist. We need to accommodate others. It starts with self. We need to first understand ourselves. Know our strengths and areas of concerns. Put in our best where ever we are and whatever we do. People will follow our example and not our advice.
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