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Ask Seetha Rama Raju Sanapala for Advice
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Advice Request
Seetha Rama Raju Sanapala
Seetha Rama Raju Sanapala

Seetha Rama Raju Sanapala

Senior Associate Professor

Engineering college

Most Rewarding Moment
To continue with the previous question, which got stopped due to character count:
"There are also the opposite kind of institutes interested only in education as a business, luring more and more students, making money. In the short run, it may work. But in the long term, I think they will fail because ultimately people can understand what is what.

I have also seen some institutes which have a mix of both. They want to propagate knowledge, they want to expand and they want to succeed. I am sure they would be a big hit in the future.

Now for this question,
I am doing my best to improve the education system and thus helping students learning better through reasoning and scientific thinking rather than by rote and memory. That gives me satisfaction. Some students understand my work.

I have published an article "Tragic and dangerous fall of standards in Indian Education and the immediate steps to resuscitate"at a National conference . This was very much appreciated
Outlook about increase students’ participation
I believe that science is the cure of all evils and problems in the country. What endears me in science is the pursuit of truth and openness. Science is vibrant and ever changing. Even Newton and Einstein are open to challenge. There is ultimate democracy (meritocracy) in science.

Students should be encouraged to question and reason things out. They should be put on the path of scientific thinking. Once this is done, every thing else falls into place.

A true scientist can not be corrupt because he knows that there is no use amassing wealth. Morals and culture too can be based on science.
My priorities
Obviously the priority order. But most of the time goes not as per the plan. I give time to walk-ins too. I do not know if I answered your question fully.
Future of Indian Education System
I worked as a scientist in DRDO from 1985 to 2001 and with Alcatel-Lucent from 2001 to 2011. I am into teaching from 2011. I am a father of two sons who are into dental surgery and engineering. Why I am telling this is just that my answers to this and other Qs would be based on my experience/background.

I think institutes with business sense and management with the knowledge of the field would succeed and dominate in future. To elaborate, I have seen great teachers and institutions dedicated to teaching and propagation of knowledge but with not much of desire to succeed as a business. They are great but they are satisfied with their service to the society within their limited resources. They are happy to be in a corner and in the sidelights. As such they would not come into the limelight any time. They would be respected by the people who come into touch with them. But that is all.
Favorite Non-Academic books
I read a lot, enjoy reading all kinds of books. So it is difficult to tell one. But what I always remember is a collection of poems written by a girl dying with cancer. Some of the poems were published in The Illustrated Weekly and I read them when I was in school but still I cannot forget them. The impact is self-explanatory.

After the famous book of Tagore
I wish and pray
Oh! Help me God
I so live that...
I live up to the name.

I know not
Thou and I
Shall part.
I know not
Where and how
We shall bid
It is hard to part
When we have been
Good friends.
You will miss me,
And sorry be.
Do bring
Old times to mind.
All the warmth,
All the love,
And all the tender thoughts,
That we shared.
And if perchance,
We do meet again,
Will you rekindle
My love again ?”
About Me
I am teaching engineering now after stints at DRDO and Alcatel-Lucent. I enjoy reading, listening to Telugu and Hindi film songs. I also love literature.

I studied in a Christian Missionary School in Visakhapatnam. I got a solid foundation there. I did my BE (ECE) from Andhra University in 1984 in first class with distinction. I did my ME from Osmania Univeristy.

I am teaching since 2011 the signal processing subjects.
My inspiring personality
First my mother. She is the epitome of perfection for all the reasons. Can’t list out all. I have never seen her doing a wrong thing or saying a wrong thing. If only I can live like her. I am not saying this because she is my mother. My feelings are always objective, they are not based on the relationship.

Second: my school headmaster. Very dedicated. He used to open the school for poor students in the night upto 10 PM so that they can come and read in the school even though he was a patient and used to undergo a surgery every year on a routine basis. For him nothing mattered other than the success of his pupils.
Unique way of teaching
There are several ways one can improve. But the most important thing I believe is that education should be taken more seriously. The casualness should go. Education scenario is dismal now. It has bottomed out. There is nothing further down it can go. It can only stay there or rise above if we try.

You can understand the scenario. Text books are being written with fatal errors – not spelling or grammatical errors – with wrong theorems, results and derivations. We should do something about stopping this
Most Challenges facing by students
Lack of good guidance. When I was a student, I had plenty of good text books with accurate information. Now text books are not good to put it in the mildest way. Even entrance exams are using wrong answer key. Situation is that bad. Most of the other problems are common to my generation and this generation. If no other help, we could just at least depend on the text books.
Outlook about way to raise quality education
Discourage publishing of text books by everyone. There should be control on this – kind of censorship.

Political appointments in education should stop.

Like in any field, transparency should be encouraged.

The person at the top of education folio should be selected based on the credentials not the connections.
Strongest Subject
Maths and signal processing. Who does not love math, music and magic?
Family Background
My father worked in the Railways that time in the South Eastern Railway. My mother is a housewife. My mother is inspiration to all of us – me and the siblings. To me, she is epitome perfection. My sister is the eldest of us all. She is married to a doctor who spent most of his working life in the UK. I have 2 elder brothers and one younger brother. First one is a doctor who did FRCS and settled in the UK. My second brother is with APSEB. My younger brother is with Visakhapatnam Steel Plant.
My Advice
Teaching is a noble and serious profession. Honesty, openness, knowledge is the hall mark of a good teacher. Have all this to get into teaching.
Important Lesson
Being good and well meaning is not enough. You should have the courage and be willing to fight for the right cause - whether for your good and for the good of the society. For every one good person, there would be several of the other kind. And they will want to go to the top and rule. You should not lie low, it is necessary for you to be at the top to influence.
Way to motivate Students
I do my best to keep abreast. I am fond of reading. Reading is not work for me, it is enjoyment.
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