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Sarbajit Das
Sarbajit Das

Sarbajit Das

Founder & CEO

Sun Dew Solutions


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Sarbajit Das's Advice

Dream Big to achieve Big

Dream Big to achieve Big. The path of entrepreneurship is never easy and the results never come showering on you quickly. You have to believe in yourself and your vision and be patient to get there slowly but consistently. Always have great respect for your team as they contribute a lot to make things happen. For a startup it is very important to retain your customers than acquiring new ones. 
Brief about company, offerings and foundation of the company
Sun Dew Solutions is a web development and IT consulting firm based at Kolkata. We have our overseas correspondences in Chicago, San Diego, Curacao and Spain. The core competency of Sun Dew Solutions is Custom Business Automation Application Development with a cluster free and user-friendly interface to work with. Further our services include Web Design & Development, Mobile Website and App development, E-commerce websites and Social Media Branding.  We also design, build, deploy, test and anage customized enterprise systems for our clients. Sun Dew Solutions was founded in 2004 but we started our operations with a bigger bang during late 2006, as prior that we worked more as freelancers to accumulate the funds needed to start as a professional service providing company.
Most critical decision
We are working with a lot of customers from USA, parts of Europe, Middle East, India and South East Asian countries. Some of them came by reference, some by word of mouth or through Google search they found us.The critical decision was to decide a plan / strategy to multiple the number of clients in these locations and grow our niche. I tried to identify the right person among my clients and offered them to be an offshore partner and work together. This helped me to convert their resources and contacts to my clients and slowly grow the business network.
Unique about my way of motivating troops
To treat everyone with dignity and equality, to understand their problems and standby them in time of necessity. To achieve confidence with your experience and deliver to your best potential.Always see failure as success as you learn not to repeat them in future. To run a start up you also need to identify the key strength of the people working with you, as everyone cannot deliver Excellency in the same direction. Just follow your instincts and the dots will get connected. Deliver appreciation to your team so that they also feel to be a part of the family - The Brand they are working for.
Three big lessons/ mistakes encountered while building company
I have always treated my failures as an opportunity to learn. So I see them more as a challenge and not mistake. Firstly I learned that what I deliver as a service others are there to cater those as well, there must be a differentiating factor which make you special as a vendor / service provider - The personal touch is always necessary.Secondly, Plan A always doesn't get you there with success, you must have Plan B to stay in the competition and deliver.Thirdly there was no defined marketing and financial stability planning. Now that we know what we need we are working on them strongly to convert our weaknesses to our strengths and broadening our domain.
Advice for fellow entrepreneurs
Dream Big to achieve Big. The path of entrepreneurship is never easy and the results never come showering on you quickly. You have to believe in yourself and your vision and be patient to get there slowly but consistently. Always have great respect for your team as they contribute a lot to make things happen. For a startup it is very important to retain your customers than acquiring new ones.
Different actions if I rebuild my company from scratch all over again
As a startup we have witnessed hard times and everyone has to face their share of challenges, starting from finances to management structure, right contacts and a good client base. Now to rebuild the organization one more time I would like to have worked out a detailed plan for existence and execution of ideas backed up by a reasonable funding so that we can pace up the growth rate in a shorter time interval and not repeating the mistakes of the past.
Risks involved in business and way of addressing
There are always risks involved in any business that you undertake and in IT industry has its own. The main challenge was to build a clientele as a complete new company and the risk to maintain them. But as they say honesty and hard work pays off, it really did. Sun Dew Solutions as a team have great faith in its people and we constantly work on addressing our risk factors and mitigate them with time and efficiency. We take pride of our technical capabilities and at the same time we ensure our clients that we work with them as a partner and not a service provider. It is very important to understand and identify the requirement of the customer rather than placing a price bid upfront.
Motivation and Drives factor
My thoughts, passion to perform and dreams to be BIG one day motivate me. To be an employer, your associates will be proud of and to be an organization any client will trust and have faith in. I believe if you work hard and work honestly you will get the returns some day. The initial steps are indeed difficult but unless you face the challenges you will never learn to combat them.
My thoughts related to entrepreneurship/ leadership and management
Be a true leader, take responsibility for your actions and deliver on time and have complete satisfaction in your own job. As a startup we often get confused with targets and achievements and what to do next to make the company rolling, so it is very important to have better clarity for your short term and long term goals, as they produce different results.
Some of the difficulties faced while building product/ solution
The phrase "Small Company". People who were capable helping you to give an opportunity turned down your approach saying you are too small to think about anything and that you should look to get some jobs for Rs. 3-5K only and make your living. Now as soon as we stated working and grew our reach the next one was funding, the company was always self funded and the money that we made initially was not enough to sustain a great team and deliver results. We had to compromise on pricing to get volume jobs and sustain somehow in the market. 2009 was very difficult as the market was dry and there was nothing promising for business, but Sun Dew Solutions never turned down any employment we worked hard but we worked together. Next big challenge was changing technology, we had to be on our toes to cope up with the requirements and changing trends of the market.
Best company I admire globally
Apple, for their innovation, far sight and vision.
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