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Ask Rahul Kosarwal for Advice
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Rahul Kosarwal
Rahul Kosarwal

Rahul Kosarwal

Chief Investigator & Executive Officer


The brand is all about you. It’s a reflection of your personal values that form the basis of your company’s principles. It’s your promise to the world. It’s what you stand for with regards to the product or services your company offers.  The brand must be genuine to you and your staff. Your brand will inform the type of customers you attract and your brand will attract employees that resonate with your company’s image in the market. If the brand is genuine, it will be pervasive and will naturally differentiate you from your competitors in a positive way. When you think of branding as a reflection of your own personal values distinguishing your company from the competition becomes easier. Your brand is the story that attracts customers to you, it drives customer service and it keeps your customers coming back to you when they have a need for your company’s product or service.
My company & Offerings
Oasis of Absolutely Ablooming Re-creativity for Success - Delivering the future to you. Come & explore the sparkling world of creativity with OAARs CORP (a multi-field firm). It's OAARs CORP where those wandering thoughts in the mind are brought in to "reality". With headquarter in India (Indore) OAARs CORP incorporated in year 2008, OAARs CORP provides superior IT services, serving both the domestic and international sectors. OAARs CORP brings a fresh and innovative approach to services. Our goal is to exceed the expectations of every client by offering outstanding customer service, increased flexibility, and greater value, thus optimizing system functionality and improving operation efficiency. Our associates are distinguished by their functional and technical expertise combined with their hands-on experience, thereby ensuring that our clients receive the most effective and professional service. OAARs CORP is a Product as well as Service based firm with core services classified in IT Services, Research & Development, Consultancy, Engineering & Science, Revitalization of e-waste, IT Infrastructure Services, Enterprise Solutions, Medical Technology Solutions, Business Intelligence, Performance Management etc.
OAARs CORP’s Mad Science R & D lab includes researches in area of Software Development/Information Technology, Telecommunication, Medical Technology, Food & Water Engineering, Gaming, Administration Products, Revitalization of waste, Security, Automobiles (fuel efficient) & designing, Bio-fuels, Aerospace, Renewable Sources of Energy, Construction (Earthquake resistant design) etc.
Facts File: Facts you should know about our services which will tell you why you should choose us.

1.Clients have complete control over the quality during the recruitment, training and process implementation stages.
2.65% cost reduction compared to onshore projects.
3.Structured quality processes for performance improvement and training.
4.Customized daily reports and analysis of performance according to the customer's needs.
5.We offers companies unrivaled flexibility in applications and processes that expose the right information, making more successful partners and happier customers
My Role
Started my career as an IT Professional & Consultant & worked for companies from United States, Canada, Australia, Singapore, India etc. Later, Co-founded OAARs CORP in 2008 and served as a CTO/CIO for 4 years & 3 months. From Q1 of 2013, I’m serving as a Chief Investigator & Executive Officer at OAARs CORP & OsC Labs (R & D Lab). Role and scope of responsibilities in an organization never shrinks, it always expands with the situation when organization grows, moreover it also provides the opportunity to learn more and take the idea’s to execution level. Business Strategies, Work plans, Research and Development Lab experiments are few key parts of my responsibilities. Through a strong team of Associates, Mentors and Advisors who have experience of more than a decade in IT as well as in Telecomm sector and 37 years in financial sector enrich and helps me to cover all the scope of my responsibilities in a OAARs CORP & OsC Labs.
Advice for new entries
You just need to be a good juggler in prioritizing your business & university studies (but don’t forget about your health). Best advice I can give is to start young, fail quickly & learn seriously. There are always going to be problems along the way and you need that for the learning curve, but if you take the risks when you are younger, by the time you’re twenty-five or thirty you’re going to be in a much better position than other people the same age as you, still waiting to make mistakes to learn from.
Family Background
Being born into a family that has always encouraged utilizing to the fullest extent our inherent gifts, I’ve excelled in every venture I’ve undertaken. I’ve adopted my parent’s standards of how to conduct yourself in life, to be disciplined, persistent in your pursuits and above all to work hard at everything you.
My growth & success is a cordial gratitude to my parents Mr. O.P. Kosarwal and Mrs. Anita Kosarwal who were powerful role models and to my elder brother Mr. Anshul Kosarwal who always stood as a backbone and as a guide for me in every aspects of life & fueled me to delve into my area of interest.
Hardcore and online sales
Theoretically, it’s easy to differentiate both the sales process depending upon the type of product & needs, however it’s tough to admit which one is better because both the sales process bears equal weight-age and both the process has its own pros & cons.
Outlook about India to be developed Country
It looks as if India is more self-confident now than ever before, with an increasing number of foreign businesses deciding to make India their outsourcing hub. Professionals need to focus on the points which are the big drag on the process of development is the general psyche of the masses. We still are deeply entrenched in outdated approaches to problem solving. This is made worse by the following traits: The apathy of the educated class who have shown no sense of outrage at the appalling civic conditions surrounding them, Failure of the various Governments to vigorously enforce the laws on the unnecessary things & ignore the core parts which really needs attention and instill respect for laws, Widespread lack of education and exposure to methods of clean, orderly, disciplined living, The greediness of the corrupt politicians, who have made it an art to plunder the society and deny the benefits of development rightfully belonging to the common folk. Most current, important and serious issue relates with the “SAFETY” and development of the woman’s in India which needs to be addressed before hand.
Now is the time to start by transforming the public attitudes toward civic life. Otherwise, the benefits gained by expanding industry and technology will not reach the vast majority of the public. Professionals have to address these issues in order to gain the maximum from what they are doing to make their lives better.
Advice for Entrepreneurs
Be sure that you can survive the state of the market – both during recessions and times of prosperity booms. Economy is more than just revenue and expenses, so avoid a tight economy if possible, it will shine through when you talk to potential customers and can affect your sales negatively. Make sure to earn money to invest in your business and education rather than base it all on loaned money. Fail quickly as possible to optimize your business for better efficiency.
Faced challenges
Difficulties are the milestones to achieve the excellence through optimization. Our challenge was to be on the track with the changing, growing technologies & addressing the requirements of the clients by providing them with the efficient, reliable solution within the time-line. One of the biggest challenges is always balancing big, high-potential products & solutions against dozens of smaller ideas, quick fixes, and minor changes. We have regular meetings and schedule development sprints based on what is most important to the business in any given quarter, and based on what lines up against our goals and long-term plans. Developing products/solution takes careful thought and it is never finished. The heart of your products/solution in the consumer’s eyesis customer service. Your products/solution is rooted in your vision and in your priorities that inform the promise you make to your clients. It’s the delivery of a clear vision, based on your company’s unique capabilities and your primary values. It’s the character of your company. Successful product development depends on a clear articulation of the company’s.  It comes from clearly understanding how the company is distinguished from its competitors and knowing what your company is truly great at.
Way to reach potential Investors
Serial entrepreneurs & Venture Capitalist are most welcome if they are interested in working with us in any of the domain or particularly with the firms we’re engaged with. Feel free to get in touch for biz/financial-plan or collaboration. OAARs CORP has pre-set of policies & terms for the partners/alliance.
Culture of the Company
Growth of a company highly leans on the team members and further on the culture & policy on which company depends. Higher expectations encourage team members to pursue hard work & gain more knowledge by updating themselves by latest technologies & platforms. If job security, a higher standard of living & salary are not motivation enough to seek greater efficiency in results, then I would encourage team members to think for those 45 years of working life. Will they be filled with a challenging and rewarding career or will there be a compilation of dreaded Mondays and days watching the wrist watch?
Life and career can become much more successful by just concentrating your effort on building the most essential and general skills. These skills enable you to unleash much greater potential because they work around the most awesome asset - your mind power. Whether you are confident or doubtful of your real capability, the truth is, everybody has enormous resources within them waiting for the discovery and it can be discovered by education/knowledge, patience, hard-work/smart-work.
There are many ways to motivate the team members in order to achieve their potential and goal. Everyone has the capability, skills to reach their goal, however motivation is something most team member’s struggles with. There are few key points that we should keep in mind –
To motivate team members, help them to develop goals.
1)Positive feedback.
2)Rewards and Repercussions.
3)Motivate by example.
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