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Lakshminarayan Nariangadu

Lakshminarayan Nariangadu

Professor [Retired from Jun 2013]


Outlook about way to raise quality education
Our[Madras Christian College, Physics] students are very much there in a lot of places, both scientific and technological and mostly in lead positions! Value education has been a mandated course in our curriculum. This should be the enforced norm in all institutions in India. Given the stress in the current professional environment, which is driven by economic pressures and also societal trends a value system has to be structured. This would help our youth as they have clearly established that they are better than, or the best, in skills, training and achievements. A value education would go a long way in helping our youth to cope with situations.Also, they would mould a healthy society and strengthen our nation.
About Me
Have had the best of teachers - Don Bosco Matriculation school, Vivekananda College, Loyola College, Madras Christian College - and an opportunity to teach in one of the best Intitutions in the world. Our singular campus may only be compared with a few premier Intitutions in the world. Added to the lovely campus the ever present spiritual strength of the founding fathers is always there. The students evolve in such an ambience. Such a galaxy of students that MCC had given me a chance to be with. They taught me about myself and when I worked for them, they made me reach heights that I never even thought I was capable of. It has been a constant honing of my skills. It had become my wont to make my students think differently within the flexibility allowed in a college where liberal education was the mode.
Way to motivate Students
I may give myself a 68/100 as a teacher inspite of the fact that some of my students have told me that i have been one of their best teachers. In comparison to my own very many teachers i felt that my commitment was not of their level.Even if i could help my students solve certain problems, to my own satisfaction i would say that that a 40% of my classes were done well! I have always dicussed current topics and try to inspire them with anecdotes about our alumni who are/were world leaders in science.More particularly i had clearly stated and always managed to see that every one in my class has spoken to/discussed with me in class. Even the most silent introvert was forced to!
Outlook about increase students’ participation
Social studies and social ethics courses should be running parallel. Social work should be encouraged. More importantly everything under the sun should be debated about.
Most Challenges facing by students
Ample opportunities for employment exist for our students. Even our failed students get employed and complete their qualifying exams subsequently. Value education should be the most important course to help them cope with the societal trends and also to help them build a strong society- nation!
My priorities
It has been a personally damaging idea that academics and students were my priority rather than my own family life. Now, in retrospect i realise that i should have balanced the priorities better.
Future of Indian Education System
Some innovative courses directed to current and expected nature of applications will be needed. One, to make the curriculum relevant and hence attract student interest. Secondly, and more importantly equip the set of students with a preliminary introduction to societal demand. This would give them the scope to plan their career and also get into functional slots with some awareness.
Important Lesson
My teachers made me. I may have matched a 70% level of their commitment. Have always done my best given my own personal circumstances. So, the lesson is to do once best always. It may not be the comparable to a standard but the job of having done your best will be satisfying. Also, the students get a value education.
Most Rewarding Moment
Have helped a few students train themselves for competitive examinations. But, the best student who self trained and got into IIT and is doing well there also. She feels that i was the reason for her selection. But, i do know after our interactions during that period when i was trying to help her, that she got in because of her merit. Her merit, capability and hard work; and nothing else!"The power of instruction is seldom of much efficacy except in those happy dispositions where it is almost superfluous". GIBBONS
Strongest Subject
Electronics. It is in the genes and i have had the best of teachers there - My father, Prof. V.Kunju Variadh[Loyola] & Prof. B.M.Arthur[MCC}.
My inspiring personality
Prof. V.Balakrishnan[IIT-M], Prof. K.M. Karunakaran[my teacher at MCC]
The best of teachers but never could reach even a 5% level of their capabilities.
Unique way of teaching
More problem solving sessions[tutorials]. Field visits. Talks by experts on any relevant topic under the sun. It does not matter that the field be the most esoteric, that even you or any other faculty fail to understand even one bit! If it inspired one soul in the group of students the goal shall be achieved!
Favorite Non-Academic books
Calvin and Hobbes - thinking out of the box, thinking differently, extracting the philosophy to drive a relevant point. Great relaxation!!
My Advice
Let your training and knowledge be good enough for your having been selected. Commitment is the PRIME thing. It gives a message to you, your superiors, your Institution and most of all makes a value education [addition] to your students.
Family Background
Late Father, N.Goindarajan, was a self made man and felt and gave us the best wealth - a good education.Project based learning was unconsciously learnt from him.
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