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Hany Ebtehal
Hany Ebtehal

Hany Ebtehal


Hany Ebtehal -- International Sales and Marketing Consultant


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Achieving Targets
Close more deals sooner by:
- Helping your prospect calculate the cost of the status quo. Be sure to find out what their threshold for pain really is because decisions are made when people hit their threshold.
- Sales tools drive behavior patterns. If you provide your sales force with the right tools and training, you can drive a successful repeatable sales process.
- Going in to talk to someone the first time? God gave you two ears and one mouth, use them in that proportion.
Actually By My Charisma, Here's my definition: Charisma is the ability to positively influence others by connecting with them physically, emotionally and intellectually. Using my Charisma i can access my Growth in any Organization
Future prospect
If I could see everything on the next step, I might not go! That's why it has to be too frustrating to stay where i,m. If i,m happy with my average sales, i may not feel like trying harder. It takes courage to go somewhere i haven't been before, especially if i can't see that far.
Future trend
As i,mm always saying, Defining Goals Provides Direction.
Each day i,m working toward something, whether i realize it or not. If i have a plan, then i will find myself being much more effective with my decisions, my task management, and my overall time.
Recommended Courses and Certification
Through my research and personal experience I have learned that there are 10 common habits, traits and techniques the top sales and Marketing people use. These are the small things they do, the actions they take, the thoughts they think and the beliefs they have that create extraordinary results with any Certifications they hold.
- They control their mental and emotional state.
- They are prepared.
- They are good at prospecting.
- They manage their customer's state.
- They qualify their prospect.
- They have integrity.
- They create desire.
- They have a strategy for closing the sale.
- They get the customer to justify buying.
- They make the sale the beginning. This means they build friends and relationships, they get repeat business. They also get referrals to create new business.
Branding, Identify and Communicate my Organization's Most Important Goals, Setting my first compelling vision for a team is often a defining moment. Whether or not the vision is ever realized, the success or lessons learned will shape our current leadership. Since most employees have seen their share of visions from plenty of different leaders.
Role in an organization
International Sales and Marketing Consultant, Representative Factories, Companies and Investors, Helping them for doing a Highly Marketing and Sales for there Products and Projects.
Marketing, selling and service are not the same thing.
Marketing is generating a desire for my product or service.
Selling is converting that desire into transactions.
Service converts those transactions into satisfied clients.
Books, Newspapers and Websites, all about Needs and Resources
By raising their thinking to the level where they see the purpose of it all, They realize that the purpose of your business is to cause the other businesses you deal with to be better off because they know you, because they relate to you, because they connect with you.
You're in it together. Society advances, your business advances, your personal career advances based on the solutions you produce and the connections you sustain, Relationship and selling: they come as a package -- inseparable.
The desire to motivate someone has to come from within, It has to be a philosophy and never a tactic.
We all make a difference every day, one way or another. It takes the same amount of time to make a positive difference as it does to make a negative difference. It only takes a small act to turn someone's day from awful to awesome.
Marketing Is Not the Goal to change the entire world, but to change the world of those whose paths we cross.
- Marketing change the world of an employee who you encourage after a tough day.
- Marketing change the world of a customer whose problem you handle in a hassle-free manner.
- Marketing change the world of your boss by sending him a note of appreciation.
Importance of On line marketing
On Line Marketing With social networks is very Important for any Company, we can leverage the Internet to make connections and engage with peers, clients, prospects and partners all over the world that otherwise wouldn't have been available to you. And we can do it efficiently to reward reciprocal behavior, yielding you more prized contacts and connections. And that's a win for everyone.
Suggestions to aspirants
Get Inspired by Your Accomplishments, We believe that if you're in Marketing, you absolutely should have targets to go for. Setting good goals, setting goals that are motivating and inspirational, allows you to get up and be able to be your best, to be able to accomplish.
And when you accomplish things, you want to make sure that you reinforce that accomplishment so that you're inspired to go to the next level and reach the next goal.
Importance of Marketing
Consider How My Roles and Decisions Affect Others, It is not enough to think the truth, act the truth, and speak the truth, although to be able to do these in concert is to succeed in life. To be effective human beings, I also must consider the impact of My Roles and decisions on other people in my live. The ability to anticipate the probable effects of our decisions on other people's lives, as well as on our own life, is what I consider to be wisdom. When we honestly consider the well being of others, before we decide to profit ourselves, we become truly rich in the deepest sense.
Importance of STP
It,s very Important, Like Bridging the Gap Between "Is" and "Should",Is about being proactive towards what the business needs, getting out in front of the business instead of behind it. Market segmentation is a useful approach to organizing prospects or customers according to their common needs and wants.
Targeting. This is where you design the "should", If the area or domain you are addressing is missing something, what would it look like if it were right? Where do we want to go and how fast? What is "better," and when is it "good enough?" That's targeting.
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