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Suman Kumar
Suman Kumar

Suman Kumar

Mentor and Trainer

Morning Star Middle School


Suman Kumar is a member of:

Opportunity to start career from beginning
I do not regret anything; whatever I have done or tried so far in my life according to my best capacity but ONE THING certainly I would have done differently, if I had an OPPORTUNITY. Though I love my native place the most in the world but still I would have just changed the stage of my struggle to some land of opportunity as I am in now. And I don’t feel guilty to acknowledge that my native place is not or was never at all a conducive and helpful ambiance for people who always had to build his life just like a cable stayed bridge – build one concrete slab... allow it to harden ... stand on it and build the next one.
Tell us about your skills?
My approachability, pleasing personality, always being a peoples person and hate to be a dominating Boss (according to my team members though I always thought that I am too dominating), always tried to help people by knowledge transfer and all possible ways irrespective of considering their closeness to me or without any expectation in return and last but not the least – always being susceptible to Change as I believe ‘Change is the only dynamic science in this planet’ and it is “the Change” (in everything) that will only sustain.
After Few Years
I believe in living life meaningful today and not stress about remote future… in the current scenario, the way the world is happening, globalising; five year is probably too long to anticipate for a simple person. But for sure I want to be associated to people, work with people, work for the people and want to do more activities meaningful to humanity and society at large.
Success Journey
Am really not sure if I really have scaled up any ladder as I do not believe in that concept of rat race in life. Being fastidious and keen for accuracy I always tried to do justice to whatever, whenever I have done in life till now, till now at this moment when I am even answering this questionnaire.
But yes, my Extremely Positive Attitude, never saying No as an answer, and readiness for any Change has probably helped me to have escalated my responsibilities, scope of functionality as a professional and helped me and my family to sustain amidst all odds and disasters that I came across innumerably in life.
Your Accomplishment
Though I received many recognitions and accomplished or achievement a lot of material rewards or honours across my life, even till recently during my phase of academia again at this old age (as I consider knowledge acquisition can have no age barrier), but I do not consider a promotion, reward or monetary gain as an achievement at all in life, but to me a true accomplishment is when I can make it possible to help some of my colleagues or associates to get rid of any problem or stress in work or life.
During some part of my professional life, I came across a situation when the senior vice president whom I was reporting was deficient of the competency data for the entire senior employees of the organisation that were called for by the group chairman, and I consider myself fortunate enough to accomplish the deficiency together with a team of motivated performs within the committed record time period and was able to retain smile for my senior.
Interview Tips
Just be positive, honest, stay calm by de-stressing with the help of simple activities life drinking water and occasional deep breathing. Stay focused, pay 100% attention to the interviewer with an upright position showing that you care.
Educational background
2 graduations, first with Commerce and then with Economics special honours. Technology learning about Oracle, java, networking while working. Management from NITIE and Welingkar in Bombay and again Business Management from Humber, Canada.
Handling pressure? By talking to my well wishers, asking suggestions and by momentarily staying away from the pressure.
For multiple deadlines, I believe one always need to prioritise amongst deadlines and address them accordingly and consistently, as every true professionals around us always understand the practical situation if you are honest to your commitment.
Journey to the corporate world
Our culture do not encourage bragging and so I don’t consider that I have done anything extraordinary or special so far in my journey in the corporate world, as millions of professionals across the world are also making the same journey regularly.
Success according to me
To me there is no bigger success than happiness in life and being happy with family, friends and associates is my biggest success. My measurement of success in life is when my wife compliments me as a human being to her mother in my absence.
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