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Gaurav Pandey

Gaurav Pandey

Manager IT

Technical Associates LTD


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Brief description about me
I am IT Manager in Technical Associates LTD, Lucknow. I am Post graduate with MBA IT, I am 30 years old. I am responsible for All IT Activities in the Company. My Main focus in Reliable and stable solutions for my customers.
Important decision
I take decision myself to being IT professional instead being a "Sanskrti Acharya".
My strongest skill
*Managing and review team strength.
*Work assignment and committed to finish work in targeted time frame.
*Technically sound to resolve day by day IT Problems and obtaining new technology. *Quick Lerner for understating new IT technology.
*Understanding the team problems and then resolve it
Couple of years from now
I have found many changes in my self , now i have much capable to handle large IT resources and infrastructure, i can handle now more team in same time. I have learned more by obtaining new technology.
Ensuring success
I am reviewing my self with on technology bases and IT knowledge bases. i am filling my holes with new things. I always try learn new things with everybody, because everyone have at-least one quality that can help me grow up. I read new books that help me to strong my moral and as well as my IT Knowledge .
More about myself
I always try to see every activity around myself and try to filter them, what are good and then i always try to implement in myself.
My role model
My role model is Bill Gates, who struggle for their study and then he created a big mile stone in the Glob. Mr Gates created a windows with their mind self without anybody help.
Also i have struggle for my study and now i want be a like mile stone , not for money but for being a human mile stone.
Also i am very much inspired with Google,who have provided me answers of strange questions that i was unable to find some where else. Google support me when i was sad and alone, Google help me to grow up in IT learning and understating the new technology.
Qualities needed to become a successful leader
Following qualities must be have a leader.
-Demonstrate shared values- Can demostrate and share knowledge and moral values.
-Able Build bridges- Can clear gapes between leader and team members.
-Be resilient- can create transparency with in the team and able to keep clean yourself.
-Support new ideas- can take risk for new ideas and also can support for team member ideas
-Communicate clearly and honestly between team and their response and problem to upper management.
-Manage time carefully , leader should be time manager who can handle all thing in time, because goal only can be goal when you kick on right time.
-Able to say Say sorry and thank you, every time he should alert of sorry and thank you. if leader is doing any mistake then he should tell to immediate sorry to team also if team is doing good job then he should say Thank you.
- Always crate a team that will challenge you- by this your will get new knowledge and your team surly grow up.
Thoughts on Education system of our country
I can't say much more anything on this because, Rich are getting good education and poor are waiting in Queue. there is no similarity in education line. Due to corrupted government education system, everybody can't get quality and strong education.
My family background
My Father is a Shastri in Sanskrit and he is a Katavachak, my Mother is a house Wife, she is taking care of house. I have 1 Brother and sister. Sister is teaching in a college and brother is HR Manager. I have married and have 2 Son.
My achievements
- Now I am MBA, I have Study in struggle and now think everybody can study to High level of study but he/she should be an aim.
- You can learn anything , but you have set your targets.
- Now i am Manager IT by continues focus on targets and continues review of my self.
Initiative to develop a country
Cultural and Educational changes including:
- At-least providing quality education to everyone in india.
- Birth control (besides killing females within the womb),
- Eliminating ridiculously expensive dowries (which are illegal but still happen)
- Eliminating any vestiges of the caste system and its prejudices
- Try to reduce tensions with Pakistan. You can't get as much done with an unfriendly neighbor.
These aren't problems that the government can do much about (except Pakistan policy & providing birth control). They are problems that the Indian people (esp. The ones in poorly-educated rural settings) have to do on their own. And I suspect it will take longer than 9 years to turn India into a Developed Country.
Degree that I recommend
MSC IT and PG In network and communication.
Important lesson learned
See quality in everybody and try to put those on yourself. Because everyone have at least one quality that can change your life and help you to grow up.
Influenced by
My Father is most influenced in my life and still he have, he always told me " Beta Saadan kabi bi kisi ke raste mai rukavat nahi banti hai, laksya ko paane ki teevra iccha sakti hamesa saadhan ki kami ko nast kar deti hai or laksya ki prapti kartai hai".
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