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Ask Dr Krishna Kumari Challa for Advice
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Dr Krishna Kumari Challa
Dr Krishna Kumari Challa

Dr Krishna Kumari Challa



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My achievements
Becoming a polymath is the most important thing in my life. It is not easy to enter all the three fields that are 'reserved for intellectuals' science,art and literature and to connect various fields that look so different from each other. Overcoming these difficulties with training in only one field is the toughest part and I am happy to say people belonging to other fields have now accepted me as their own and my work is getting its due respect in all the fields I work in. And when journalists tell me they are learning how to communicate science by reading my articles and when artists tell me they are learning how to create art from science by seeing my work and reading my articles and when art and science students consult me to improve their work, When people from other fields come to me to learn things, I really get thrilled because I never ever expected I would shine in several fields. I am a fashion (did more than 200 Indian dresses),jewelry and landscape designer too.
Brief description about me
Thanks for asking.
I did my life sciences and Microbiology Osmania University,Hyderabad)with a fellowship from CSIR. I also did, post-doctoral research and published several research papers. Worked as a professor for a few years. But as I felt not only doing research is important but communicating it in the right way so that laymen can get benefited by it is important too, I stepped into the science communication field.
I have been creating art since my childhood. So I started using art to communicate science. Even an illiterate can understand science if you show him the theme in a picture form. Then I started writing poems,articles and stories based on the science themes. So I am communicating science through art and literature. I am also a designer, a social activist and a network creator. You can see some of my work on my website and on my network (which is like a journal on the subject of science-art)
My family background
Our family consisted four members earlier. Me,my parents,an younger sister. Our parents brought us up as their sons as they don't have any,giving us full freedom, best possible education - even my sister is highly qualified - even though we belong to middle class. Now my father is no more, my sister got married and lives separately. I look after my mother. I am not yet married.
Degree that I recommend
If you have the will to succeed, you can shine in several careers even if you don't have any degrees and certificates in them. For a career in the field of science, yes it helps if you are trained. For research in science, a Ph.D. is a must.
Qualities needed to become a successful leader
Will to succeed, honesty, hard work, ability to adopt to new situations, ability to connect with different people at their wavelengths, creativity and courage to take risks.
Couple of years from now
Reaching the heights no adversity can touch!
My role model
All strong women with great grey matter! Marie Curie, Maria Mayer, Barbara Macclintock, Rita-Levi-Montalcini, Gertrude Elion(all Nobel-Prize winning women scientists who overcame all the roadblocks in heir lives successfully)
More about myself
Indians should appreciate and recognize the talent their countrymen/women possess. If you yourself downgrade your own countrymen and start praising others, the world would never recognize you. It will treat you as an underdog. Several highly talented people in India are being treated as 'dirt' which makes them confine to the boxes they live in, denying them the success they deserve. Indians should change this attitude of theirs which is hindering the progress of Indians and India.
Important decision
Becoming a polymath, staying the course no matter how difficult it is, staying single till I reach all my goals.
My strongest skill
A Ph.D. in science, without a doubt, is my strongest qualification! Without it I wouldn't have gone places! Doing research (published papers in both science and art!), logic, reasoning, rationality, creativity, writing, patience, hard work, adaptability.
Initiative to develop a country
Doing creative and innovative thinking - not just aping the West and the developed countries - and daring to convert these thoughts into actions!
Influenced by
I want to be a trend setter and not a follower. I won't get 'influenced' by other people and things they do or say. I have a mind of my own! My father told me to be independent at all times and follow only my heart. I am influenced only by my own commitment to chase my dreams!
Thoughts on Education system of our country
The education system we have right now here doesn't encourage courage, innovation,creativity,rationality,reasoning,independence and gray-matter proliferation!It only gives a few degrees which are not even worth the papers they are written on! Most of the people, after getting these degrees can't even think for themselves and prefer to follow others (herd mentality!),some of them commit suicides when faced even with small challenges,can't do the work properly,can't decide for themselves which way to go without getting influenced by others (subjecting themselves to peer pressure),can't take independent and courageous decisions and most often settle for mediocrity. India cannot progress with this type of just'literacy'not'real education'. Real education is the one which takes one's mind and thought towards the right direction.It is the real education India needs now.We need great teachers now to take young minds in the right direction.Then the one which encourages the qualities in para 1!
Important lesson learned
Don't compromise yourself - you are all you have.
Whenever you find the whole world against you just turn around and lead the world.
To understand the importance of your uniqueness, realise that in the history of mankind until now, and ever hereafter, there can never be another you. So remain unique and be yourself.
Success is the ability to go from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm.
Be like an eagle that sours and reaches the heights no adversity can touch.
Ensuring success
Everything possible and even the impossible!
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