The emphasis is on 'experiencing and learning'

SiliconIndia online education. PHP Web Development Course ( tutorials ). Here emphasis is on 'experiencing and learning' and live projects
In this course you will be working on live projects, which will help you understand the exact process from the beginning to end. The curriculum is prepared with the international standard, by leading professionals from the industry. The curriculum provides very particular expertise oriented training at micro level to the student.
For the  PHP section, there are tutorials, extra study material, video class with teachers, assignments for each chapter, PHP Web Development Course
For each section, there are tutorials, extra study material, video class with teachers who are all experienced professionals working full time as web developers, assignments for each chapter, projects after each section plus access to teachers for 12 hours a day.
  • Chapter 2: PHP Introduction
  • A programming language is an artificial language designed to express computations that can be performed by a machine, particularly a computer. Prog... more>>
  • Chapter 3: Data types
  • Most PHP scripts deal with data in one form or another, usually stored in variables. PHP can work with different types of data. For example, a whol... more>>
  • Chapter 4: Variables and Constants
  • Generally variables are used to store the values. You can store values of different kinds like, string, array, integer etc. In a single PHP file y... more>>
  • Chapter 5: Strings, Regular Expressions
  • A string is a series of characters. For e.g. hello world is a string. Being able to manipulate strings is a valuable skill, especially in PHP. You ... more>>
  • Chapter 6: Operators
  • There are many operators used in PHP.PHP operators are very similar to C and JavaScript operators, if you know these languages, operators will be f... more>>
  • Chapter 7: Conditional statements
  • When we do a program, most of the time we need to make a choice, whether a statement is true or false or we need to execute different actions for ... more>>
  • Chapter 8: Looping statements
  • In PHP, often you have to execute certain block of statements a number of times, or until a condition is met. For this purpose, looping statements... more>>
  • Chapter 9: Functions
  • Information may be passed to functions via the argument list, which is a comma-delimited list of expressions. PHP supports passing arguments by val... more>>
  • Chapter 10: Arrays
  • An array can store more than one value. While a variable can hold a single piece of data, an array can store multiple data using a single variable.... more>>
  • Chapter 11: PHP Forms
  • Forms are a vital tool, to receive information from the user, such as: their name, email address, credit card, etc. A form will take input from the... more>>
  • Chapter 12: Files
  • File Handling in PHP is very easy and effective. PHP includes a lot of built-in functions for handling files and directories. You can read, write, ... more>>
  • Chapter 13: PHP Cookies
  • Cookies allow the webmaster to store information about the site visitor on their computer to be accessed again the next time they visit. One common... more>>
  • Chapter 14: PHP Sessions
  • A PHP session variable is used to store information about user. Session variables hold information about one single user and make it available to a... more>>
  • Chapter 15: Introduction to OOP
  • Object-oriented programming (OOP) is a programming paradigm. that uses objects and their interactions to design applications and computer programs. more>>
  • Chapter 16: Visibility, Scope Resolution Operator, Static Keywords
  • The visibility of a property or method can be defined by prefixing the declaration with the keywords: public, protected or private. Public declared... more>>
  • Chapter 17: Inheritance
  • Inheritance is the mechanism of extending an already existing class. By inheritance we create a new class with all functionalities as an existing c... more>>
  • Chapter 18: Smarty Installation
  • This is a simple guide to get Smarty setup and running quickly. The online documentation includes a very thorough explanation of a Smarty installat... more>>
  • Chapter 19: Introduction to smarty and smarty loops
  • Smarty is a template engine for PHP. It separates business logic with presentation logic.It is very useful in case where we have different team of ... more>>
  • Chapter 20: Smarty Variables Modifiers
  • Smarty modifiers are very good utility. By help of this we can implement some display logic in smarty templates. Variable modifiers can be applied ... more>>
  • Chapter 21: Caching in Smarty
  • Caching is a way of improving a Web page performance by saving the executed version of a page as a static file. This allows the server to handle mu... more>>

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