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In this section students will be taken through a tour of the IT world. Here they will be looking at how an IT organization functions and its effect on the lives of millions of people who directly or indirectly are consumers of IT.

Students will also peek into the building blocks of IT such as Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), Project Life Cycle, Testing Methodologies, Estimations and several other blocks.

Various Domains (Business groups) and Horizontals (Functional groups) will also be discussed in this section where students will get an insight into structure of an IT organization.

Current IT climate and concepts of outsourcing are also briefly discussed in this section.

The never ending applications of Java in IT will be discussed here to make our students realize the importance and significance of Java.

At the end of this section students will be virtually working for an IT organization as Java developers who will be acquiring knowledge through Virtual Java Training Classrooms and in turn develop Java programs for this virtual organization.

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